Official Eclipse Movie Website Site

The official Summit website for the next movie in the Twilight Saga,,  is  live and up and running!  For now, it only has the trailer and a download for the iPhone, but we’re happy to see it running as something other than a place holder!  Over the next few months we hope to see more footage and images as they become available.


  1. Rockin'It says

    A website site? Like a website for a website? 😉

  2. sigh… they need to stop teasing us and release the damn movie already. We’ve waited long enough.

  3. I can’t get over how good the trailer is!!! Every single part is amazing…I can’t wait!!

    And I’m sure it’s not just me, but when Bella says “Edward she found us” I think it was delivered so perfectly it couldn’t be better. In that line it’s not Kristen playing Bella…she IS Bella.

    Thank you to Kristen for bringing Bella to life for us so amazingly!!

    BTW Eclipse is my favorite book so I’m really looking forward to it on the big screen.

  4. I think it’s safe to say- We’re all obsessed!!!

  5. Padma Lanka says
  6. Does anyone know what the iPhone download is?

  7. oh my goodness says

    I just have to vent. I am upset with the Bullseye store – the online price said it would be the lowest and I just received the weekly circular where it is $5 cheaper. I called Target and cannot cancel because it is already in the shipping process, but they will not price match. So, I am paying $35 for something I can get for $25 in the store.. Grrr..