Eclipse footage from DVD

Eclipse behind the scenes footage from the New Moon DVD that will be featured on the Walmart version.


  1. it’s giving me goosebumps! can’t waiiiiiiiiiiit!!

  2. so fricken excited! The trailer didn’t do it for me, but this does! Got my Eclipse need filled today since when I saw Remember Me, no Eclipse trailer…..

    • Elizabeth says

      Same here the trailer was for Letters from Juliet

      • That’s a bummer that you didn’t see the Eclipse trailer with Remember Me. My showing did and you could hear the screams as soon as they saw the Summit logo in the Twilight design.

  3. Squee! Looking pretty good, except that most of the wigs are awful. And Rob’s make up and hair don’t look that good either, did they switch crew or something? Kristen’s wig is great in some scenes but horrible in others, which is weird. The action scenes look impressive! Can’t wait!

    • I actually thought all the hair looked good. I like the change they made to Jasper.

      • TwilightRocks!!! says

        I was thinking the same thing about Jasper. I LOVED his hair in Twilight and then they jacked it all up in New Moon. This new way isnt as good as Twilight but its better than New Moon for sure.

        • No I really don’t like the change in Jasper’s hair, it seems too long and too blond 🙁

    • I have to disagrre about the make-up. I thought Rob was looking better than ever. You’re right about the wig, though. Looks great in some shots, terrible in others. Maybe it was the humidity?

      • Yeah, I took a closer look and the make-up is better than in NM, but it still doesn’t beat the Twilight look. The NM and Eclipse contacts are horrible BTW, they just look so unnatural.

    • I wondered if her wig was so bad in scenes, because it was maybe a clip from the tent scene where she didn’t have a brush and it was meant to look rough?
      Wonder if they had to get an extra chair, one for taylor, rob, kristen and kristens bushy wig lol.

    • We know that Kristen had to wear a wig. Yeah, it sucks and I think it looks better than I thought it would. I also think we should just move on and get over it. It is what it is.

    • I wonder if Kristen wishes that she wore a wig for Runaways instead of cutting her hair. She seems impulsive and like she might not have thought that through real well.

  4. I think it’s impossible for me to be any more excited for Eclipse. This could potentially have the right mix of dark horror, supernatural action and sweeping romance to become the best adaptation of any of the books in the Twilight Saga. Wish I didn’t ha

  5. Agree with Kevin. SO excited to see this one. I think ALL the footage of New Moon that was released beforehand spoiled it for me. I’m glad to be so excited for Eclipse. Let’s hope it stays that way.

  6. Elizabeth says

    I am so excited for Eclipse! It is my favorite book in the saga and from the trailer and the sneak peek it is going to be awesome!

  7. I know one thing that the action sequences look amazing.

  8. Looks great. I can’t wait to see the fight scenes. Hopefully they stuck to the book.

  9. Can’t wait for eclipse!! 🙂

  10. Looks great…..except for Jasper’s hair. What the heck did they do to it? Poor Jackson has looked worse and worse with each movie.

    • I thought Jasper’s hair looked great! At least it moved! In New Moon it looked like it was frozen in place. I thought Carlisle’s hair looked ten times better as well. In New Moon it was so obviously a wig, and the thing was so high!

      Bella’s hair is the only thing I’m undecided about.

  11. *SQUEALS!* sorry, why am i more excited about this than HP? i used to LOVE HP.. now it’s on the back burner. should i feel guilty? btw.. i agree with all of you. the action sequences look BAD ASS!

  12. mmmm… i miss rachelle. but i don’t think BDH will disappoint TOO much.

    • switzy4ever14 says

      agreed. i miss her like crazy but I’m thinking BDH will be alright.

      <3 SWITZY LOVE <3

  13. OH. and uhhh.. isn’t the footage supposed to be 7 minutes long? JW.

    • I was thinking the same thing. Don’t they keep saying ‘7 minutes of exclusive footage’? That clip must be just a portion of the footage that’s on the DVD.

      • This is helping me make my decision on which DVD to buy. If I see all 7 minutes of footage, I’ll get a different DVD. If there’s more…I’ll get the Wal Mart one. What’s everyone else doing?

  14. OMG I can’t wait it looks fab.

  15. the trailor didnt really do it for me. but that. yes. that right there did it for me. that was amazing. the fight scenes look AWESOMEEE. their make up looked good! and bree is soo cute. riley, omg so hot.
    only a few more months!!!

    • I agree with you about the makeup. Rosalie looks really good with her hair pulled back.. riley, i’m sorry he has to die because that is one hot piece of vampire!!! the trailer disappointed me too, but this makes me excited!!

  16. I went to remember me last night and Eclipse trailer was there 🙂 but this does it for me I so can’t wait I’m excited

  17. Hyperventilating and heart palpitating whilst watching this!! 😀

  18. I was a bit dissapointed in the trailer also. I think Janes make up is what looks horrible!! but still dont know which new moon to get i’ve already cancelled two pre orders which one are you guys getting and why?:

  19. seriouslysirius says

    I think it will look amazing although there are few things that I don´t really like. I think that Jasper´s hair looked bad in Twilight, terrible in NM but it is a complete disaster in this one. Rosalie looks better than ever though 🙂
    I really think that they should have picked another actress for Victoria. Rachelle was fears as Victoria but to me the other one looks too innocent to be Victoria. Also her hair screams WIG.
    But the fighting scenes look great and according to the little footage we have from the movie it seems that David Slade was the right director regarding dark, gloomy mood and action sequences.

    • Vampire-girl says

      I think the problem with Victoria’s hair is the wig is so tightly curled when in New Moon it was a lovely loose wave/curl. I think Bella’s hair looks alright in some of the scenes, I prefer Edward’s hair brushed up. Looks amazinfg though cant wait for the next trailer

      • I think Victoria’s hair would have looked better if it was longer and not cut straight across. I think it looks fake because if you had hair that curly I don’t think you would wear it like that. It would be forever in your face!

        Personally I’m having a hard time understanding why Riley would be so infatuated with her.

  20. What I don’t really get is why they feel the need to put so much dark eyeshadow on Jane (or is that in book? i honestly don’t remember…). I would love to see her without that black eyeshadow–just her red eyes and her creepy-angelic expressions.

    • no its not in the book.
      ps it would scareyer if she was younger ”in my head she was younger”like 12 or something the makeup looks like their trying too hard to make her look scarey in the book she was”schoolgirl scarey”

  21. This looks fantastic!!!!!! I read alot of fans saying they were worried about David Slade directing and I think it looks like he did a wonderful job so far. The makeup looks really good. I really didn’t like Edward’s makeup in New Moon. He looks awesome in Eclipse!!! This is my favorite book and looks like it maybe my favorite movie too. We’ll have to see what Breaking Dawn looks like. I CAN’T WAIT UNTIL JUNE!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Spidermonkey says

    Ah, finally, something we can look forward to! This is much better than that other bland trailer. I don’t know why everyone is obsessing about everyone’s hairstyles, of all things. Maybe if it’s that noticeable, if their hairstyles actually take you OUT of the movie, distract you from what’s going on in the scene, then somebody did a really horrid job on the set! Personally I don’t notice the hair thing (no, I take that back…in New Moon I did notice how awful Jasper looked with his new bouffant’do). I guess there could be worse things to complain about. Hopefully this film series won’t turn into nothing more than a fashion statement.

  23. annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd faint 🙂 *faints*

  24. Anyone notice that Javier Aguirresarobe is the cinematographer on Eclipse too???
    He’s the same guy who did New Moon!

    Gonna be AWESOME!!!!

    • I noe right. The cinematography in New Moon was beautiful and so glad Javier Ag. is the cinematographer in eclipse as well!

  25. Wow I think Jasper’s hair looks amazing! Not too sure about BDH as Victoria, but it doesn’t matter too much. Again, super excited about David Slade! I think I know why I’m so happy about him directing… because he reminds me of Lee McQueen a bit! Hmm.

    Awesome footage… more exciting and revealing than the trailer. I’d be happy with just behind-the-scenes stuff so the actual movie isn’t spoiled!

  26. Ok, Jasper’s wig is super off in this one. I actually like it a lot, but it is longer than how it was before, so that seems out of canon for the series. I’m fine with changing the style (Rose and Alice), but they can’t just grow it out of nowhere! Ga!

    • That’s exactly what I thought!
      I love Jackson with long hair, but that doesn’t mean they can change Jasper to have longer hair too! Can Vampire hair grow? I’m pretty sure it can’t, yet his gets longer in each film!
      Yes, I agree it looks more natural this time, but it doesn’t work because it’s moving the goalposts, changing things that shouldn’t change. (Although I don’t like the NM and Eclipse contacts, as least that change can be justified by the fact that their eyes do change colour)

    • That’s my problem with it too. It’s quite a bit longer and not as curly. Vampire hair doesn’t grow, so that kind of bugs me. Plus they made much blonder than it was in NM.

    • They keep changing Alice’s hair, too, and it’s pissing me off!

  27. This looks great! Except the wigs. Victoria’s is AWFUL. Jasper’s is worse than ever. Twilight was when his hair looked best, it was kind of obvious he was wearing one in NM, and now it’s just horrendous. And Bella’s wig looks okay in some scenes and then really gross in others. Why are they straightening it? She’s had this beautiful, natural-wave look throughout all the movies, at least try to uphold that for Eclipse. Of course her hair isn’t going to look great, since Kristen’s hair is gorgeous and she had to chop it off, but come on. Saturday Night Live wigs are better than this. How much money are you getting for this movie?

    I am happy to see the few scenes of Rosalie her hair looked better than in NM.

  28. SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. OMG!!! SO beyond excited!!!! Can’t wait until June 30!!!!

  30. Lily Cullen says

    I don’t like anyone’s hair, except for Edward’s, his is fine. Besides that, LOVE it!

  31. Omgoodness!!!! 3 more months I’m so excited can’t wait!!!!

  32. OOOMMMMGGGG!!!! It looks AMAZING!!!! OK so I’ll chime in with the hair issues. I like Jasper’s hair now, it doesn’t look as stiff as NM and Twilight. It’s cute that Mike grew his hair because in Eclipse he was trying to grow it to look more like Edward’s LOL! Also, I think BDH’s hair is her natural hair NOT a wig but they curled it way too much (she has naturally straight long red hair). Kristen’s wig looks too, I don’t know, too dry not like her real hair. Too bad she had to cut it for the Runaways because her long hair was so beautiful.

    For the behind the scenes clips they provided. I like that we got to see Bree, Leah, and Riley. Did I miss Seth or was he not in the clip? Leah looks good. Bree looks so cute. Too bad her role is so small. Xavier Samuel is HOTNESS!!

    I also want to say that those clips with Taylor, Oh my heavens, he just looks too cute!!! and he didn’t look like he lost any of his muscles as some fans said in the actual trailer.

  33. i miss rachelle so much:(

    and this looks like it will be the disappointment that all the other films were. & the makeup and hair looks bad.

    • me too, it was like they tried to put extra bdh in this to get people to like her

      • While I agree that Victoria essentially just appears during the fight scene in the end, in a movie (especially a movie that Summit keeps trying to target more males to go to) they show the chase scenes (when the Cullens and Wolves collide when they nearly caught Victoria), it looks like they’ll show Victoria enticing and attracting Riley too.

        I miss Rachelle like everybody else but I’m gonna wait to hold judgement on BDH Yeah the look isn’t exact, (they’re not twins-people) and Rachelle is more menacing looking but BDH might pull it off.

        I’m more worried about the screenwriting. I HATE Melissa Rosenberg and what she did to Twilight and New Moon scripts. I just read the Eclipse script and it’s missing my favorite line from the entire series. I want to kill that woman!!!

        • TwilightRocks!!! says

          Whats your favorite line? Now I’m worried!

        • Don’t suppose you could tell me what line, so I don’t get disappointed?

          • Well I’m partial to Jacob (but I love both Jacob and Edward) but the line is (spoiler alert for whoever doesn’t want to know)
            “The clouds I can handle but I can’t fight with an Eclipse.”
            I don’t understand why MS would leave that out since it reveals the title of the movie/book and tells the audience the meaning behind the title!!
            I’m so mad!!!! I hope I read an early script and SM got a hold of it and made MS put it in the movie!

        • ITA! I’ve heard the script is pretty bad, but it wasn’t the final draft so hopefully some things were changed. I wish Melissa and Summit would put a little more effort into the scripts and take more time to develop them. The movies are produced at a ridiculous speed, I’d rather wait a bit longer and get good movies.

    • Well, no one is making you watch them.

  34. eternitys_charm says

    one thing that I have to say: Robert finally looks like EDWARD! (the way i pictured him, anyway) i never said this about rob, but: YUM!

  35. EdwardandBellaforever says

    anyway to anyone who says the hair and make up looks horrible!! and unnatural you seem to be forgetting that they are vampires for christ sake they are spose to look unnatural and that Eclipse is the darkest out of the four books and there for will the darkest movie out of the four or five movies.
    Anyway Eclipse looks AWESOME!!!! AWESOME!!!!AWESOME!!!! there is nothing wrong with it everything about the movie is AWESOME!!!!AWESOME!!!!from the action to the hair and make up all are AWESOME!!!!.
    CAN NOT TIL JUNE 30th 🙂 🙂

  36. EdwardandBellaforever says

    Robert Patterison as Edward Cullen awwwwwwww drooooooool lol

  37. Wow this looks great! Now I am really excited! Yuck on the Jasper hair though! Nikki Reed looks stunning though I am so excited

  38. Awesome! We finally get some action scenes.

  39. OMG! it looks really great! can’t wait!

    P.S. Leah looks really beautiful!

  40. Now, THAT’S what I’m talking about! The trailer left a little to be desired, but this certainly did the trick. I am really looking forward to David Slade’s interpretation…

  41. I can’t wait!! I love The Twilight saga to much!! >.< I'm like cryang and screaming and everything! AHHH! Can't wait!


    Hi from Sweden!!

  42. I highly recommend going through the beginning frame by frame. There is so much in there! The bonfire, little Seth, the set up of the Third Wife flashback …

    • You’re so right, Mel! 🙂

    • Can you tell me what time frame you saw the young Seth? Is there a better way of looking at each frame aside from trying to move the slider slowly, I keep skipping stuff!

      • I juz kept clicking on ‘pause/play’, second by second. Seth’s in the first 10 secs or so.

      • The only way to see everything is to get really quick with your mouse. I had to go back and watch it again two more times just to see the bits that I missed the first time (like Leah’s glare at Bella and the pack playing around).

  43. Rachel Marie Pattinson says

    CAN NOT WAIT! this is way cooler than the trailer. My only hope is that they dont stray to far from the book, I still dont get why they make these retarded changes?

    POOR JASPER is right!! LMAO, they ruined his hair in New Moon! Whoever did the hair and makeup for New Moon should be fired!! Rosalies hair looked like it was a glued on stiff wig. Both her and Jaspers hair look 20 billion times better in Eclipse !! woohooo!!

    I am NOT sold on Brice playing Victoria, her hair looks like a bad 80’s perm, and she just doesnt look scary at all.

    The fight scenes look amazing! It’s cool cuz in the book you dont get a visual explanation of the fight cuz Bella is up in the mountains with Edward and Jacob so its kinda cool that we’ll get to see what was going on in the field.

    Bottom line: I can NOT wait to see Eclipse!!


    Has anyone heard anything about when they’re going to start making “The Host” movie??

  44. holy cannoli – that was amazing! I think we are going to LOVE it guys!

  45. Hated Jasper’s hair in NM. Actually that was the only thing I hated in NM. Not sure how I feel about it in Eclipse. At least it appears to be better than NM.


  47. Looks like some fight training scenes. Rosalies hair looked much better pulled back. I thought Jasper’s hair was much better too. It looked real, not too blonde (Twilight) and not too poofy (NM).
    I was actually more excited about this short piece than the actual trailer. Can’t wait for June!!!

    • I agree. What I’ve seen thus far, I’d say it looks better here than in the previous two films.

  48. Well that just made waiting til June 20 times harder! haha I can’t wait!


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