ET: Video The New Moon DVD Release


  1. I love Chris Weitz and think he did a good job with New Moon BUT I don’t think he fully understands the book and the meaning of it. Yea Catherine wasn’t perfect but to me she got the essence of the characters and the feelings which in New Moon I didn’t feel.
    This series needs directors who understands these books and are emotionally invested in them like we are. Just watch the interviews with Chris you don’t get the sense that he even liked the story which is sad.

  2. Hahaha great video and I got my copy of New Moon and loved the Eclipse extra and documentary.

  3. Lavinia Cullen says:

    gosh ..peter facinelli is so hot 🙂 :”> :))

  4. god some of those fans are butt ugly.

  5. I’M IN THIS!
    (I’m the black girl w/ a “movie stills” t-shirt and were chanting new moon in the garden center)

    I was so excited that something actually happen in Santa Clarita! so i rushed over to Walmart after school to wait in line for 8 hours… even then, me and my best friend were third in line, but sooo not complaining 🙂
    NIKKI is the sweetest person EVER.
    AND CHRIS was really funny.

    I didn’t buy the DVD at WALMART, i got it the next morning at target, i wanted the 3DISC like i did with twilight.

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