Hit Fix: Chris Weitz on New Moon DVD

Hit Fix has their version up of Chris Weitz talking about the New Moon DVD and future projects:

“Speaking to Weitz earlier this week, the director laughed about the moment and admitted that he discovered the mistake a bit too late.

“I think it could have been less than an Arcadian fairy tale running through the foresty movement and more of an abstract at Kristen flash on her face,” Weitz says of what he would have changed. “That would have avoided laughter, which wasn’t only heard at the premiere where there are cynics and jaded Hollywood types, but the most packed fan screenings.”

Weitz, who is currently prepping his independent drama “The Gardner ” for Summit Entertainment (the same company that shepherds “Twilight”) was taking time out of his busy schedule to talk about the release of the highly anticipated two-disc DVD on March 23.  It’s clear one of the reasons he’s doing more publicity for the film is because he feels “tremendously grateful” for the support of the “Twilight” fanbase which helped “New Moon” hit $706 million worldwide and revitalize his career.  He notes, “I feel like it was two-way street. The reason the fans have been kind to me is i really approached it from step one as ‘What would I want as a reader of the book?’ I didn’t concern myself with making a four quadrant movie or any overall effect other than to be true to the nature of the book. To be able to entertain people and give people joy in that way is something a director looks for his whole life.”

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  1. Meredith says:

    LOL I totally laughed at that scene. It had the potential to be freakin’ awesome and they made it… eck! just totally random and weird. And he caught that mistake waaaayyyy too late.

  2. I still don’t see any humor in it. I thought it was a lovely contrasting moment, and that’s what vampires like to do — run.

    I’m hoping Chris releases his booklet (that he promised to release!) that gave the actors his vision for the film.

    • James, I agree with you…I enjoyed that scene. I thought it was beautiful.

    • Ditto. I, too, loved the scene BUT it took me a few viewings to come to that conclusion.

      At first I wasn’t impressed- it appeared to be too random- I mean out of all the visions that Alice could have pulled from to share with Aro- she chose that one?! Then I started asking myself “Why would Chris Weitz use that scene to illustrate Bella’s transformation?” and I came to the conclusion that the scene shows Bella in an entirely different light. Gone were the rough, hard(at times),distant, self protective edges that we sometimes see in the film version of Bella.

      This scene shows me a Bella that is feminine, confident and carefree; a woman who has made her choice. Not to mention a beautiful red-eyed newborn vampire in full control of herself.
      I don’t think Chris Weitz should beat himself up over the scene rather, I’d like to thank him for making my mind’s eye vision of Bella come more clearly to life.
      I think that’s why it took me a couple of viewings to truly “see” and appreciate the scene. 😉

  3. I could not agree more and happy to hear the director was on the same page when all was said and done….that part was the biggest annoyance to me…it seemed very cheezy.

  4. i soooo totally laughed at that part, but i just brushed it off as Alice had to think fast to please Aro and thats what she came up with…no big deal 🙂 didnt ruin the movie tho ….he still did a fan_aeffin_tastik job!

  5. This was kind of a funny & cheesy moment. But I still liked it.

  6. I liked the scene. It stays true to some of my favorite parts of Breaking Dawn that talks about Bella’s love of running and her being so in love (hence the romantic theme of the scene) and loving her vampire life so very much and since it was an Alice vision of the future, it made TOTAL sense to me.
    I was annoyed that some laughed at this scene. It was an emotional scene, not a literal one… Or at least, that’s how I preceived it.

  7. Wraithe says:

    I don’t think Alice had to come up with it fast. She had to show the vision she saw before everything happened. And the way Alice behaves in the books she knows that Bella and Edward are together and that she’s a vampire. She cant know they get together if she cant see Edward there with her..So it makes sense to me. Seeing them both like that. The only problem I have with that scene is how Bella looks..Human…(I personally don’t think any of the vampires look as beautiful as they should..But what do you expect? They ARE human..lol)

  8. I hated the scene. It was the only thing, in my mind, that kept the movie from being absolutely perfect. The laughter in the theater really killed the mood of the movie. This was the only place he dropped the ball. But I’d say 1 off scene out of a 2 hour movie is pretty darn good. Bravo, Chris Weitz!

  9. I totally lmao when i saw this scene. I thought it was very very cheesy and the whole theatre laughed when we saw this. This was really the only part where I was thinking “wtf? are they shooting a commercial for calvin klein?” lolol but having one cheesy scene in an entire 2 hour movie didn’t ruin it or anything, i personally thought it added a bit of comic relief in a somewhat intense scene. Overall, bravo Mr. Weitz, bravo. I’m just wondering if Mr. Slade can top new moon because when he directed 30 days of night, idk about you guys but i thought the vamps sounded like retarded dolphins when they “spoke” if that’s really what you would call it lol. 😉

  10. Emilypruitt says:

    Arazcal, I’d not quite processed it enough to reach that conclusion but your words are beautiful and very sensical. It does present a contrasting, future side of Bella, maybe even twinged with the fantasy/girlish flare that Alice known for. I have to admit that my first viewing left me confused by that scene; my second & third left me embarrassed. But after reading your interpretation, I think we all can better understand Chris’ hopeful intentions with that scene. As of we needed more affirmation that he is a true fan and wanted a movie that would be embraced by the fandom while truthfully reflecting the literature.

    Well done.

  11. This scene would have been perfect if it wasn’t in slow motion and Bella had red eyes like she does as a newborn!

  12. i agree with jodi if it had that in there then it wouldn’t have been so cheesy lol

  13. TwilightRocks!!! says:

    I laughed at this scene, but I thought it was a good thing. I LOVE the way they have Robert dressed in that scene. Thats one of the biggest things that bother me about both movies- Edward looks so sloppy and in the books he has style… I wish they had the tan leather jacket like the book. But this scene made me happy because it is romantic and Edward looks more put together- and I thought Kristen looked absolutely beautiful as far as her hair and makeup but the dress she is wearing just doesn’t seem like it would be something Bella would wear.

  14. I didn’t laugh at that scene either, I thought it was beautiful and a great peek.
    I did find and hear that some people would laugh because others were laughing and were just following along.

  15. I didn’t have a problem with this scene however I did have a problem with the music that is what I thought made it cheesy. I did like the scene just not the music

  16. I really hope he does the last movies for the book series. I think he is a great director and very good with the actors all the way to the fans. way to go chris!

  17. I admit I did kind of snicker at this scene the first time I saw it as well, I couldn’t help it! But I then pegged it as the “hunting scene” from Breaking Dawn. The dress was pure Alice — certainly not Bella, and I got the feeling they were aiming at Bella trying to look euphoric at running and being able to keep pace, finally!, with Edward. Obviously, even Chris realizes it didn’t hit the mark with most fans, but I took it for what it was worth, moved on, and let it go.

  18. Roseanne says:

    It humored me when they were running through the woods, i almost started crying badly with my friends when we went to go see the movie at the time we went. we thought that, it was going to be like part where she was sparking in the sun or maybe even having nessie but sadly we ended up just tearing up the entire time. and had about 12 girls shushing us up the entire time we were cracking up, i had goosebumps until my friends and i were seeing that part. hahaha chris was funny his sense of that sceen didnt process in his head fast enough lmao

  19. I thought the scene was so stupid and had to laugh at it. It was definitely one of those WTF moments for me. I didn’t understand why it was in the movie…it seemed like Weitz was trying to foreshadow Bella’s change and failed epically at it. He’s not my favorite director and I’m desperately hoping they get someone good for Breaking Dawn, though I’m now going to have to wait until its Korean release since I’m moving there in the fall. I can’t wait to see what David Slade has done with Eclipse, hoping it’s way better than New Moon…

  20. BrunetteAngel20 says:

    I think this scene could have been a little better. They should have made it to wear you could Bella’s vampire eyes and picked better clothes; more modern. But I love how he chose them running that is one thing vampires love.

  21. Heather says:

    I thought it looked like a Gap commercial! I cracked up laughing!

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