MTV: 5 Secrets of New Moon

ChrisNMMTV interviewed Chris Weitz by phone for the New Moon DVD release. You can see part of the interview below. Please be advised that the video on the same page was shot several months prior to the DVD commentary track being recorded and the the information in there is not current!

Our Lord?: In its Italian-set portions, “New Moon” features a significant amount of religious iconography, and Edward certainly suffers a great deal. Is he supposed to be a Christ figure?

“I think that he is in a sense he’s doomed to suffer eternally,” Weitz said. “He actually thinks of himself as a damned figure, but he’s wrong about that. So in some senses, yeah, he is a martyr figure.”

Black Eyes: In Stephenie Meyer’s book, Edward’s eyes go black in Italy. Why don’t his eyes turn in the film?

“It’s because I screwed up!” Weitz admitted.

Really? He just forgot?

“Well, yeah, I kinda did,” he said. “Well, there are two reasons. One is that I messed up. The other reason is that I actually thought that onscreen it would be quite bizarre to see his eyes go completely black, and that it would be more satisfying and less jarring to have that moment of reunion be a reunion with revivified Edward. But probably, the long and the short of it, there are many details that I did not drop the ball on, and there are some that I did.”

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  1. I love this guy! He is so honest. “Because I screwed up.” Love it! CH always had a lame excuse for her mistakes. At least he is candid and honest!

  2. I agree! He made a movie ten times better than twilight but he is willing to acknowledge mistakes. I love him!

  3. Wait, what? DOes any of the DVDs have deleted scenes or are they coming out with another DVD with the deleted scenes? Chris said “whenever they come out with the deleted scenes.” I’m confused.
    This guy must know that the Twilight fans notices every detail because he was asked about the eye colors. I hope he tell David Slade that!!!

  4. i always thought Bella noticed his eyes on the plane back to Forks, and thats why CW didnt use the black eyes in italy…..i dont think i would have enjoyed the black eyes simply because i really really loved the look the newer golden contacts gave all the characters. I thought in Twilight that the contacts didnt make them stand out like they were supposed to! Anyway i still love Chris! NEW MOON was great and now only two weeks to buy! Whoo!

  5. Little mistakes like these don’t matter to me. I still love New Moon, and I’m glad he’s being honest.


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