Bella’s Engagement Ring

We’ve seen all kinds of posts from all over the internet about the engagement ring Bella wears in the trailer for Eclipse.  The ladies at Infinite Jewelry have gone on a Pre-Eclipse sale offering the Official Bella’s Engagement ring for $20 off the regular price.  Given that the ring in the trailer looks very much like the ring Infinite Jewelry designed with the guidance of Stephenie Meyer, this would be the perfect time for fans to grab this key piece to dressing up like Bella in the films.  The sale extends to other items at their site as well.


  1. Isn’t there supposed to be an opal? Doesn’t look like the description to me.

    • Page 458 of “Eclipse” gives the rings description.
      “The face was a long oval, set with slanting rows of glittering round stones. The band was gold – delicate and narrow. The gold made a fragile web around the diamonds.”

      I think the only thing about the ring above that seems not to fit is; The stones are not in slanting rows, and the band is not really narrow. Other than that the ring seems to fit.

    • The ring is oval, not opal. Although the Bella character, Kristen Stewart, wears and opal ring on her index finger. But the ring Edward gave her in the movie was just a prop, and not like what was in the book. It is a beautiful ring, but the above ring is more like the ring in the book. If you are a true Twi-hard fan, you will go with the book. Stephanie Meyers is a brilliiant lady with an amazing talent of captivating people with her imaginations. I have never been one to read. Can’t stand to read as a matter of fact, but when my neice talked me into reading the Twilight Saga, I could not put the books down until I read them all! And now I have read the books 3 or 4 times!! I know everyone has their own opinions and that’s fine.That’s how God made us. But this is fine craftsmanship and the remarks I have read are a bit cruel……per the book,,,”The face was a long oval, set with slanting rows of glittering round stones. The band was gold—-delicate and narrow. The gold made a frigile web around the diamonds. ……….just sayin…..

  2. Wow! Really ugly!

    • Megan, Nikki: Have you guys read Eclipse? Opal? Um, that’s “oval”! Stephenie Meyer worked with Infinite Jewelry to make the heirloom ring that SHE described in HER book. The ring is a lot better in person, and I love mine because it’s the real deal.

      • i agree with you, obviously these girls have not read eclipse, it looks just like it! in fact exactly like it ccause stephanie worked with them on it!! and i am very jelous that u have a ring, how much was it???

  3. I have a Bella’s engagement ring from infinite jewelry and it is awesome. Because it was created with Stephanie Meyers input I know it represents her real vision not just some movie version. I love it.

  4. twilightgirl68 says:

    Don’t really like! Disappointed.:(

  5. Well, wasn’t it supposed to be Edward’s mom or grandma’s wedding ring?
    Thats why it’s old-fashined, is my guess…
    Not the prettest ring, though :/

  6. Geez, that is one ugly ring. I don’t care how sentimental it is. I’d be like “Edward, you have a boatload of $’s. Get me an emerald cut platinum ring from Tiffany’s and let’s call it a day.” 🙂

  7. KaseyHearEdward. says:

    *Shakes head*
    One that isn’t the best pic of the ring.
    It looks much better in person. I love mine.

    It is Edward’s Mother’s Engagement Ring.
    That is why it is old fashion.

    Plus if suits Bella. She likes simple. And Bella would never have Edward spend that much money on her.

    True that Wendy!
    Stephenie approved that ring. And the Author’s vision is usually all that matters.

    Thank you for the Info LEXICON!! *Grins Big*

  8. Lauren M. says:

    I have a Bella’s Engagement ring from Infinite Jewelry too and I love it. I wear it everyday. I’m thinking of getting another one cuz the gold color is starting to wear off. I think its pretty and the ring belonged to Edward’s Mother, Elizabeth Masen.

    • After a year, my ring started to wear a little, too, and Infinite Jewelry replaced it. They have a lifetime warranty – who else does that?

    • Lauren, my ring was getting worn, too. Send an email to Nancy @ Infinite Jewelry and they’ll replace it for only the cost of shipping. They sent me an entirely new ring and it’s even more gorgeous than my original!

    • My guess is that the ring in the movie looks just like the ring that Infinite Jewelry designed, but just on a larger scale – I guess it has to be visible on screen. But, I agree with the posts: the movie one does seem to be bulky and rather unattractive. I love my version from Infinite Jewelry. I’ve worn it every day since I bought it in Oct. 2008. If you want your ring to look like Stephanie Meyer’s description, get the one from Infinite Jewelry (the ONLY authorized version) – don’t wait until Hot Topic releases some giant, cheap, tacky version of it!

  9. stephenie meyer approved the ring?!!…oh well..yeah the author’s imagination does count the most….but still..i had imagined something prettier than this….

    • Twilight_News says:

      I have to say that the photos do not do the ring justice. I have this ring and I wear it all the time, every day. I have had many, many compliments on it from people NOT in the Twilight fandom. People often ask me if it is an heirloom.

  10. haha i loved reading the comments here. i was kinda hesitant to share my own opinion that the ring was quite ugly, but the first comment i saw was “wow! really ugly!”
    i too was disapointed when i saw the design of the ring. bellas bracelet was pretty (but i guess its hard to get that wrong) but this ring kinda missed the mark a bit. oh well. its not like im going to buy it.

    • bellarocks says:

      Key words here, Ladies: SALE! (for $35, I’m getting 2 – 1 yellow & 1 white gold!) OFFICIAL! (if Stephenie says this is the ring, this is the ring!) LIFETIME WARRANTY! (can’t get that with the “movie” jewelry!) 14K GOLD! (on all three versions of the ring? Yes!!) I’m so there! Thanks for the heads-up, Lexicon – you ROCK!

  11. Mmmmm. No. Was expecting somthing not exactly flashy but somthing beautifuly elegant and understated. Expensive though! The Cullens wouldn’t have it any other way ;-} Hope that made sense.

  12. Danielle says:

    Wish it was real gold all the way through. Then I might buy it.

    • Twilight_News says:

      They have 3 versions of the ring for sale. You can get a real gold ring if you want. You can even get real diamonds!

  13. They are really lovely rings. I’ve got a signature edition and people ask me all the time about it because they think it is very pretty and unique.

  14. Ugliest ring ever, what were they thinking? Bad costume/wardrobe department – no cookie for you.

  15. Rosalie Hilton says:

    I like it and Stephenie approved it so it’s good for the movie.

  16. Is that pic from the Eclipse trailer? Because I don’t remember seeing that big fat diamond ring on Bella’s finger at all. I saw something *twinkle*, but maybe the cameras were moving too fast. 😛

  17. I designed my engagement ring myself and I put a LOT of diamonds in it. So as someone who has bought diamonds, I know that in real life that ring would have about $1200 worth of diamonds in it. Add that to the cost of the gold and you’re only looking at a ring worth about $2000.

    The only way that ring will look expensive is if they somehow managed to make each of the diamonds 1 carat, but at that size,I doubt they could fit them all in.

  18. The Weasel says:

    I admit when the ring first came out I thought it was hideous and refused to get it. I thought it was the ugliest thing I saw. However, I have an extensive collection of Twilight merchandise (enough that I could probably pay for a new car if I sold it all…). When I got my tax return this year I finally sucked it up and bought one along with a new bracelet because I wanted to put my old bracelet into my collection and have one for daily wear. I have to say, this ring…BEAUTIFUL. The picture makes it look hideous. None of the pictures on the site do it ANY justice AT ALL. When I pulled this ring out of the box I fell in love with it and I’m not someone who normally likes oval shaped rings. I wear it all the time now. I’m actually considering getting a second one during this sale so I can add it to my collection along with my first bracelet.

    So in short:
    Picture – HIDEOUS
    In Person – BEAUTIFUL

  19. It’s not how I pictured it ether, but I still think it’s beautiful!!! I’m gonna get one, sould I go for yellow gold or white? I feel like the white one is more wearebel XD what the difrent betweet signture and original??

  20. i think the photo of the real ring in the eclipse trailer is misleading.. when you look closely you can see that its actually only slightly bigger than Edwards top finger joint…it just looks much bigger because of the black background.. and i think the actual size is more like the infinite jewelry one but with smaller diamonds rather than larger ones.

  21. I bought the ring with the russian cz’s and real gold. I like it but the one thing that dissapointed me was the size. I thought the oval would be a bit longer than it is with . Not like the huge oval you see in the movie but just bigger than the one I bought. I do think the one in the movie is a bit too large bacause it almost reaches her knuckle. I am happy with my ring but I wish it was a bit longer with slightly smaller stones.

    • d templeton says:

      I agree – I thought the ring would be longer. I bought the $400 gold with cz’s. If I wasn’t going to Hawaii I might have bought real diamonds but…I think the ring in movie looks more old fashioned and is longer oval. I like mine and wear all the time on left middle finger next to my wedding band.

  22. that ring is nothing like what the book describes nor is it the right century that ring looks more of our century, I think people need to read the book again please.

  23. Domenique says:

    I agree with the fact that it was Stephenie Meyers vision, and that is all that matters. I think the ring is pretty, but wasn’t what I expected. I expected something more “open” as the book describes how the “gold made a fragile web around the diamonds”. Honestly, I wouldn’t buy a ring where the gold is ging to ware way. Thats a waste of my time and money actually. To send it back everytime the gold wares away, and pay for the shipping everytime I need a new one? I’d rather buy a real gold one and spend a little bit of money. That’s just my opinion though. I can’t wait to see the movie and see what the actual ring looks like, instead of zooming in on a small little picture.

  24. Michelle Young says:


  25. Michell Huynh says:


  26. There are many sincere opinions expressed herein. I can only provide the honest facts – not an opinion. Stephenie Meyer specified directly to Shelli Ashton, president of Infinite Jewelry Corp, exactly what she wanted. And, we, The Shavonne Jewelry Manufacturing Corp, made the ring exactly as Stephenie specified – with one exception. Because it would be worn 24/7 by many fans, we made the band 20% stronger for comfort and safety. The rows are slanting exactly as in the book, the stones are brilliant, and since it was Edward’s mother’s ring, it is a genuine 1900 Edwardian style – which means,it truly captures the beauty and style of that period in time. Which also means it can become an heirloom keepsake forever – if you like. Rings on Infinite’s site are real. All others are imitations! That’s the Honest to God truth. Sincerely Yours,
    Donald C. Gist, President,CEO
    The Shavonne Corp since 1956

  27. is this open? i wanna have one i hope its not too late. :<

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