Video: Taylor Lautner Talks to the LA Times on the Nickelodeon Red Carpet


  1. veronica says:

    Love you Tay!!!!!

  2. I love you Taylor Lautner, i wish i could be in a movie with you!!!!

  3. He sounds so very educated the way he pronounces his words i just love the way he talks!!!!!

  4. I did not know it was possible to have a camera too close to his face, but something just did not seem right.

  5. Hes flawless!!

  6. i totally agree! he is really cute!! and i’m so glad he won!

  7. KayKayCullenz says:

    xD Go Tay!! xD

  8. YAY, Taylor! So happy you won both Favorite Movie Actor AND Favorite Cutest Couple (Jacob Black and Bella Swan)! Congratulations!!!

  9. switzgal says:

    I want his skin!!! flawless and nice tone!! He’s too cute for words!
    Congrats Tay!

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