The New Moon DVD Recap Post


Last night Alphie and Pel had a blast hosting New Moon DVD release parties in Borders in New York City and the Nashville area. So here are the questions:

1.  Did you go to a DVD release event (even if it wasn’t ours)?

2. Where was your event held and how was it?

3. What version of the DVD did you end up buying and what do you think?

4. Any special features that stand out?


  1. Brittanylovestwilight says:

    I ordered mine online at target to get the three-disc version of the dvd. Can’t wait to see what’s on the 3rd disc! I’m getting it next week 😀

  2. I went to Borders in Columbus, OH. The party was disappointing, we didn’t get to watch the video message from the cast because the employees couldn’t get the DVD player to work and to top off the evening, I get the DVD home at 1am, open it and find that my disc 1 (or 2) is not there. Totally missing. Not a good way to end an already disappointing evening.

    I’m taking my DVD back to Borders today to get a replacement and then I’m going to Target to get the 3 disc edition – Borders hardly has ANY special features at all.

  3. Sillygirl says:

    Just got back from Target with my 3 disc copy! Can’t wait to watch it. Just have to wait till my sons nap time and then its just gonna be me and Edward! yay… yes, I have gone weird. And then tonight my girls are coming over for wine and movie time. What? I can watch it more than once in a single day, nothing wrong with that right?

  4. Walmart’s party was OK, but the DVD version was so disappointing! I came home, ready to just watch the deleted scenes…THERE ARE NONE! Went out this moring and bought Target’s copy!

    • I know….I bought the walmart version too and i couldn’t find them eiter. Does the target edition have the deleted scenes????

    • That happened to me and that pissed me off. So I went and bought the blue ray at Target.

    • Do you return your 1st copy? I was so upset about no deleted scenes too but want to return the one from Walmart if I buy Traget’s.

  5. Latish Jenkins says:

    Borders in Memphis, Tennessee! I really enjoyed it although we had no celebs but we had FM100 and they played music from the film gave away prizes, I got a Jacob bookmark, which was good b/c I lost my Edward one and My daughter won The last song pre-screening tickets. It was hilarious people dressed up as Victoria and Jane, they did good job.

  6. Latish Jenkins says:

    I preordered mine at Target and Walmart, target one should arrive today according to tracking but Walmart is alittle slow. Ill update when it arrives!

  7. I am patiently waiting for my Target copy. I loved Target’s Twilight 3 disc edition last year so I decided to stick with it.

    My best friend got the Wal-Mart one. Gonna watch it in a little while. Very excited!!!!

  8. Salt Lake city’s party was a real disappointment. We were all expecting something great like we got last year with Rachelle, but the “team human” celebs hardly stayed for anything. I understand that there was a lot of us and it was late, but I think Summit or Walmart should have let us know how limited it would be. We waited in line for 3 1/2 hours only to be told that they had left and we should buy our DVD’s and get out. We didn’t even get to see them because we were in a line they had winding around the store.
    A HUGE waste of time!!

    • BTW-I just want to say that I think the Twilight Moms did a great job with the party :)–I was just really sad that we didn’t get to hear or participate much because of the time we spent in line. Well done ladies 🙂

    • I went last year and Rachelle was awesome. And I was going to go this year but I had to work so good thing I didn’t waste time.

  9. The Eclipse footage on Walmart was nice, but I’m glad I pre-ordered the Target DVD.

    • switzy4ever14 says:

      could anyone tell me what is different about the dvd’s? i got a one night rent for a quick fix so I have yet to purchase my dvd. i guess the real question is: target or walmart?

      <3 SWITZY LOVE <3

  10. thats me in the bella swanabee shirt! i cant believe i said 30 and lovin it! it was the first thing that popped into my head! im a dork. anyway, slc was fun, but very disorganized. there were close to 4000 people there. we got there around 6 we were never able to get autographs. its still a fun experience to see all the fans and get into the celebration.

  11. Jazz Girl says:

    Went to our local WalMart. Was actually pretty surprised that there were about 400 other crazies there, too. It was fun; raffles, cake and punch and the security of being nuts with lots of others.:-) Purchased the two disc Ultimate Fan Edition. The only special feature I made myself watch before crashing around 3:30 this morning was the Eclipse sneak peek. That made me happy, restored my faith and calmed a few of my fears. The exclusive scene was beautiful, made me cry. That honestly says a lot. Overall, fantastic. I will be making a trip to Target this afternoon to get the 3 disc, though.

  12. I was in Salt Lake City. Last year it was only maybe 1000. This year it was 4000 plus. The humans put on a good interview for us and signed plenty. I was glad to see al three of them. They seemed like true friends and really nice. So glad they traveled to Salt Lake to say hi to fans.

  13. Walmart had some good stuff. I liked the 6 part documentary thing. The Eclipse sneak peak was GREAT! But, went to Target this morning for the deleted scenes!

  14. Bella Swan Cullen says:

    ~I went to Wal*Mart in Lexington, NC when I got off at 11 and waited until 12:01 am to get the Ultimate Fan 3 disc Addition Fanpack. I also got the Soundtrack and a special pack of cards that they gave out. I was one of many but closer to the front of the line than some. The lines wrapped around 4 aisles in the store!$!$! I lovvvveeeee the 3rd DVD Twilight in Forks. I watched it 1st and that’s how I found out about this website which I love. And the Eclipse sneak peak on the DVD was awesome!$!$ I can’t wait till June 30th!$!$!$~

  15. I got the Target 3-disc Twilight version last year and absolutely loved it! Sticking with tradition I got the New Moon one this morning along with Twilight in Forks DVD for 9.99$ and they give u a 5.00$ Target gift card along with it. What a deal, can’t wait to watch the extras and of course the movie tonite!!

    • I did too!! It’s kind of like getting Twilight in Forks dvd for five bucks. That’s how I think of it!

      For those who bought the dvd at Target, what film cell did you get? I got one with Bella looking at her papercut.

      • Sillygirl says:

        Mine is of Victoria! Yay

      • I bought the target edition and didn’t get any film

      • I went out to Target this afternoon and bought the 3-disc edition. That’s what I did with Twilight, so it would have driven me nuts if I didn’t do the same thing this year. Looked at the first one on the shelf, but put it back because the box was dented. Grabbed one from the back of the shelf. When I got home I looked at my film cell–it’s Edward in the school parking lot on Bella’s birthday!!! 🙂

      • I got Sam carrying Bella from the forest and handing her off to Charlie.

      • Kayleigh says:

        I got the one of alice bella and edqward in italy..alice is smiling and edward is next to cool :)))))))

      • I got the one when edward takes bella home after her party and they’re outside of her truck, right before she asks him to kiss her. so happy i got the one of just them two alone.

  16. Went to my local Wal-Mart. They had free cake (with a picture of Edward, Bella, and Jacob on the icing), chips, and soda. There were about 50-75 people there, which for my super small town is really good. There was a trivia contest, but that didn’t work out so well… the idea was that they would hand out this multiple choice trivia quiz paper to everyone and the first 20 people to turn it in with all the answers correct would win a Team Edward aluminum water bottle, but we Twihards immediately pointed out that there was no correct answer for #1 (Question: What does Edward give Bella for her birthday? A) stereo B) camera C) plane tickets D) a ring…… ummmm, where is my “none of the above”???? lol) and so they just gave the water bottles to the first 20 people in line (which thankfully included me!). I was disappointed that the Wal-Mart employees were not told to hide their disdain for all things Twilight or how crazy they thought the fans who were there are… even the manager was like, “I don’t give a crap about this stuff.” So yeah, more of the same stuff we encounter everywhere, right?

    As far as the DVD (I got the blu-ray, but it’s the same), the Eclipse pre-view makes me really excited about the movie. It’s basically the same as the little video we got to see last week, but extended just a bit, and then there’s about 2 minutes of Edward and Bella having a conversation in bed about her becoming a vampire. It’s really very good and I can’t wait to see the movie! (101 days to go!) Of course, I was REALLY disappointed that there are absolutely ZERO extended/deleted scenes included, but I always intended to buy the Target version in order to have them anyway. (There just isn’t a target in my town, so I’ll have to order online or make an hour drive to get one.)

    • I forgot to mention… they did have a gift to give to the first 100 people (I don’t know what they did with the leftovers, since we definitely didn’t have 100 people there). It was a about 8.5×11 picture of Edward, Bella, and Jacob (sort of like glossy cardboard) along with “trading cards” pictures of all the Cullens, Bella, and Jacob, with “stats” on the back (name, date of birth, date of transformation, stuff like that), 4 postcards (wolfpack, volturi, eclipse logo, and edward and bella in the meadow in eclipse), 3 bumpersticker-like stickers (black/white/brown picture of edward, jacob, and edward, jacob, and bella), and a sheet of temporary tattoos (a wolf, a feather, the wolfpack tattoo, the Spartans head logo, volturi crest, cullen crest, and the dragon from the cullen crest, all in black).

  17. I’m confused. Do the Borders and Walmart versions not have the deleted scenes? Their websites say they do. 🙁

    • We got the Borders exclusive edition and there is about 25 minutes of “extended” scenes. So it’s scenes that are in the movie, just a little longer. Some of them included lines straight from the book that I wish they had left in.

  18. Chayo0506 says:

    I went to a wal mart about 7 miles from my home because they said there were going to have better contest than the walmart 2 miles from my home.

    It was boring. The Wal-Mart employees didn’t know much of what was going one. Some people looked at me like I was crazy and didn’t know anything. The people in like were not that excited about the movie release. I ordered 2 online one from Wal Mart and one from Target. I just went for the party. Next time I need to look for real twilight freaks like me and maybe it will be more fun.

    I did win 2 Edward water bottles a couple of pictures so it was worth it.

  19. samantha says:

    I went to wal-mart and waited in line. Then it was madness @ 12:01am! People were trying to get their copy. Some people got three! But I got the ultimate fan edition w/ twilight in forks. Then I went home to watch special features but I was very diappointed with the DVD b/c there was no deleted scenes! So good thing I bought the Targert version too “)


    About the deleted scenes. If you search deleted scenes for New Moon on Google you will find at least three deleted/extended scenes.

    I got the Walmart one too, and the Eclipse preview was totally worth the extra money. It looks like it’s going to be a really great movie. My Walmart didn’t have a party (closest was over 50 minutes away), but that didn’t really matter to me. About 40 people in line. I watched the special features until about 2:30am. Definitely happy with what I got.

  21. Does anyone know if the Borders and Target versions just carry the scenes specified on their sites or did they both have the extended AND deleted scenes? I’m just curious because I’m still debating which version I should buy:)

    • The Borders one hs extended scenes but no deleted scenes. So it shows scenes that are in the movie but a little longer.

  22. Julieheartstwilight says:

    I got the two disc special edition. It’s pretty awesome. The only thing I’m mad about is that mine doesn’t have any deleted or extended scenes 🙁

    • mschicklet says:

      The Target 2 disc special edition?

      Or the blu ray 2 disc special edition from Target? The blu-ray 2 disc SE should have deleted and extended scenes…right?

  23. Does anyone know if the Border’s Special Edition is worth it? I still haven’t gotten any of them (because the Debit Card was freaking out last night, of all nights!!!! )

    I know I want to buy the walmart and target version but…I heard that the border’s one is pretty lame

    • I like the bordes one, it also has exclusive interviews with the cast, director etc. and it came with a necklace that my daughter hasn’t taken off since we got it 🙂

  24. MiVidaLoca says:

    I am a dork, I pre-ordered the target one and walmart one. I am hoping my target one comes today. I got the 3 disk special for twilight which included a free code to get it on my Ipod as well. But I wanted the bonus eclipse footage the walmart one would have. They didn’t ship theirs until yesterday though so I will have to wait on that one. 🙁 I am sure they will be online soon enough to though lol

  25. I was very disappointed with the release party at the Borders in Peoria, az I went to. They scrambled to find things to do with us. Crammed up into this small area. Kept giving us 5 minute breaks to look at merchandise but didn’t like us crowding around the table. Had a table with pastries on it but it was in the front of the area we were at and it was awkward to go up and grab something. They weren’t fair with calling on people for the games. Then lining up was a disaster. They had us all migrate to one area. Then those of us who pre ordered were told to line up but their was a table right in the middle a few feet back so we all split around it and the randomly chose where our line would loop. Very disappointed. Only reason I went with the Borders special edition is so it would match my Twilight one.

  26. Pre ordered mine from Target and UPS delivered it TODAY! I was very surprised, especially since my order confirmation said expected delivery date was this coming Tuesday! I have yet to watch it – will do that tonight!

    Heading up to Target shortly to get Twilight in Forks……

    • huh, i did’nt realize you could get twilight in forks at target! this throws off my decision! i thought i had it all figured out! ughhhh!!

      • Rachel P says:

        If you get twilight in forks with your dvd at target they have a promo where you get a 5 dollar gift card with it.

  27. Other than the Eclipse footage, The Target one seems like the best deal. You get all the extra footage that the Walmart one has, plus the deleted scenes. Frankly, I didn’t think the Eclipse was worth the extra money or not having the other scenes. It was good and I can;t wait, but I would rather have Target’s. I am ticked I had to by both!!

  28. oh my goodness says:

    I am very disappointed in Target. I pre-ordered my copy in Feb when the DVDs were announced and was under the impression that it would be here today… Alas, no! Mail came and went and no DVD. Half tempted to storm the store to complain, but what good will that do? At least reading the comments here, I know I am getting one of the better versions (compared to Borders and Walmart) with the 2-disk blu-ray version. That can at least be a little consolation.

    • MiVidaLoca says:

      Mine didn’t come today either, it’s showing it will be here Monday. It’s bitter sweet, I really should be studying for 2 exams at the beginning of the week. Not watching New moon for like the 8th time and all the footage LOL I was half tempted to go send my teen to Target and get it for me and just return the other one when I get it LOL

  29. Choozen1ne says:

    Does anyone know if any of the DVD come with a digital copy of the movie like the Target version of Twilight did ?

    • I got the Target Blue Ray 2 Disc and nope, no digital copy. 🙁 They gave it for Twilight. Why not New Moon?

  30. that was my question too… i am probably just going to download it separately on iTunes.

  31. RedPrincess says:

    1. Did you go to a DVD release event (even if it wasn’t ours)?
    I attended the Border’s midnight party in Jacksonville, FL. It wasn’t crowded at all – however, the group of people there were great and my daughter and son had a blast. They played Charades and did some Quote contests, along with debates. I found it a bit odd that Borders shut down their coffee shop prior to the 10pm “party”…as I can imagine that a lot of the parents would have really enjoyed the caffeine!

    2. Where was your event held and how was it?
    Think I answered that above:)

    3. What version of the DVD did you end up buying and what do you think?
    Bought the Borders exclusive. Then bought the Ultimate Fan Edition at Walmart on the way home:)

    4. Any special features that stand out?
    I am currently watching the “Twilight in Forks” special. It is very interesting. Amazing how much the town has really flourished with the fandom.

  32. Couldn’t go to a party but I did buy the Walmart with Forks DVD package and the Target Blue Ray.
    What I love most is the interviews with the cast and THE ECLIPSE STUFF !!! Very happy with what I got !

  33. I bought the Target 3-disc special edition this morning and spent the afternoon watching the two bonus discs. I’m saving the movie for tonight! The second disc has the 6 part documentary with behind the scenes of the making of the movie, including the editing and special effects. The third disc has deleted and extended scenes, interviews with the Volturi, and more. I don’t think any of this was included on the Walmart version. I’d love to see the Eclipse preview, but I’m happy I have all the New Moon coverage. There is not a digital download in this one like there was with Twilight though 🙁

    • MiVidaLoca says:

      Since you got the target 3 pack one, did it come with the code for the free digital copy from Itunes also like Twilight did?

      • Unfortunately the 3 disc Target set did NOT come with an iTunes code. A silly bit of film cell as a collector’s item. Mine’s smudged so can’t see what it is.

        I think Summit realized the revenue they lost when they were giving away free digital copies of Twilight.

        If you go to they have a coupon which is $5 Twilight PLUS another Summit film. (Summit tweeted about it earlier this week.) So if you use it at Target, with the $5 off and the $5 gift card, you can basically get the $10 copy of Twilight in Forks for free.

        Whoever got the Borders special edition, can they break down exactly what it came with? I’ve seen stuff on Youtube that I don’t think was in my 3 disc Target version.

        • MiVidaLoca says:

          Thank You for the information. That sucks but I am sure I will live :p

        • daisyduck says:

          I’m glad there are only 2 versions of the DVD available in the UK! It all sounds so confusing! We have just the single disc or the double disc. The double disc has all the extras that are included on any of the American versions except the eclipse footage.

          Watched it all today. Thought the 6 part documentary was quite good..The Edward/jacob flash forwards are genius- how well they know us! Enjoyed the deleted scenes but thought that they were all best left deleted except the one where Edward and Bella were talking in the car on the way home from her birthday party. That could have stayed in I think. Anything for a bit more Edward!

          • What were the Edward/Jacob flash forwards?

          • I loved the part of the Bella’s Dream scene when her dad is sitting on her bed when she wakes him up screaming–I didn’t care for the dream itself, but the part where Charlie is comforting her is so poignant.

        • The Borders edition came with about 25 minutes of extended scenes, the 6 part documentary, exclusive interviews with the cast, director etc., Webcast of the movie premiere and red carpet and a necklace…the medalion has the Cullen Crest on one side and the Wolfpack tattoo on the other.

      • Nope–no code.

  34. Twilibrarian says:

    I pre-orderd my copy from through Stephenie Meyer’s website. (Thanks,Seth!) I can access an online feed it for any 24 hour time frame between now and April 19, 2010. That is okay until the real thing arrives. I am also watching it tonight via Time Warner cable on demand for $4.99.

    As an older fan, and since I am a HS librarian (Barbara) waiting at my local WalMart was way past my bedtime! I spend my days with teenagers. Although the NFHS twi-groupies probably expected me to be there! I’ll hear about it Monday morning, for sure.

  35. Kayleigh says:

    i went this morning and bought the walmart one…it sucks..the eclipse part wasn’t even that good…someone should tell summit or something!!!!

  36. i went to the walmart release party. It was fun except when it came to getting the dvd instead of calm and orderly. It was just well people almost getting trampled. The version i got was the ultimate fan edition. Its good but i wish there was extended and deleted scenes. But i can always get targets to get those. The edward special features i like.

  37. I bought mine at Target. Blue Ray Deluxe 2 disc which is the same as the regular dvd 3 disc. My film cell was of Alice. Happy I had a picture of the Cullens.

  38. I went to the Borders DVD release party, and it was fun. Not as fun as last year’s, but I still had a good time. I got the Border’s special edition that they had, and I love it so far. I like the necklace that it comes with too! I guess the extended scenes are my favorite on it so far. I havn’t watched the commentary yet. I wish they had the deleted scenes though 🙁 Oh well, it’s still awesome though to have New Moon all to myself!

  39. Does anyone know when the DVD comes out in Australia?

  40. corey volturi says:

    got my target 3 disc 2day pre orderd it weeks ago (its awsome :)……remember just cause walmart had the 7 minute eclipse BTS+2minute clip (not preview!) it’s still just a 2 discer all the bells & whistles are on the boarders & target versions…just cause it says “ultimate fan edition” dosnt make it so. An ultimate fan would have done there reasherch.dont fall for the hype(just watch the eclipse BTS on youtube)

  41. Yes, I went to a party. Approximately 30 people were there and NOTHING HAPPENED. No games, no contests, no food, nothing. Lamest party ever.

  42. I got one from Target, Walmart and Borders. Couldn’t make up my mind. I just received the target 3disc. Last night I went to walmart’s party, had lots of fun and got the ultimate fan edition dvd. The Eclipse on it is great and I also liked the other special features. Target’s dvd looks like the special features are good. I am going to watch the deleted scenes later tonight. Hopefully the borders edition will be as good or better. Borders should have the extended scenes.

  43. I got the “Ultimate Fan Edition” + Twilight in Forks bundle at WalMart. LOVED watching New Moon at home…still just as exciting and emotional as the first time…but I had to turn the sound way up for some of Edward’s and Bella’s conversation. Their words are a bit muffled compared to Jacob or others.

    And I am FURIOUS about not having deleted scenes!! The Eclipse preview is great but I would rather have deleted scenes! I checked for this version and saw that someone had asked “Does it have deleted scenes?” and a WalMart employee answered, “Yes.” So I trusted that and bought it.

  44. I hosted at our local Borders store (I work there part-time) and we had a nice little turnout. Nothing like in the past like when Breaking Dawn or HP and the Deathly Hallows books came out.

    There were problems with pricing at our store. It was ringing up at the full price which made some people who waited fussy. Don’t blame them.

    We did the Borders Movie Awards, a Twilight Series Biggest Fan debate, Hot Potato with an apple/songs from the movie, New Moon trivia-Jeopardy style (collect points for different questions) and an ice-breaker type game I called “I Know What You Are” where you needed to find people in the store to match a clue like “Bella’s birthday is in September, find a person with a September birthday”. The point was to get to know the other fans hanging out with you and see how much in common they might have with the Twilight series.

    I pre-ordered the exclusive copies from WalMart, Target and Borders. They’re all due to arrive next week. I have my iTunes HD copy to last me til then. 🙂 Oh…and I advise a Twilight book club at school, and that’s my reason for buying so many copies…like I needed a reason to explain to you all here.:)

  45. Bought mine at Walmart (with Twilight in Forks DvD), highway robbery to make me go out and buy another copy just to get the deleted/extended scenes; if you ask me.

    • It is like being robbed (not Robbed *wink, wink*)…So a friend and I watched the movie and then started digging into the bonus features of the WM Ultimate Fan version. Great behind the scenes and sneak peak of Eclipse. Very reminiscent of the early Twilight sneak peek on the Penelope dvd. What sucked was when we realized there were no extended or deleted scenes!

      I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve already invested a healthy chunk of change seeing the movie multiple times in the theater, buying every book that comes out and not to mention other collector’s items. Do Summit and the DVD distributor really think it’s necessary to suck (no pun intended) even more coin from fans by making them purchase at least two separate dvd’s to access all the features. I must have been silly to think that’s what the $29.96 Ultimate Fan Edition would’ve included.

      Tomorrow, off to Target to spend more bucks. *sigh*

      • I can’t help but wonder when all is said and done, if and when Breaking Dawn is done (fingers crossed they figure out how to adapt that behemoth) Summit won’t come up with some big collector set of all four (five?) movies that has combined all these extras found in the various copies of Twilight, New Moon & Eclipse.

        I can also see them finally getting the cast in a booth to record commentary as an extra boost to market their collector’s set. Hey if Little Brown can do it with 3 different hard copy and paperback versions of the books why can’t Summit?

        Just breath deeply everyone. You know Summit will have us all on this roller coaster again come winter with the Eclipse DVD.

        • Yes, you are right. I will pasted below a snip from the article with Weitz about the DVD releases, and there are other sets coming.

          From the comments here, it sounds like the Target version is the only one with real extras. The Eclipse preview was posted here on the Lexicon (via Youtube) several days ago.

          I feel a little disappointed with Summit in this release. I am very excited about the film. And I’m sorry to get complain-y, but: The deliberately confusing multiple versions, not cluing in Chris (or correcting him when he mis-stated), apparently removing deleted scenes to sell future packages, no cast commentary… If they were purposely dumbing down the DVD release in favor of another release in the future, then it should have been one version now, and it should have just been marketed as what it is — a stripped down version, little or no extras (not calling it ultimate fan, etc.). The commentary on Twilight is so much fun with Catherine, Kristen, and Rob (seeing it for the first time through); if they add a commentary years from now, they’ll have forgotten what to say about the process, and I worry that it just won’t be as fun, if it ever comes out at all, since Chris has said what he had to say already.


          “‘I’m basically a big, fat liar,’ Weitz tells NBC’s PopcornBiz. ‘I put it out there that there are deleted scenes, but I just realized there aren’t. It was an honest mistake.’

          “The filmmaker only recently realized that ‘Twilight’s’ production company, Summit, will be spreading the series extras across several DVD releases.

          “‘I don’t want to get Twilight fans banging down my door demanding deleted scenes,’ Weitz says, adding that the slow release was a marketing choice.

          “Weitz admitted that he believes Summit made the decision to profit more heavily from subsequent DVD releases.”
          I realize Summit is not that big of a company, but really, pick up the phone and call Chris so the same message gets out everywhere. He’s making another movie with them; they couldn’t have called him? He had to realize it later? I know they are a business, but they should have more honest support for the fans, and those who support the franchise, than this. Like George Lucas said about sequels, “You really can screw these things up. I made American Graffiti 2 and I made like ten cents off it.” Again, sorry to be complain-y. Off to Target, asap!

  46. I got mine at Target, and I got the film cell of Jacob, Bella and Mike at the movie.

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