Taylor Lautner’s Bike Lessons

The Twilight Saga: New Moon Exclusive DVD Bonus Feature

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  1. How come the video doesnt work for me?? Arghhh, can sum1 put it on utube so i can see it????

  2. I just luv Taylor seems to have a good sense of humour.

  3. He is so cute =D

  4. I love Jacob with long hair…. 🙁 so sad its gone. And hes such a jerk in eclipse… pfft.

  5. Mistsfromthepast says:

    Tooooo cute!

  6. hey!! the video’s not working for me too!! how bugging!! ….i agree wid melz…can someone pls put it on utube?

  7. Ooooo the famous shirt ripping off scene from another angle. Will I never tire of that shot?… 😉

  8. teamjasmett says:

    I just watched this on the dvd… and people you will be sooo pleased! there is 18 mins of deleted scenes SPOILER – there is one (just like the book) where edward drives bella home after the party and rants on about mike :L

    also all the other extra’s are amazing including the eclipse footage SPOILER – Edward in the volturi – red eyes, VOLTURI ROBES and a crest :L he still looks yummy!

  9. teamjasmett: which store’s dvd has that?

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