Walmart’s 7 Minute Behind the Scene’s Eclipse Featurette

Last week we showed you the 2 minute version, now here is the full version available on the DVD issued by Walmart.


  1. You’re actually allowed to post this? Isnt it copyrighted or something?

    • Twilight_News says:

      Weโ€™ve received indications that it will not be an issue. We also received an indication that as last weekโ€™s version(which was uploaded from the early released UK version of the DVD) was not an issue prior to our going live with the post.

  2. Oh wow…that had me crying. I love it. So excited for June 30th!

    BTW I just watched New Moon with commentary…HILARIOUS! I thought I would be disappointed because I loved Catherine, Kristen and Rob on Twis commentary, but actually it was very satisfying:) Chris offers some very interesting tidbits and he’s got a sexy voice;) So if anyone was thinking about not watching the commentary I say do it…very worth it!

  3. Brittanylovestwilight says:

    hahahahahaha i feel bad for ppl who actually purchased the walmart dvd just for this! wow! i knew this would wind up online somewhere. TARGET ALL THE WAY! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Oh, and this movie looks AWESOME! seriously….itโ€™s gonna be the best one yet!

    • hahaha im glad i went to walmart i got 2 disc in new moon dvd the twilight forks movie and a team edward water bottle and pictures ,trading cards tatoos and post cards for 29 dollars thats good enough for me

      • selling your soul to an evil crop priceless

        • Yeah. I am completely anti Wal Mart…haven’t shopped there in over 9 months and never will shop there again. I was semi sad when I heard they were gonna have an Eclipse Exclusive, but I refused to purchase my DVD there:( Glad the Lexicon posted the footage.

          • MeTeeKay says:

            I ordered my DVD from Target and still went to Wal-mart for the DVD release party. I got all that stuff, plus the Walmart Sneak peak for Eclipse is online now. So I got out of there without spending a dime and with all the stuff you got. LOL. I got one over on Wal-mart. Had a great time to.

          • what world are you living in thats every store in america if you think target wouldn’t be like walmart if they could then you are a foul plus i just watched targets behind the scenes wow i cant believe i messed real wolves watching new moon you got me on this one i would have payed any thing to see that hahahahahahahahah

  4. SethisMine says:

    I can’t wait for Eclipse to come out! I just love action. ๐Ÿ˜€ And Riley looks rather cute. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Amy Darlene says:


  6. therealbella says:

    I was sooooo going to buy the walmart verison just for this and then go to target and pick up the 3 disc, but I’m glad I waited. I didn’t think it would be online, but I’m glad u did it. Thank u now I can just buy the 3 disc. I love the behind the scenes but I woulda been upset bc I thought it was a 7 min peek into the movie not behind the scenes. So thank u thank u, for saving me money. Can’t wait til june 30th!! I think this will be the best one.

  7. Sandee West says:

    Yeah, I made the right choice too, getting my DVD from Borders. I got the necklace that is fabulous!! Great quality too! I, too, figured this clip would be posted online within a day or two.
    I also got my pre-ordered New Moon on Friday (paid for expedited shipping!) so I was watching mine by Friday afternoon!
    Can’t wait for Eclipse tho…just 3 more months!!

  8. This clip gives me hope for Eclipse. The last scene was so intense. I could feel the emotions in the air. After watching the clip, all I could do is stare in awe.

  9. i can’t wait for eclipse!

  10. This was great! What I’ve seen thus far gives me hope!

  11. Rachelle says:

    Sigh. If I had known you were allowed to post this after the DVD release I wouldn’t have gone to Walmart to get it. Their’s didn’t have deleted scenes which annoyed me to no end. I would have gone to Target or Borders instead…. I guess I’ll just make my best friend by hers from either of those stores lol.

  12. i cannot freakin wait for this movie.

    ps. random q – what is up with esme’s hair color??

  13. Looking good! I still hate the make-up and the contacts on all the vampires, but I guess that can’t be helped. I love the dialogue and how Rob and Kristen do their scene on the bed. The score for that is going to change though, they use Jacob’s theme from NM in this version.

  14. I love how RPattz calls Bella “Beller” lol…

    • I like it too. I notice British people and country folk usually pronounce words that end in A with ER.

      On the New Moon commentary Peter calls The Twilight Saga the Twilight Sager…its so funny.

  15. Megan Mc Dade says:

    Amazing! Love da scene, cant wait to see it Eclipse is my fave book in the series, wel apart from breaking Dawn lol. We get New Moon dvd tomorrow here in the UK, cant wait ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Thanks for posting. I knew it would be online eventually. Got mine at Target yesterday. Watching it as we speak..for the 4th time so far. Think I’ll watch with the commentary this weekend. I am so ready for fave in the series. New Moon, not one of my fave books, but the much better than Twilight.

  17. Twilight Nymph says:

    Okay seriously, I feel like such an idiot. I bought the Walmart version for the Eclipse footage and was disappointed about no deleted scenes. Yet, what bugged me most is that when I got home from work my brother and dad had already watched it and they told me there was a problem with the sound, checked it and it was true on both discs. Sounded like someone was popping popcorn on the background. I went back to Walmart to return it and they told me I was like the 4th person to bring it back, yet they didn’t give me my money back but a refund b/c they said it was opened and due to copyright law, they could only give me an exchange. If this has the same defect I have to take it up with Summit which is lame. So, thank you, Walmart and Summit for deceiving me and a couple more. Next time I know to stick with Target. Okay rant over.

    • i feel because atfer i read your commit i laghed so hard i peed

      iam sorry again

      • Twilight Nymph says:

        Don’t worry about it, your not the first to laugh at me. My brother did too, when he told me I was an idiot for falling for Walmart’s trick.

  18. cristy_702 says:

    That was absolutley AMAZING!! Ahhh!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  19. Thank you for sharing this! A small dose of Twilight before June is pretty much welcome in this cold spring!

  20. Ok, I got my blu-ray at walmart and my regular dvd at target so I feel I did pretty well in regards to extras. I enjoyed watching the Eclipse stuff, but I still don’t like the look of BDH as Victoria. And it has nothing to do with her acting (since we didn’t really see any in this sneak peek) but the actual LOOK. Does anyone else feel her actual head is out of balance with her wig? It just looks wrong. And, once again, it looks like poor Jackson is dealing with an unfortunate head of hair as well. At least in Twilight his hair looked sort of natural and kind of like a lion (as described by Stephenie), but last movie he was curled and this one it looks like they grew it out and then didn’t know what to do with it. I’m glad they picked an E & B scene to showcase, though.

    • Mella Cullen says:

      I agree with the BDH comment…I don’t like her either. And she comes across as smug or something. I miss RL :(.

  21. Twilibrarian says:

    Thanks for posting this glimpse into Eclipse. I hope the theaters do for its opening like was done for New Moon. Regal Cinemas had a 9:00PM show of Twilight for $5, just to keep you up to speed. Then, you were allowed into the theater for which you had tickets to New Moon, after which the NM only ticket holders were allowed in.

    This go round, the same should be done and show New Moon for $5 prior to Eclipse. But, let’s give the profit from the NM show to a “vampire” charity. (Like Vampire baseball, Haiti relief, etc.) I am certain the fans would support an effort like this.

    So, how can I help get this started?

  22. to me just seeing nikki reed running on that treadmill thing got my heart pumping so fast! ECLIPSE wasn’t my fave of the series but the movie may change my mind! So far (with the exception of BDH as Victoria) everything is looking so much better than i could hope! I can’t wait to see all the cullens showcased in this movie! Yay yay yay!

  23. I guess I finally made my decision. I wasn’t sure where to buy my DVD at Walmart or Target but now knowing that this is online I’ll get mine at Target.

  24. Can’t wait for Eclipse! It is looking sooo good – hope it is – it was my favourite book

  25. Rob running and fighting in that outfit…… mind has gone to a very bad place and I like it! That is beyond sexy.

    I’m glad this got posted just wish the quality was better. The scene proves that the romance will not fall away because of the action and that the action will kick vamp butt!! YES!!! Favorite book and hopefully favorite movie. Now back to watching Rob fight!

  26. The scene looked fantastic. The lines that we hear in the teaser trailer sound so much better in context. Absolutely loved it. Seems like Eclipse is going to be so much better than New Moon, and maybe a little bit better than Twilight ๐Ÿ˜›

  27. Who is that at 4:44?

  28. As someone who went to Walmart at 11:40 to get this version, I’m a bit peeved that you posted this! Those of us who made the trip to get the Ultimate version had something special and now it’s just a giveaway on here. Feel like I wasted time and money.

    I will add though, that for $30, I got the Ultimate Edition, Twilight in Forks, a free metal water bottle, and a pack of stickers, tattoos, a poster, postcards and more from Walmart. Plus, people watching the DVD version on a big screen with surround sound will get much more out of it than those watching on a 15″ computer screen.

  29. Bella Cullen says:

    Wow, is it me or did Rob pack on the muscles he looks great!

    This movie looks awesome, Eclipse is my fav book so i am hoping the movie rocks it!!! Cant wait to see it!

  30. i haven’t shopped at walmart for literally 5 years and my friend was like, “oh what are you gonna do now? you’re gonna have to break your streak and have to go”! but now thanks to you, i don’t have to set foot in that awful place! thanks! disaster adverted!
    and i’ve got no beef with BDH’s acting because we haven’t seen enough yet to judge but yeah, i think her look is off. her hair is so tightly curled, where as victoria in the first 2 movies had looser, but wilder, looking hair. and yeah BDH just looks kinda weird and cartoonish to me here. hmmm. not a huge deal to me personally but kinda a bummer.

  31. I am very very slightly dissapointed that the scenes with Edward and Bella seem so “slow”. It kind of passes the line of sweet suspense and romance to, please just spit it out…..hummmm, maybe it is just dramatic cuts for these “previews”.

  32. Cullenfanforever says:

    All the wigs are terrible.twilight was made with a lower budget and had tbe best hair. Their hair is not suppost to grow and jaspers is way longer. Poor alice she has the worst wig of all

  33. Wow i didn’t realize they were going to change Bella’s house so much. I must of missed that one! Anyone know why they did that?

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