Mike Welch: Why Fans Are Important

The Deseret News has an account of the Salt Lake City DVD Release and a FABULOUS quote from Mike Welch.

“Three of the cast members slated to make an appearance, Justin Chon (Eric), Michael Welch (Mike) and Christian Serratos (Angela), said they expected the chaos that comes with the supernatural series.

“I would be, frankly, surprised if the DVD release wasn’t just as crazy as every other part of this franchise,” Welch said. “When the books come out it’s a crazy thing, when the movie comes out it’s a crazy thing, when Rob (Pattinson) is on the cover of GQ sales are up 40 percent of any GQ, ever, so I would expect nothing less from these magnificent, crazy, wonderful fans,” he said.

Welch said the cast enjoys getting to meet personally with the fans who have contributed to their success.

“We will be able to shake hands and look in people’s eyes and kiss babies just like we’re running for president,” Welch said. “It’s almost the least we can do; it’s only because of them that this thing is a big deal at all. I’m replaceable, they’re not,” he said.”

This is why when people ask the Lexicon admin team who they like the best in the cast part of the answer is Mike Welch!


  1. SethisMine says:

    I was totally there! Sigh… I wish I could have gotten closer to seeing Justin Chon, Michael Welch and Christian Serratos… I was waiting in line for SIX hours… and they closed the line 30 people in front of me… it was sad…. ๐Ÿ™

    But it was really fun too, I got to talk to several other fans, including the TwilightMoms who were behind me in line. There was also a lot of free stuff, and I got onto the news with my loyal non-Twifan friend. ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. I was there as well, and I was THE LAST person to see them. It was amazing, and even though they had seen so many people, they were still bright and wanted to really look at you. They each waited until I was right in front of them to shake my hand and say thank you. They are absolutely wonderful. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I was lucky to be in the group of 300 that got autographs. Mike, Justin and Christian were very down-to-earth and it was great to meet them.

    I just wish more of the fans could have had the same opportunity I did.

  4. I was with the group that was there 4th. There were only 4 in front of us and it was worth the wait. We were there at 2:00. They were so gracious and had the best personalities. I agree with Stitch-n-Snitch. I wish more could have had the same opportunity. Honestly. They left pretty quickly.

    Walmart should have dont things a little less dangerously though. They weren’t really wise about packing people in a chaotic way. However, I am not sure how I would have done it with 4,000 people. They might have just not have had anybody prepared to deal with that big of a crowd. Thanks to those at Walmart that were so nice to us.

  5. SethisMine says:

    Yes, thanks to Walmart. ๐Ÿ˜€ I wish I could have been their earlier… but my mother was busy and couldn’t bring back the car until five-ish… sigh… Next time I’m going to go out of school early in order to get into line… and maybe for the Eclipse DVD we will get one of the Cullens. ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. Mike’s quote was most definitely full of win. Thanks, Mike!

  7. edwardsmylion says:

    I was lucky to have the opportunity to interview Mike by phone last fall when I won a Twilight contest for a local news outlet. Super nice guy! Too bad we never get to see these guys in Michigan.

  8. Amy Darlene says:

    wow… at that angle Mike looks like Jason Bateman…who i had a crush on since I was 5 *swoon*

  9. wow! you guys are like super lucky..why cant the actors come on a tour or something to India?! that would be sooooo awesome!!!

    • …Or Hawaii! I mean it’s paradise here & they could just take a vacation after their appearance. It’s like killing two birds w/one stone:)


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