Breaking Dawn Director Poll


  1. I don’t understand why we can’t have the same director twice! I really think Eclipse is going to turn out amazing and think Slade should remain for the last two installments! πŸ™‚

    • Twilight_News says

      Pick other, he fits in other. We left off Chris and Catherine since they have both publicly said they will be unavailable.

      • If Summit offered Catherine Hardwicke BDawn I’m sure she’d accept. TWILIGHT is my favorite film. So beautiful. She’d be perfect for BD. It’s such a “female” story in the beginning; wedding / honeymoon / birth / rebirth / and then the great confrontation with the Volturi in the baseball field. Catherine would rock as the director. I loved the fight with Cam Gigandet in TWILIGHT and loved the baseball game. Anyway, she gets my vote even though her name isn’t on the list. Even though she might be busy, I still have fingers crossed for her.

      • Man, I am absolutely amazed to see the variety of choices for director in the posts. I would rather stick needles in my eyes than EVER see another Chris Weitz directed film.

        I don’t know if it makes a difference if you first fell in love with the books and then saw Twilight, or the other way around. For me, Catherine Hardwicke is the only director who can do the franchise justice. Summit has so totally screwed up the franchise, they will go down in history for it.

        For some of us, the books are an incredible portrayal of a young woman’s first love, in all of its tentative and insecure glory. Weitz and Slade are so clueless it would be like a fish trying to explain to a bird how to swim.

    • We need to have Catherine Hardwicke twice!!!!!!!!!!!!! She should direct BDawn.

    • your telling me i wish slade could finish the series, out of al the directors in the world, these three have been chosen and i can’t imagine one of them living up to expectations, don’t get me wrong i’m sure they are fine directing their usual films but BD is not not usual. maybe they should go for a unique english director like neil marshall he would be better than the rubbish they are suggesting, saying that though i reckon slade will rock the kasbar outta this one, it was the best book1!!!

      • It has to be a woman director. There are huge female issues in BD. No matter how marvelous a male director is, he will never have a dog in this fight. The trauma and glory involved in giving birth, a young woman dying of childbirth, the infant immediately biting the mother–no man will ever experience this. THey will never be able to do BD justice.

        If the birth/death/vampire-making scene isn’t handled well, there will be Razzis all around for everybody ever affiliated with BDawn.

  2. I like the work that Sofia Coppola does, however, I would be afraid she would take toooo much artistic license with the movie and that would just make me unhappy. It’s bad enough the scripts leave book fans longing for more. She just might compound that issue.
    Gus Van Sant directed Good Will Hunting but I do not really know that much about the other films he directed. Looks like he wrote My Own Private Idaho, I liked that movie too. He seems to have done a lot of different roles as to working at different jobs in Hollywood so that may bode well to his translation of the story- I can’t say for sure.
    Bill Condon did a few more movies that may make him a front runner (of these three) that may be able to do a BD movie. He did Gods & Monsters – a pretty heavy movie and did a horror flick Candyman. I don’t like horror flicks, however, there is some big horror moments in BD so that experience may help. He directed Dreamgirls though and that movie was not a good movie for me – he also wrote it.
    So we will see I suppose.
    I would love to see Chris Weitz return actually. That is my vote. If Eclipse is decent, I might be for David Slade again – we will see.

    • teamjasmett says

      That exactly what i thought when looking at these directors and I also want chris weitz back. He was an amazing director and all the cast want him back.

      and if Slade does a good job, i wouldnt mind him coming back πŸ™‚ maybe a weitz and slade combo πŸ™‚

      • Out of curiosity, what is it about Chris Weitz’s direction of NM that you liked? How do you think that would work in the BD book?

        IMO, he is the worst director EVER. His hack job of Golden Compass turned what should have been a huge fantasy franchise like Potter into a gazillion-dollar loss, and the rest of the books won’t be made into movies now.

        There was a huge following from the movie Twilight that saw New Moon ONCE–many of these people saw Twilight many times in the theater, but obviously didn’t see NM more than once because NM quickly tanked off the top-10 and then disappeared from the theaters.

        It will be interesting to see how many people show up for Eclipse.

        I’m thinking “not very many” because, if you cruise the Twilight fansites, the numbers of posters are WAY off from before. The only people left posting are the rah-rahs for Weitz. The “regulars” are gone.

        Summit made a big mistake in underestimating the teen-tween audience that forges a big part of the franchise’s fan base. Summit thought they could do whatver they wanted to the franchise and the teens/tweens would still come see it again and again. Didn’t happen.

        From the sneaks of Eclipse, it looks like Summit is going for the violently sociopathic 17-year-old-boy crowd. LOL, we’ll see how that goes for them.

        • You are so right, Morgaine. Original fans, those of us who loved Twilight, are gone from the blogs.

          When I saw NM at a midnight show, I was so disgusted I couldn’t believe what had happened to the beautiful Twilight Saga. The friends who went with me felt the same way. Deeply disappointed. OMG. What a ghastly movie. So bad. Rushed, choppy, all the romance completely gone, flatlined in terms of any drama or suspense, the look of it was reddish/brown yuk. The Italy scenes went by so fast I hardly registered we were in Italy. The Volturi were a joke, and Michael Sheen is such a great actor usually. It wasn’t his fault. Weitz just has zero feel for the material.

          I loved Twilight’s rain soaked Forks and the mist and flying through the trees, the whole design of Twilight, the way the vampires looked, very different from the high school kids, Carter Burwell’s score and Rob’s 2 songs, and and and… I thought it was perfect. I hadn’t read the books, I saw Twilight first and then ran out to buy the books. If I’d seen NM first I would NEVER have bought the books. So for me, there’s only one director for Breaking Dawn – Catherine Hardwicke. She’s a real artist.

          There’s so much “female” stuff in Breaking Dawn that I just don’t see any of the male directors mentioned doing that stuff with any grace. No disrespect intended to anyone but this is a series of books written by a woman, about a young woman’s romance with a vampire (and shape shifter,) as told through the young woman’s eyes. Catherine Hardwicke gets that. She should totally direct BD.

          • Thank you Catherine Hardwicke supporters!!!!

            I agree with you 100% – and so do millions of others.

            Please bring back Catherine Hardwicke for Breaking Dawn!!!

            Summit – this might be just a business proposition for you, but for millions and millions of fans, it is a work of art – that has been smashed and bludgeoned by some rogue crazies (in film 2 & 3). Please return to us the film series we love by hiring Catherine Hardwicke for Breaking Dawn!!!

        • oh my do i agree with you. chris weitz’s total destruction of the golden compass was nobodies fault than his own. So why ask him to do new moon? Personally i think he did a servicable job on this as i like the film, but i was dissapointed as it could have been so much better. So why look at ”ok” directors for breaking dawn? Come on it could be exceptional, but producers are satisfied with ‘ok’ as long as they pull the crowds in, th not make a good film

    • teamjasmett says

      Personally i dont mind which director does it, Im more interested in who is going to do it properly and satisfy all the fans.

      But if i had to choose – David or Chris πŸ™‚ I love them both πŸ™‚

  3. David Cronenberg! Three words: Vampire birth scene.

  4. drew barrymore

  5. Just because Sofia Coppola is female, I don’t think that is good enough reason to vote for her imho.

  6. I agree with Lynette. I think that David Slade should do BD. From what I’ve seen he’s doing an EXCELLENT job w/ Eclipse and, as a horror director, I bet he can capture Renesmee’s birth REAAAAALLLLY well. (Among other things)

  7. I really don’t care right now at all. It all comes down to the night of the release wether it is good or not or will leave me satisfied as much as the books which isn’t saying much since I still don’t think the story is complete in my opinion.

  8. Laurie (TimeStandStill) says

    I would really like Chris to come back and repent for the scene he agrees was a regret. He should take the chance to redeem himself in dealing with Bella’s transformation. I bet his ideas in his head are awesome.

    • which scene does he regret?

      • the one where Alice is showing Aro Bella as a vampire. YOu know where Bella and Edward are both dressed really weird and frolicking in the woods. Stooopid!

        • OMG I had blocked that one out. I think every time I saw the movie everyone in the theater laughed. It is nice to know Chris realized it was hokie.

        • The reason Weitz wished he could do that one over isn’t because it turned out stupid and was bad for the movie, or because the fans deserved better–it was because people ROFL when they see that scene and it makes him feel bad.

          That, in a nutshell, is why Weitz didn’t connect with the Twilight story–you can’t possibly understand a young woman’s first love if you are totally self-absorbed in how everything makes YOU feel.

    • Weitz needs to stay a million miles away from the Twi Saga. I couldn’t stand NM. Think it’s the WORST movie I’ve ever seen in my life. The WORST. Really hope Catherine Hardwicke is brought back for BDawn.

      • As I said previousy, I’d rather stick needles in my eyes than ever see another Weitz film. I agree with you–NM is probably the worst film I’ve ever seen, as well.

  9. Slade has earned the right to Direct Breaking Dawn. Experience with the series, experience in horror films (a bonus for the Birth scenes)…

    Talking about any one else is a criminal.

    • LOL. You haven’t even seen the movie yet, and you’re saying he has the right because, what–he BREATHED while in the director’s chair during the filming of Eclipse?

      Hello, David–is that you, honey? I know you must be plenty worried about Eclipse since Summit fired YOUR art editor and replaced her with Catherine Hardwicke’s Twilight art editor–but hanging around boards being your own rah-rah…just not cool.

  10. Joe Wright. I think it would be awesome to see another new director.. And did you see Pride & Prejudice? INCREDIBLE! The film would be amazing.

  11. I picked: Rob Reiner, James Cameron, or Michael Bay. You really need someone who is comfortable with a lot of CGI. You also need someone who can handle a lot of special effects – not just for the birth and Renesmee, but for all the special abilities of the other vampires that come to witness. But you also need someone who can understand the love story – and that isn’t easy. I wish Summit the best of luck, because they need it.

  12. I really think that Chris Columbus should be considered as a potential BD director. He was in talks to direct “Twilight” in the first place, and he did a great job with the first Harry Potter movie, as well as “Percy Jackson.”

    And yeah, he directed “Mrs. Doubtfire,” too, which is pretty much one of my favorite movies of all time.

    • I would like to respectfully disagree with the Chris Columbus suggestion. He totally and completely destroyed Percy Jackson. When my husband and I went to see it, we thought the movie would have been nice had we not read the books – but we had. We spent the whole movie wondering why so much was left out and changed. I have heard the same about the two Harry Potter movies that he did too. I know that things have to be left out but he left out two key people in the story! It would be like leaving out Rose and Emmett from the Twilight story.

      • Peeps, ITA.

        I’m surprised the fans didn’t come after him with pitch-forks and blazing torches.

  13. I agree with GinaK, I think James Cameron would be an awesome choice for director. He obviously is a special effects genius and I think he could make Renesmee look believable. Adding to that, he is great with telling heavily emotional stories. I will say, though, that I wouldn’t object to seeing Chris Weitz again if he did become available.

    • I LOVE Cameron’s work, and he clearly has CGI experience, but I don’t think he’d be good for BD.

      He can really get the feel for a story and is much more empathetic than most male directors–but his direction is from a step back from the story.

      The Twilight franchise–especially BD–is an up-front, in-your-face, emotional story, and deals with a pregnancy, a horrific birth, and death.

      Cameron, like other men, will be an objective witness to the birth scene. He won’t have any dog in the fight. He’ll never have to push for 8 hours to get a kid out of his body. He won’t risk losing his life so that a baby can be born.

      These are very female issues here. It has to be a woman director.

      • Agree, Morgaine. It has to be a woman director. Catherine Hardwicke!!!!!!!!!!

        I just don’t get why people don’t see that immediately.

        And BTW, the Eclipse scenes with BD Howard as Victoria are a joke. How could Slade/Summit fire Rachel LeFevre who is Victoria and was amazing as Victoria? That decision alone is why I won’t see Eclipse. That and the fact the NMoon was awful. Unless Catherine Hardwicke directs Breaking Dawn I’ll skip that as well.

        • ITA!!!

        • I’m not going to see Eclipse or BD. What’s the point?

          I regret seeing NM. I wish I would have just seen Twilight and then, realizing what a bad director CWetiz is, and what he did to Golden Compass, just said no to NM.

          I went to the 2:00 AM showing of NM, and I should have known it was bad when I saw the Midnight-show viewers coming out of the theater. They were not at all as exuberant and elated as the midnight Twilight viewers were. I knew something was wrong.

  14. sorry people but i believe all three are out well at least sophia she is pregos due in may and she is already in post for somewhere movie due release nov dec 2010 and van sant is in post too for his movie release 2011 i heard bill is busy too so i dont either of these three will do it. info found on imdb

  15. Ooo! Evan I like Chris Columbus doing it! He launched the Harry Potter series, didn’t he? I vote him!

  16. I voted other…just because I don’t think any of those three would do it justice. They are already dealing with a screenwriter who thinks she needs to change everything possible from the books, (if she really is even working from the same books that I’ve read…sometimes I have to wonder)so they need a “take control” director who really understands the saga. It would be a very sad thing to see the final movie(s) in the saga destroyed by someone who just didn’t get it. They have a really tough job ahead of them. If they could snag someone like James Cameron…dang. That would be awesome.

  17. I want to see Eclipse before I start rooting for David Slade. Remember, Twilight’s trailer was awesome, and the movie didn’t live up to it at all. I have extremely high hopes for Slade, but will wait til I see the movie.
    Pretty sure James Cameron is out of Summit’s budget. Also, most of the movies he directs, he also writes. Don’t know if he’d jump on board. That’s being said, I think he would be great.
    Personally I would LOVE to see Peter Jackson!

    • ive said the same thing all along! James Cameron would be awesome but its more likely to get Jackson…and LOTR was frickin amazing!!! I read the books and he did the series justice(which we need), hes a genius with special effects/CGI, and he knows how to tell a story. I just hope Summit can afford him.

      • I don’t know if you’ve ever thouht of this before, but certain directors have certain strengths.

        I don’t see much in common with what LOTR and the BD, do you? Or BD and Avatar, Aliens, or any other Cameron movie.

        Both men are spectacular at what they do best. But it doesn’t mean they can step into any movie and do it well.

        BD is going to be a very, very personal and intimate story of Bella being willing to sacrifice her life in order for her child to live. I just don’t think a man can understand that, and the director understanding this most elementa, alpha and omega, of life, that whole birth scene will just be stupid and melodramatic.




  19. Me, I want to direct. I don’t have any film experience, but I know the books inside and out and I would love to make this film. πŸ™‚

  20. Twilibrarian says

    Since Eclipse is not yet out, I can’t cast a vote for David Slade…yet. Of the current “Twi-rectors” (I’ve just coined a new phrase!) I enjoyed New Moon. I don’t get all the hullabaloo over the the “Bella the vamp” scene. Artistic license, perhaps. If you know Alice, she sees the future once people have decided. I personally think Alice manipulated the data and gave Aro what he needed to see to let them go…a Bronte-esque run through the woods. But I digress πŸ˜‰

    As for directors: Kathryn Bigelow just won best director and best picture for Summit Entertainment with “The Hurt Locker.” She’dbe a great choice.

    I shudder to think what James Cameron would do if given the opportunity. When Alice leaves in BD would her note read, “I’ll be baaack?” When B & E arrive at Isle Esme, would he shout, “I’m king of the world?” I’d hate to see Renesmee as a blue child with a tail!

    The casting for Renesmee will require multiple sets ofmultiples, since she grows so fast. No CGI,please. No matter how good, she won’t look real.

    So, for consideration….
    Jonathan Demme, who directed “Philadelphia” to best picture and best actor (Tom Hanks)
    Ron Howard: Angels and Demons, Apollo 13, Cocoon, Da Vinci Code, and a Beautiful Mind.

    C’Mon Summit….spend the money on an Oscar nominated or winning director. Lord knows the fans are making you tons of money!

    • LOL–what Weitz and his production designer did to Alice (and the rest of the cast) in NM should make him a Hollywood outcast for the rest of his life.

      OMG, Alice looked like a matronly aunt, and the stupid outfit she wore to Italy!?! She looked like a dead Audrey Hepburn in a 1960s “romance in italy” movie. And the clothing was at least 2 full sizes too large.

      The makeup for all of the core cast members was ghastly. I call it the “crack-den vampire” look. What about “The cullens are different than other vampires and are trying to pass as humans” didn’t Weitz understand?

      And Jazz’s hair!?! He looked like a very gay blonde Spartacus a la Tony Curtis. Very unsettling.

      The interior of the Cullen house was a direct rip-off of Dark Shadows. I mean, it was cheezy and tacky. The candles–ROFMAO! Did Weitz’s Mom just start selling at those CandleBee home candle parties or what?

      Both Edward and Bella looked at least 10 years older. Edward’s face was so white, he looked like someone who was dead and frozen after being dipped in white flour, not just someone who was undead. And how can we forget those fuzzy-black-caterpiller eyebrows they pasted onto his forehead. I kept an eye on them during every Edward shot because I knew one of the was going to start moving out at any minute.

      Oh, yeah. Let’s let Weitz get his clueless paws on the birth scene in BD. LOL! That will ensure a sweep of every category of the Razzis.

  21. OMG I would love it if Sofia Coppola directed Breaking Dawn. I think a woman’s direction would be best for the final installment of the Twilight Saga. I absolutely loved what she did with Marie Antoinette – so visually beautiful!

    • I loved Marie Antoinette too, Lukas. Thought it was an AMAZING film. Sofia did a great job and did not deserve the bashing she got for it. The costumes, the look, the story were all great. And although I agree a woman should direct BD, I think it should be Catherine Hardwicke. Didn’t you love Twilight?

  22. If Eclipse is done in two films, I’d love see how Tim Burton would show the world through Bella’s vampire eyes.

  23. Tim burton should direct breaking dawn!!!!!!

  24. *oops* i meant breaking dawn, not eclipse!

  25. I said other because I still dream about what Floria Sigismondi would do with Breaking Dawn. I know we haven’t actually SEEN The Runaways yet, but I have nothing but faith. Ugh, it would be hauntingly beautiful.

  26. gus van SANT all the way. he directed movies like elephant that are amazingly beautiful and also a little creepy.
    He also directed Milk which was amazing, just look at the nominees from the oscars last year.
    He works with the cinematographer Harris Savides, which does alot of really dramatic lighting

    AKA Gus van sant FTW to make the final twilight movie special

  27. I truly wish some miracle happens, and Chris Weitz gets to direct Breaking Dawn. I absolutely loved New Moon. I don’t want anyone to ruin the last two installments.

    • Too late. It looks like Weitz has already destroyed New Moon. If it wasn’t for Twilight having such a huge, loyal audience who was guaranteed to see NM at least once, it would have been as bad as Weitz’s LAST disaster–Golden Compass.

      Have you been to any of the Twlight fansites? Numbers are way down. The regulars are gone.

      Remember with Twilight all of the associated franchise stuff that was available? With NM they’re selling it in WalMart–nad the quality is really, really bad…like you wouldn’t want your dog to wear one of the cheesy shirts.

  28. CATHERINE HARDWICKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No contest. TWILIGHT was superb.

    Catherine Hardwicke is the ONLY director who should direct Breaking Dawn!!

  29. No one can do Breaking Dawn justice other than Cathrine Hardwicke – if not for her – there would NOT be a Twilight franchise, she made the book come alive in the most beautyful way and amazed the whole world – I do hope that people are aware of that fact – to end the circle correctly they have to bring Cathrine back. No one else would do !

  30. Catherine Hardwicke!



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