The Runaways LA Premiere

Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning joined the rest of their cast as well as Joan Jett and Cheri Currie for the premiere of “The Runaways” in LA last night.  Even Taylor Lautner showed up to lend his support.  The Examiner has a slide show of pictures from the premiere and WonderWall has an interesting write up about the evening’s festivities.


  1. They look amazing and it’s great to see the “real people” behind the story there, as well.

  2. I there any way of finding out where their dresses come from?

  3. *Is

  4. I saw Joan Jett on The Tonight Show on March 10 & she fricken rocked Cherry Bomb. It’s hard to believe she’s 50 – she can still sing & play just like I remember. She then sat & talked with Jay Leno & said she was absolutely impressed w/Kristen. Kristen was on the next night & they showed a clip from the movie that I hadn’t seen yet, and that clip was awesome! I truly think this movie will be a big hit. I am definitively headed to the theaters to watch it & that says a lot for me…I haven’t been to the theaters since New Moon came out!

  5. Love Kristen’s dress and shoes! She certainly knows her style. Both Kristen and Dakota look amazing. I saw the clip on Jay Leno with Kristen singing – the movie looks so good. It’s not opening everywhere in March so I guess I have to wait until April – really not fair!

  6. I can’t wait to see this movie. Kristen and Dakota both got great reviews at Sundance. I missed Joan on Leno, darn it, but I saw Kristen and that was one of her best interviews. I also loved the clip they showed. She said that was her favorite song to sing. I wish that one was on the soundtrack. I’ll be in the theater March 19!!

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