Twilight: The Graphic Novel, Volume 1 Shatters Graphic Novel Debut Sales Record

Twilight_cafeteria_graphic novel

This just in from Little Brown:

“The graphic novel adaption of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight sold over 66,000 copies in its first week, the largest debut for a graphic novel in the US, according to publisher Yen Press. Twilight: The Graphic Novel, Volume 1, illustrated by Korean artist Young Kim, already broke the record for largest first printing for a graphic novel with 350,000 copies.

“We are absolutely thrilled to see such a historic debut for the Twilight graphic novel,” said Kurt Hassler, Publishing Director of Yen Press. “For many of Stephenie’s fans, this incarnation of Twilight is their first experience with graphic novels, and we sincerely hope that it will help foster a lifelong appreciation of the craft.”

The release date for the second volume is forthcoming.”


  1. I bought it two days ago and finished it last night. It is sooooooo beautiful.
    Thank you again Stephanie!!!

  2. I was one of the few people to get the first copy ever. I was on the midnight release for it, along with only ten other people since my city didn’t know when it was coming out. I’ve read it three times, it’s so awesome!

  3. Rose Carter says:

    Where are they on sale? in the uk, ’cause i really want it!

  4. My sister bought it for me yesterday I finished it at two in the morning lol. It was absolutely stunning. I loved it and can’t wait for part two <3

  5. Yes! It really is beautiful!

  6. hey if someone doesnt mind can they tell me what this is, in an email or something?


    or i understand if you dont email random ppl my mty facebook is!/profile.php?id=693568195

    if you could message me

    like is is justa comic book version of twilight?

    i prob wont chek back at this cause im not on a computer so please someone write to me nd lemme know! thanks <3

  7. Where can i go to buy this!!! I really want it!

  8. the email is

    sorry! i messed up the 1st time

  9. im not fond of the way its drawn….not really an anime kind of chick. What is the story about? Is it exactly the same story as the twi_book?

  10. its awsome. i finished it in like an hour while i was waiting for the midnight release of new moon. 🙂

  11. im not really a cartoon/comic book type person either… i’d rather have the novel itself….

  12. It’s beautiful and every Twilight fan who loves the books should get it. It’s more like the books which I LOVE SO MUCH ! Worth the money and I’m not surprised it sold that many.

  13. rock_mina says:

    i’d love to buy one but I live in Argentina so, it’s impossible for me to get one! 🙁

    so sad… i really want one!!

  14. It took me, like… not even 2 hours to read. :]

  15. I love this book and I can’t wait until Volume 2. Thank you so much for writing and the art work, Stephenie Meyer and Young Kim.

  16. Carmen C. says:

    Love it! It really is a beautiful graphic novel… I’m a huge manga/anime and Twilight fan so this is just the best of both worlds! =)

  17. RACHEL ASHMORE says:

    i bought the book for my grandaughter because for a 10 year old the other books are to long. She really loved it

  18. RACHEL ASHMORE says:

    my granddaughter loved itt

  19. Wait a minute people, first of all, this is a GRAPHIC NOVEL not a MANGA. this is in no way anime, it just looks like it. and it’s really worth your money, i think the graphic novel was more true to its descriptions than the movies, honestly. it’s like the words ARE in the way the picture is drawn, it’s amazing!

  20. Can I get this at Borders or Barns and Nobles???

  21. alvino april rino chin says:

    hello…where can i get this book in malaysia?

  22. omg!! awesome creativeness!! totally… twilighters~ lol

  23. I really hope that Borders or Kinokuniya in Singapore sells it. It will be a nice addition to my collection.

  24. Ilove twilight but ilove the one to new o

  25. I love edward he is a good acter to and hot!

  26. The art looks wonderful. I loved all the books, the movies have been great so far, and I just love a good shojo manga! I can’t wait to read this! <3

  27. when is it going to be out in India???

  28. I’m from Mexico and I want to read the graphic novel who can say to me like obtaining it or when it arrived at Latin America

  29. seriously!! i agree with nikhat…..there is no news about it in India!!! pls pls someone release it here!!

  30. chatty rose manlo says:

    im from the philippines, i dont know if they release it here. if yes, kindly tell me where to buy it.if not, thats bad for me,,,

  31. Ewwwwwwwwwww! The beauty of twilight is in the fantasy and imagination and the absorbtion you feel from the details and creating a world with ur vivid imagination from the writer’s creation

  32. Michelle says:

    Bought and read my copy in 45 minutes…Loved it and eager for more. Thanks Stephenie

  33. RunsWithWolves says:

    I cant look at it … The way edward is drawn he just looks like a 1:1 copy of my younger brother… grrrreat!

  34. KSmithGray says:

    I loathe anime (or anime-style) drawings. Like… Loathe them with a firey passion. Why in the world would they draw the graphic novel this way? There’s no way I’m paying money for this, and I probably won’t even view someone else’s for free.

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  35. I really like the graphic novel.. although it’s a bit expensive over here TT.TT

    The drawing style is not your usual manga/anime, but lovely nonetheless.
    Would’ve love to see more smiles on their faces though 🙂

  36. Oh wow. I didn’t even know about a graphic novel. This is the first I heard about it. I’ll have to check my local Barnes and Nobles. Thanks

  37. Pink Firefly says:

    I finished mine in 30 mins after i got it and i’m like the first person who ever bought it

  38. thats how i pictured everyone….sorry robert and Kristen! you guys are still gorgeous haha

  39. alice kinda looks like a man…

  40. OMG I love it!! I got it today and finished it in the store!! I everything twilight but this is better than the movie! It has less info than the book but more than the movie and the pictures are beautiful!!!

  41. twi fan says:

    i got the book for easter, read it that morning; less than 2 hours i read the whole thing. then i read the book over and over that whole day. it was amazingly beautiful. i cant wait til the second volume comes out. i’m just dieing to see what it is like. like the other twilight book – which i have read the whole series about eleven times – i need to finish what i started. i love the graphic novel!!!


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