Stephen Daldry Possible Breaking Dawn Director

stephen daldryIt looks like Gus Van Sant, Sofia Coppola, and Bill Condon have some company. The LA Times is reporting that Stephen Daldry, director of the Academy Award Winning, The Reader, The Hours, and Billy Elliott is in the Breaking Dawn hunt.

“Having already gone indie with Catherine Hardwicke, polished/commercial with Chris Weitz and genre auteur with David Slade for the franchise’s first three movies, Summit clearly wants a high-end Oscar- prestige filmmaker to handle the fourth picture.

Still, even by those standards, Daldry stands out. He’s been nominated for three Oscars, more than any of the other directors on the short list. In fact, Daldry is the rare filmmaker who’s been nominated for a best directing Oscar for every feature he’s made.

Those credentials make taking on a global teen phenomenon seem unlikely, though there are reasons to think it could work. The director is well-versed in depicting forbidden love (a “Twilight” staple) with “The Reader” and “The Hours.” And he’s adept at themes of family alienation, also a franchise fixture, which ran under “Billy Elliot.” Also, like most of the others, Daldry doesn’t yet have a new film.”

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  1. jeez i really hope they go the 2 flick route! I just dont trust MelRose to keep the needed deets in the script!

    • AMEN!!!

    • Yeah, she isn’t my favorite either. Did you see the Victoria monologue in the deleted scenes? Yeesh!! Love Rachelle, but no one can work with that trite script. First the spider monkey, now this? And what about Jacob’s line “You wouldn’t like me when I’m upset!” What is he, the Hulk?

      • Helen Pauline says

        Not that I’m defending her or anything, but she wasn’t the one to come up with the spider monkey line…that was Catherine Hardwick’s doing…

  2. Wow !

  3. Stephen Daldry and Sofia Coppola are both amazing. I would love to see either of them direct BD. It is kind of a shame that so many top directors are being considered for Breaking Dawn though – based off of the book with the most pages and the least amount of actual content. I love the Twilight Saga but I think these directors are too good for BD. I can just imagine them wanting to alter the story line and all of the ensuing controversy with Summit, Stephenie and us fans. Now I’m really eager to hear the final choice.

  4. I would just be happy to officially hear that Breaking Dawn got the Green light. I havent heard that yet????

    • There will be a BD. Everyone is on board, actor wise. They just don’t know who will direct it and if it will be 1 or 2 movies.

  5. The only one of these that I have seen (and we watch a ton of movies) is Billy Elliott. Stephen Daldry tends to go for sappy, slow, artsy type movies that are more popular with the critics and the academy then the people. The Reader only grossed 34 Million on a 32 Million budget and The Hours only grossed 41 Million on a 25 Million budget. Not that money is everything but we need someone that cares about giving the fans what they want to see… not winning awards.

    • I would have to say I agree with that statement. I love love loved that Chris was so dedicated to bringing the fans what we NEEDED! I want a director like that.

      I read a comment somewhere on EW’s website…it was a person who was not a fan of the Saga’s written material, but had seen Twilight and was contemplating whether or not she would see New Moon and she was upset because Chris was so vocal about the fans being the most important factor for him and he focused on making a movie we could appreciate. I knew I would completely love New Moon and Chris after that.

      Anyway, said commentor wrote about how she would not go see New Moon anymore because she had never read the books and apparently Chris only intended previous fans to enjoy it blah blah blah.

      We fans are the core of the box office. I saw Twilight more than 10 times on the big screen (the first of which I had never read the Saga or even heard of it) and I saw New Moon just as many times!

      So I say PROPS to Chris for putting us diehard Twihards first!!!

      I can’t even remember why I started this comment…

      Rant over.

      • Oh now I remember.

        My point was that they need to select a director who is dedicated to Stephenie’s vision and the source material…that’s how you pick. Not who won this or that or whatever else!

  6. If a director changed Breaking Dawn it would actually THRILL me. I hated that book.

  7. I’m sorry but choosing an academy award director isn’t the best route, in my opinion. Summit should focus on the style of movie, like they’ve done with New Moon and Eclipse. None of the directors mentioned so far have worked strongly with special effects (come on, twilight was a mess with catherine’s limited experience) or taken on a sci-fi/fantasy style film. Having an award nominated director doesn’t mean anything. Most nominations are indie style, documentary films anyway, which Breaking Dawn doesn’t fall under. Please be smart about this summit!!!

  8. I think they need a director with MAJOR CGI experience but who? I dont know. Many of the film critics are laughing their butts off with the idea on Summit “trying” to get a director with at least one oscar nomination. Summit is wasting their time. They were extremely lucky with Chris.

    • i think heavy CGI in BD will be the worst way to go. too much CGI is tacky.

      i agree they were lucky with Chris and David Slade (no offense CH)… but they seem to be making the right moves so far. an Oscar-noted director isn’t too far-fetched for an indie movie.

      • BD will be the one with most CGI and other special effects needed one Reneemse as a baby ex. star war 6 luke and leia babies were cgi in post but during filming they use blue dolls. Reneemse ages only to 5 and yes very fast so cgi even wyck producer dude said Ben button is what he was thinking which means during filming adult actress is used then in post they do the magic and out come lil reneemse. then the wolves again and whatever else that needs to be done. A Director who has at one or more CGI massive film and a ocsar nom. thats rare. that and most directors in that cat. have projects in the making years whether in developement or pre production to post. cgi with any film can be tacky thats why they should nixs the idea of having oscar nominee/winner director and go for experience there are good directors out there who have cgi exp. and have not been nom. yet summit should get one of thoses. and who knows maybe bd will be this likely director/s chance at oscar. they need someone who can balance cgi/special effects with live action. jim cameron is a no go. trust me go to youtube he was asked and he laughed and said no well respected director would touch that teenie movie. this is coming from the man behind the top 2. i dont about we will like out again like we did chris. we havent seen eclipse and so i am not sure with david. i am still iffy because of the choices made for this film already like rachelle and his go to editor getting the axed and other things like MR still writing the scripts.CH i think she did the best she could with what she had. some indie movie director are oscar winners/noms themselves but this is twilight and critics dont like twilight they have riped it apart and therefore most directors esp. award winning directors will shy away. fearing its a black mark on their rep. and EGOS.

  9. i like that summit’s trying to be diverse about the franchise. i wonder how it would have turned out with a different writer every time.

    getting an Oscar vet like the directors in consideration will do nothing if the movie isn’t written or executed correctly. and with BD, many things can go wrong. i hope summit realizes that. they’ve come too far to let it crash in flames with the finale.

  10. Peter jackson would rock it. Catches the romance as well as the action/cgi details. Alfonso Cuaron, Michael Bay, Len Wiseman, Zack Snyder, M Night Schyamalan (although he writes most of his films), just to name a few. Really, any director from Harry Potter Series too.

    • I agree, Peter Jackson would be a great choice and he has experience with CGI.

    • pete jackson is busy exce. producing the hobbit which starts filming in july so he is a no. m. night everything depends on last airbender. michael bay is busy too.

    • I agree about either former Harry Potter directors Alfonso Cuaron or Mike Newell to helm BD,but not Davide Yates for God’s sake! I’m not so sure about Daldry,as I’ve only seen Billy Elliot once. As long as the director stays as faithful to the book as possible,I’ll be happy. That’s what I loved about Chris Weitz,because his adaptation of New Moon was alot more organized than Catherine Hardwicke’s take on Twilight. Not that I didn’t love the first film,but most of the scenes are out of order,until you get to the baseball scene. So whoever they choose,must stay close to the novel as possible.

  11. @tiera
    I agree, but if they choose a director with limited experience it will make the movie look amateur. Doesn’t need a lot of it, but when they use it, it needs to be solid.

  12. Plus, he isn’t pregnant, unlike the fortunate (but likely unable to direct BD) Sofia Coppola. I had hopes for her, with Marie Antoinette. I’ll have to go watch Daldry’s films now…!

  13. I have to say that Van Zant would be a better choice over Coppola, Condon, or Daldry. It has a lot to do with how the material and plot development within the book should be brought to screen and who could deal with an indepth look into the world of Twilight. If you look at Van Zant’s prior work he definitly knows how to deal with thought provoking screenplays… the main issue any director will have is how to bring the birth of Renesme…I definitly want to know how they plan on keeping the films PG-13 and stay faithful to the book…

  14. Breaking Dawn is not that serious. Summit need to consider the source of the material. The book is too mainstream and i don’t see any of these directors directing BD because the old Twilight Saga is consider a joke among those that are not Twilight Fans and i can’t see any of these directors wanting to be associated with the franchise. I don’t think there is a way to make the last movie any better than the others. Just make it already!

    • I agree with you, GEvans. The Twilight Saga is, I believe, looked down upon by many in the industry as fluff. (Both by critics and film makers.) And Summit isn’t a “heavy hitter” company by any means. I just don’t see any big name directors stepping forward with eagerness to do this film.

  15. I vote for a doable script first – one movie, three hours long. Sorry, don’t hate me, but parts of BD do not appear to be adaptable to the big screen.

    • i respect your opinion. here is mine two movies 2 to 2.5 hours long. I really hope they stop cutting out part and switching like in the eclipse trailer it shows a line from the book tent scene elsewhere. i think i do get your “parts of BD do not appear to be adaptable to the big screen.” i think the big issue is the birth scene well again i am going to put toward my star wars obessed and say watch the scene where padme gives birth they show not the gross stuff but the EMOTIONS. Reneemse birth should be in the movie but not shown they should play off the emotions coming from jacob, rosalie and maybe alice. they dont have to show the deed itself and the honeymoon scenes should be as it was written Stephenie did a great job. she didnt written the racy action but played off the fact that its in bella’ pov and she was too busy to remember. it can be done i did it for my screenwriting course last semester. everyone liked it and i got an A.

  16. Even though Twilight had a lot of awkwardness, I preferred Hardwicke to Weitz. Weitz managed to iron out some of the goofiness, but his film didn’t capture the raw teen angst emotions of Hardwicke’s film. And he added some other goofy parts (the running through the woods scene). I also didn’t like New Moon’s score nearly as much as Twilight’s.

    Both films had cringe-worthy moments, and I generally blame that on the script (but then again, the books are not exactly light on the cringe-worthy stuff!), but some of it was the fault of the directors. I had high hopes for Slade but those hopes have been dashed since I saw the Eclipse trailer (it looks exactly like New Moon). I feel like I keep holding out for those moments of greatness I saw in Hardwicke’s film. Breaking Dawn was my favourite book and I want them to find a good director for it – someone who can capture both beauty and emotion.

    • i couldn’t agree more! i feel like hardwicke gets a lot of flack for her version of twilight and it is my favorite movie so far. it wasn’t exactly like the book, but it really captured, like you said, that feeling of teen angst and raw, young love. i think any woman director, no matter her credentials, would be beneficial for the film. i am routing for sophia coppola! i love her vision for romance (marie antoinette, lost in translation). the only other male director i can think of that could capture both the adventure and the romance is joe wright, the director of atonement. i thought he really captured the passion as well as the overall story line. i hope summit is listening!!

  17. I don’t like Daldry as a possible choice. His projects of choice are usually indie films not big budget films with a large following. I loved NM and Eclipse looks to me like a winner at least from the trailer. Since BD is my favorite book after Eclipse, I’m praying they don’t screw up director-wise.
    As far as Renesmee’s birth-I think it could easily be done tastefully, expecially from Jacob’s POV. If we hear more than we see and they use the visual of a lot of blood to get the gore across without showing the actual birth, it would work well. The honeymoon stuff-I think Stephenie wrote that with such perfection, it shouldn’t be a problem to show without being too much.
    I really just hope they choose directors carefully!

  18. all those worrying about this guy wanting to steer away from the book, he made the reader word for word page for page like the book, it was the exact same thng down to every last little detail, no joke. I’d be excited from him to come on board, but seriously guys, no famous director is going to approach this with a bargepole.

  19. Belladonna says

    Each Twilight movie is directed by a different person… which is pretty unusual with series films… so what’s the problems that the producers or studio have with each director? These films are extremely profitable but each new director brings a new vision to the story which breaks up its continuity. Is this all just a matter of money?

    • I’m not sure that’s an accurate statement, that having different directors in a series film is unusual. I think that it’s more “usual” than you think. Look at the Harry Potter films…

  20. WHOA, yes please.

  21. Daldry, Coppola… hmmm, I don’t really care!!! What would’ve been good if they finaly change the screenwriter,c’mon ppl!!! Ms Rosenberg will just screw this movie the same way she’s done with the others. Summit should think ’bout that!!!

  22. I would like to see Hardwicke come back and do BD. I really enjoyed Twilight and she really brought the book to screen. New Moon was good but not nearly as good as Twilight.

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