Love Triangle TV Spot

Summit sent us this TV spot for the New Moon DVD featuring the love triangle.


  1. Freyer Caffarel says

    Come on, Friday!!!!!

  2. I just can’t wait for the New Moon DVD!

  3. HPFangirl71 says

    Thats one duo I wouldnt mind being caught between!! Bella is one lucky ass bitch!! LOL

  4. OK, I feel like the New Moon film wants to steal Eclipse’s thunder. The love triangle doesn’t really become the main focus of the story until then!! Just like the “animal attacks” in Twilight took away from the drama of the “bear” in New Moon. …Just my little rant.

    • Agreed! I’ve been complaining about that a lot. The triangle promotion annoys me, even in Eclipse Bella would never choose Jacob when Edward’s around, so I think ‘triangle’ is a bit misleading. Jacob is more like a complication.

      • you are so correct…….there was never a triangle it was only edward and bella……..can’t wait till 30 june ……… edward forever and ever……..

        • no its more like team JACOB all the way…i can’t want tell June,30th….. i am going to see the movie the first night no matter what.


  5. mschicklet says

    Oh man, that voice over guy makes me LMAO.


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