So Where Are the Stars Going to Be Tonight?

Our inbox is going crazy with people asking where specifically the New Moon stars are going to be tonight. the fact is that we just don’t know. However, some info has leaked out via local press and store managers. The list is currently complete.  Summit asks for lots of pictures so be sure to bring your cameras!

Houston: Daniel Cudmore appearing at the Borders at 3025 Kirby St.  (Source Dan’s Twitter)

Pittsburgh: Edi Gathegi appearing at the Best Buy on 4801 Mcknight RD. (Source Twilight Twitter)

Atlanta: Chaske Spencer and Tyson Houseman Appearing at Blockbuster on 3944 Peachtree Rd NE Ste B (Twilight Twitter)

Denver: Charlie Bewley is at Blockbuster on 9871 Parker Rd in Parker!

Phoenix: Liz Reaser will be at Borders on 7000 E. Mayo Blvd in Scottsdale!

Seattle: Melissa Rosenberg appearing at the Fred Meyer’s Store Bothell location. (Source Seattle Times)

Salt Lake: Justin, Christian & Michael will be at Riverton Wal-Mart we just heard that the location is changing hang on for details. Still a Walmart just not that one. (13500 S. Bangerter Hwy.) (Source TwiFans)   Correct location!   Wal-Mart on 13502 S. Hamilton View Rd in Riverton!

Cincinatti: Tinsel Korey and Kiowa Gordon Suncoast/FYE in Tri-county 11700 Princeton Pike Cincinnati, OH 45246-2535 (Source TwiFans) (Source Cincinatti News)

Los Angeles: Nikki Reed, Chris Weitz.   Midnight Release Party will be at the Wal-Mart on 26471 Carl Boyer Dr in Santa Clarita! Kaleb Nation will also be there.

New York City: Midnight Release Party w/ Peter will be at Best Buy on 52 E14th St #64! First 50 people in line get a special surprise!


  1. well this is slightly annoying the “salt lake” location is just down from my house and I am in cali… just my luck lol

  2. Rosalie Hilton says

    Come on some one come where i am!!!!!

  3. What about LA!?

  4. virginia dos santos says

    What about new york? Anyone know where peter will be?

  5. Theres technically only one walmart store with a Los angeles address and its the one on crenshaw. I would think it would be that one but I could be wrong.

  6. yes! thank you thank you !!

  7. catherine says

    So are they not going to release where the stars will be at all other than what gets leaked or will we be able to find out before the time of the release party?

  8. twilighter says

    Yay!! I’ll be seeing Christian, Mike and Justin tonight!! WOOP!!WOOP!!

  9. Temperance says

    I will be at work (Blockbuster) handing out pre-orders and renting out our copies until 12:30!

  10. Chicago anyone?!!!

  11. christina says

    ugh i cant wait to hear where in new york it is! i hope its in the city!!! preferably a borders like last year lol. I’d love to see p. fach!

  12. What about Pittsburgh? Anyone know where Edi will be?

  13. Sandee West says

    I just got my New MOon DVD in the mail (from Borders) and am watching it now. The necklace that came with it is great quality. Love it!!!

  14. The SLC dvd signing is at the same location it was last year! Take I-15, get off on Bangerter Hwy., 2 lights after Redwood Road it will be on your right! If you have any questions on directions call the Walmart there [The only reason I post this is because mapquest does not like this address so it may or may not locate it].

  15. I really wish there was a midnight release party in Montreal, CA, but it’s obviously asking too much. I guess I’ll just wait until the Lexicon posts videos from their parties. I know I can count on you.

  16. I’m so glad they are coming to Cincinnati, since none of the Twilight Convention tours will be in town.

  17. …What about Phoenix?

  18. I hope info for the Phoenix local gets posted.

  19. For those who got to go to a realse party last year with a cast member, what was it like? How did they handle to signing?

  20. Even though I can’t go, I do think it’s really nice that there are a variety of stores that the actors are going to (not that it’s up to them, but it’s still cool regardless).

  21. MorningRose says

    I’m 15 minutes from Parker (the Denver location) but between the winter storm warning and a foot of snow, I’m feeling pretty stuck… Wonderful.

  22. The WalMart here in Kansas City that I purchased mine from, passed out freebies to people in line. Tattoos, water bottles, and served a Twilight themed cake. Because of the sleet and snow storm that started this evening, there were only about 75 people in line.

  23. Stephanie says

    I was REALLY disappointed with Edi Gathegi in Pittsburgh. He only signed DVDs and BluRays ahead of time (therefore no validation they’re authentic). No photos, no meeting him, etc. I basically wasted 2+ hours of my time to see him sashay out, waive to the crowd, answer a few lame questions, and then LEAVE! I opted NOT to purchase this edition, missed getting one at Borders, and came home without a New Moon DVD. Huge letdown!!!

    • That’s a lot of what happened at the Salt Lake Walmart!! They didn’t bother to tell any of us until they were leaving that they were only signing 300 items and you had to have a “blue” ticket or you couldn’t get an autograph. There were well over 2,000 people there before Christian, Mike and Justin arrived. I spent 3 1/2 hours in line for nothing. Rachelle was so amazing last year–such a disappointment this year.

    • Stephanie, it was the same here in Phoenix. It felt so impersonal! The Q&A with Liz Reaser was far from the highlight of my night. I was disappointed.

      However, I will not say it was a waste of my time: Cullen Boys Anonymous and the Quileute Wolf Pack did an awesome job putting everything together. I had a blast with them! 😀