IESB: Chris Weitz New Moon DVD Interview

chris-weitz-new-moonOnce again Christina Radish proves why she is one of the best interviewers out their: insightful questions that demonstrate her knowledge of the product!

“IESB: Were there any specific parts of the film that you were most looking forward to talking about for the commentary?

Chris: I was very happy to talk about some of the more complicated shots that we did, like the roundy-round shot. That was a bit in which we took what was a series of chapter headings in the book and turned it into a motion-control shot in which the seasons passed as Kristen Stewart’s character, Bella, remained in the same place. What I like to do with CG is to use it as expressively as possible, and not to make things blow up good, but to sometimes render something ineffable that would be very difficult to do in camera. That involved a lot of work, in which a motion-control camera captured the movement of our steady-cam operator. So, it was a pleasure to talk about that, and about what goes into something like that.

IESB: Having had to deal with stunts, green screen, CGI, weather, bugs and everything you had going on, what was the biggest challenge in bringing this film to the screen, so as to please as many of the fans as possible?

Chris: I think the greatest challenge was the logistical load of it. When you’re talking about taking a film from beginning to end in one year, it’s difficult to do that with a normal film where people are just sitting on their butts, talking to one another. But, when you add in underwater work, heavy CGI work and wire work, it becomes extraordinarily complicated. And then, you add in getting the London Symphony Orchestra to record a soundtrack, and getting 10 or so indie bands to compose songs especially for the film, there are a lot of timelines that are ticking along, at the same time, and you hope that you are able to combine it all at the right point. And, you always end up, just at the last minute, on the last day, your final CGI shot comes in. There are about 400 and something CGI shots, which actually isn’t that many compared to what I’ve done before, but it’s quite a lot. It can complicate things when you’re in the editing room.”


  1. LOVED the “roundy-round” scene! I don’t think it could have been done any better. Cannot wait for the dvd with extras and seeing the movie again. I wasn’t a huge fan of this book, but I loved the movie.
    Does anyone want to start a “Team Chris – for Breaking Dawn” ?? : )

  2. probely not

  3. No team Chris for me. He ruined the reuinion scene for me how about David slade. Or anyone else than chris weitz

  4. i’m all for a Team Chris for Breaking Dawn! I loved the way he did New Moon! I LOVED THE REUNION SCENE! I always thought Bella and Edward should have kissed when they were in the alley! 🙂 with all the crazy stuff happening with David Slades crew and all the reassurance with everyone focusing more on the action of the movies than romance i would rather have Chris! Even though i havent seen Eclipse yet! All i care about is them doing a blow out job on Breaking Dawn!

  5. I also would love to see Chris Weitz do Breaking Dawn, even though I don’t think it would happen. I didn’t have many problems with New Moon, and I thought his interpretation of the film was very very good. My only two complaints of his were the Volvo and Edward’s eyes in Italy should have been black instead of golden. That’s pretty much it. I agree with Amanda with how I’m having a bit of an issue with the crazy stuff we’re hearing about David Slade. I do like Slade’s images of the meadow and all that he had on his twitter early on in the filming process, but only time will tell to see what I think of his directing with Eclipse.

    Let’s get going with Breaking Dawn! I’m so sick of the suspense and indecision with it! Figure it out and get it going!

  6. I think that’s why we’re all anticipating the Eclipse trailer so much, we want to see what the heck he’s doing. I do like David Slade as a director, but until I see what he’s doing and how the film turns out I have no opinion.
    Really Mal, any director? I felt Catherine slaughtered Twilight and would prefer never to see her take on any of the films. New moon was so cohesive and rarely swayed from the story line. Twilight was a mess, sorry 🙁
    I enjoy Chris’ direction so much because he directed the actors and brought out their full potential. We all have our opinions though, can’t please us all. Thanks for your thoughts.

    • Catherine didn’t slaughtered Twilight, Melissa Rosenberg did, the job of the director is to bring the script to life as best as they can.

  7. PS… I think they’ll pull a Twilight move and “officially” announce Breaking Dawn after Eclipse’s opening weekend. They like to tease us like that, ie: making us wait for the trailer til Remember Me hits theaters. Most of us will see the movie regardless of an Eclipse trailer. Again, just my thoughts.

  8. I agree with a previous poster. I enjoyed New Moon so much better than Twilight because NM actually stuck to the story line. Twilight, although not horrible, wasn’t great either. When I fall in love with a book/story, that is exactly how I want to see it come to life on screen. I don’t want to see another persons interpretation of the story. I want to see what I read, the story I fell in love with…….I thought Twilight horribly lacked the love story we got in the actual book.

    Anyways, I’m super excited to see Eclipse because it was my favorite book in the series (I’m actually reading it again for the 7th time!)…..can’t wait for June 30!!!

  9. So it’s official now that there won’t be an actors’ commentary. I was hoping that it would be on some special DVD release… 🙁 Seriously, Chris says that they didn’t have time to do it, but I really doubt that’s the reason. As far as I know, they were all in LA most of the December, why couldn’t they record it then? I’m just so dissappointed…

  10. At least he admit it!!! That was one ridiculous scene!

  11. Hate chris weitz he ruined the movie…Specially what he does with the Reunion Scene…..?????? And theres no fight scene in the volturi…plus they beat Edward like_____………! Twilight is Awesome……! the best movie i’ve seen in a very long time……!

  12. I say team peter jackson for breaking dawn. He could do wonders with it for sure!

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