Ashley Greene Talks to the Local Media at SXSW


  1. Gosh, she’s so cute! I just love Ashley. I think she looks so different with her natural hair and skin coloring, but she’s still Alice! I can’t wait to see her other movies, and of course I CAN NOT WAIT to see Eclipse! 105 days, but who’s counting? 🙂

  2. God! She was right around the corner from me and I never got to meet her! I live in Austin and I should have met her Tuesday! :/ Ashley Greene is one of my idols.

  3. she’s really admirable not just on the outer side but the inner side too’!I really idolize her.,im gonna say im an ”ASHLICER”coz i love both ashley & alice…keep shining,smiling Ashley & keep inspiring us all…(”,)’!

  4. Ashley seems to be really sweet….plus she hasnt let all the fame get to her head and that makes her all the more likeable….. but the foremost thing that makes me her fan is that she plays alice to perfection!! go Ashley!!

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