Lykke Li: Possibility Video Debut

First of all, today is Lykke Li’s birthday, so happy birthday! To celebrate her label released the video to Possibility (the song that plays in the background as the months go by) to coordinate.


  1. Rosalie Hilton says:

    I love that song!!!!!!! Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!

  2. So beautiful!!!!

  3. Oh! I had wondered who that was as I rather liked that song what we heard of it.

  4. I love this song 😀 It starts to play in New Moon at the exact time I start to

    Perfect song for Bella’s zombie stage.

    Happy Birthday.x.

  5. catherine says:

    OMG! I love this song! It’s so freaking depressing! I’ve been there. Oh, so many times. . .

  6. Hey people double credit watch some of Chris’s interviews about this song you will find out he invited her in to see the scene and then she left and WROTE the song. It was even talked about for a Oscar nod for original song.


    • Wow, that’s an interesting thing to know!

    • Happy Birthday!

    • Lykke Li wasn’t the only person who Chris asked that of. I’m pretty sure that happened with all the bands on the soundtrack. They were each given separate viewings of the movie and then asked to submit a song inspired by the movie. That’s why they all have lines from the movie or threads of the storyline woven through the lyrics.

      It’s a pretty original concept, but I still prefer the Twilight soundtrack. At least then songs were picked because they were good, and not because they were written about the characters.

  7. Happy Birthday! She is an amazing artist. All her live videos are amazing, so I’m not surprised this video is just as good.

  8. i love this song…it is so haunting, and will go straight through you. I always feel something in my heart when i hear this song….

  9. love that song! the videos on the dvd right?
    hehe taking the morning off to go get it! can’t wait!!!

  10. This is the best movie song have ever heard, it has all of the feelings,pain and emotions Bella had to be feeling. Every woman can relate to the words and emotion that this song portrays.

  11. Beatiful all around, wow! I’m not surprised to hear that the song was written for that scene, it’s absolutely perfect for it, and yes, highly tear-inducing. *Off to listen to more from Lykke Li*

  12. I could not understand why more wasn’t made of this song at Oscar nomination time. I really expected it to get press and buzz. Why didn’t Summit go for it?

  13. its a beautiful song and sung in an amazing way! ….lykke li has quite a unique voice and i love it!!

  14. That song was so perfect and just so amazing. Happy Birthday!

  15. Jennifer says:

    Ugh! That is one of my favs from the soundtrack. That and Roslyn. She has such a distinct voice.

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