Access Hollywood Behind the Scenes in the New Moon DVD


  1. teamjasmett says:

    Cant wait for the dvd… Thankfully i get to see it tommorow lol. the advantages of siblings managing dvd stores.

    ahhh i love chris weitz, he is sooo funny and cute 😀 yes i have a crush on him lol.

  2. Aaaahhh I can’t wait. I pre ordered mine from Target so I bet I won’t get it until the following Mon or Tue…bummer.

  3. What did Taylor and Chris say to each other in the last clip (when Chris carried the bike)?

    • Chris was pretending to groan over the weight of the bike and Taylor said “wow …ok… um, they don’t help you much” and Chris said “no they do, I’m just actually, kinda, “acting” ” and someone else said “it was? were you really?”

  4. Can’t wait I ordered borders, walmart, and target hopefully I’ll get one on Saturday.

  5. Something that gets me every time I see it is how unnatural Taylor’s run is when he has the harness on. He has his arms away from his body, and I know that he’s just trying to stay clear of the wires, but it always reminds me that he’s harnessed up.

    However, I was blown away to see that Taylor really did make that climb up Bella’s wall. I was sure that it was a special effects trick until now. That was amazing!

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