Peter Facinelli Entertains the Best Buy New York Crowd

peter-facinelli_BestBuyEW covered Peter Facinelli’s appearance at the New York Best Buy for the New Moon DVD release.

“The first 50 fans in line get to come in for a quick trivia session. Facinelli asks the questions, and looks like he’s having a great time. The questions are mostly softballs, like “The Wolf Pack kills which nomad vampire?” Everyone answers every question correctly…except for one unlucky girl, who claims Jacob’s wolf fur is Chocolate Brown. (As we all know, it’s actually Rusty Brown.)

“Get her out of here,” Facinelli jokes.

“I’m Team Carlisle,” she says.

“She can stay!”

When the trivia portion of the night ends, Facinelli goes behind the Best Buy counter and pretends to be a cashier, as the fans walk up one by one to get their DVD. On multiple occasions, after signing the DVD he’ll say, “Thank you for shopping at Best Buy.” It’s pretty funny every time he says it.”

See more on EW.

Peter Facinelli @ Best Buy NYC Trivia Question
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Peter Facinelli @ Best Buy NYC- New Moon Dvd Release Party
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  1. It was awesome seeing Peter at Best Buy. He’s such a great guy who loves making his fans happy.

  2. LOL I was the girl who got the question wrong. What can I say, I’m Team Edward. All I know is Jacob’s fur is brown. LOL

    Peter was a blast! I’m glad to have finally met him.

  3. That looked like fun. I was in bed for all the New Moon DVD release parties so no idea what went down around town.

    Will say this much: Of all the cast members, Peter is the one I’d like to meet most.

  4. check out this game based on twilight and new moon

  5. isn’t jacob’s fur russet brown? not rusty brown??


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