USA Today discusses Graphic Novel

USA Today covers the release of the Twilight Graphic Novel Part One which goes on sale at midnight tonight.  They talked to artist Young Kim about illustrating the book.

Kim says: “It is always difficult to visualize text, since everyone has a different interpretation of it, but I tried to be as faithful as possible to the descriptions in the book, and Stephenie’s review and input were greatly helpful.”

The article also sites a poll that we ran about fans of the series interest in purchasing the book and spoke with Pel about the possible popularity the book would have.  Speaking for all fans out there, Pel said, “The movies are great, but I think we all want a new book by Stephenie Meyer.”

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  1. Can’t wait for book to come, Amazon shupped on Saturday. I enjoy the movies, but really LOVE the books

  2. Midnight Son… it would be so nice if she could finish it…

  3. Thank you, Pel! Thank you (so much) for saying what we all feel (so much).

    Does anyone think she’ll take the, uh, “hint?”

    At last! Our pre-order is finally on its way!

  4. oleander says:

    I was annoyed when I went to pick up my copy yesterday only to find that it’s hardcover and $22.99 and not very big at all. I didn’t buy it, and I have half a mind not to…it’s starting to look like nothing but a money grab.

    Oh, who am I kidding, I’ll end up buying it, but just the same, what’s wrong with a soft cover copy for half the price?

    I’m going to shut up before I go off on how the book industry is ripping us off by making everything hardcover.

    • Victoria says:

      Try shopping around. I ordered mine from The Book Depository (for about $10 or $11) and they don’t charge shipping for delivery anywhere in the world.

  5. I’m getting my copy today. It looks really cool and the characters in the Twilight saga do posess superhero powers and I’m a big comic book fan. This should be great and perhaps we’ll see the other three books in graphic novel form.

  6. I’m a middle school librarian, and I’m SO excited for the graphic version of Twilight! So many of my students who don’t like reading (thick books intimidate them because of low reading skills)will LOVE this book! I foresee another group of kids becoming Twihards because of this.

    And as to the $22.99 price tag? It’s not uncommon for a new young adult release to be priced in that range. It doesn’t surprise me in the least. After the book has been out awhile, the price will drop. It’s not just this franchise that does it. All new books are this way, pretty much.

    • “…another group…” Do you mean more boys?

    • I’m definitely ready for more books.

      The Host continued could definitely go well — if they can get out of the cave more. 🙂 The physical abuse toward women is… difficult, though. And some think Twilight was anti-feminist.

      But cannibals? I used to teach in the South Pacific, and am more familiar with the concept than most. Mostly, it’s just unpleasant. Mermaids? At least in real, the ocean is so, so dark. So cold. Hard to relate. I like people, you know? Not so much fish. I dunno.

    • Victoria says:

      Try shopping around. I ordered mine from The Book Depository (for about $10 or $11) and they don’t charge shipping for delivery anywhere in the world.

  7. AliceKikiCullen says:

    I sooo can’t wait to get mine today!!

  8. Just wondering why Edward is blonde in it…

  9. I pre-ordered mine and can’t wait for it to arrive. My teenager is hoping I will segue into manga after this. I don’t know!

    I cannot wait for Stephenie to write another book. I’m fascinated with the ideas she’s shared about possible upcoming projects. I can’t wait to dive into another universe she created. I love the Twilight universe and The Host universe, but I’m ready for more!

  10. Edward’s not really blonde in it. They do have a page or two when both characters are in full color and he has his copper hair.
    It only covers up until just past the meadow scene, so it is not complete. Keep that in mind if you intend to buy it because there will be another just for twilight.
    I thing it is probably a good idea. Let me give an example, my mom loves the movies but has a small attention span and won’t read the books. The graphic novel is SO similar to the books that I will probably give it to her to read. She can do it in one sitting and its not an initimating 400+ pages to a non reader.
    I’d say give it a glance, it’s actually very beautiful.
    -Lili Vortex

  11. Christine Fox says:

    I got mine a few hours ago and just finished it. this was so worth the wait. because It is so much better then the movie because of scenes that didn’t make it to the movie. I hope that the second volume will be coming out soon. And is anyone else going to get the Twilight Unbound: The Stephenie Meyer Story that’s coming out in May. I know that I am.

  12. PEOPLE!!!! DONT PAY 22.99 plus tax its TEN DOLLARS PLUS SHIPPING ON AMAZON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. at my walmart it was 8.99

  14. Angela ^_^ says:

    i honestly hate the idea of this graphic novel. just another thing or people to spend money on and it’s a bit of a joke to serious comic book & graphic novel enthusiasts

    • shivering_tree says:

      oh thank god for that, angela.
      i couldn’t agree more.

      this is just stephanie meyer trying to make more money.
      she’s worried that nothing she writes will ever be as popular as twilight (a legitimate fear, it happens to really great book series all the time) so she’s capitalizing on the phenomenon.

      i was excited when i first heard about the movies because the books were such visual works, but a graphic novel is just unnecessary.

  15. I just got mine…a little dissapointed…

  16. I think we’ll get midnight sun after she finishes making The Host into a trilogy.

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