David Slade Gets Artistic

DavidSladeArtDavid Slade is entering the realm of home decorating…no, we aren’t making it up.

“Fans of David Slade, the acclaimed director of cult hits including the psycho-sexual thriller “Hard Candy” and the graphic novel noirish vampire flick “30 Days of Night,” might be shocked to discover that the man has a sweeter side. While working on his third film, “Twilight 3: Eclipse,” the filmmaker has somehow found the time to fill his Fubear Studios website with intriguing illustrations and downright freaky animated films. He also has learned the art of giclee printing. Among his first available works: a quartet of prints starring Scarfdog and Duck, [shown left].”

See the rest on the LA Times.


  1. Ohhh! Thanks for posting this! I stumbled across David Slade’s Fubear website after he tweeted about it and I was just so confused, didn’t understand at all whether it was a joke or something. Who’d have known!

  2. its so nice to know that while we are over here biting our nails waiting on all this turmoil at Summit to clear up…that David slade is painting and decorating! WHAT A TOOL!! JESUS! He needs to get his nose to the grindstone and make our movie good! D**N! That ticks me off!

    • Actually the edititing is almost done, I believe, tbh it’s normaal for people to have another life, think of those directors who shoot things back to back. I think people need to quit the negativity, he’s directed it and it’s not gunna change, we’ve seen no trailer or anything yet so quit judgig th emovie will be terrible beforehand.

  3. I hope that the movie is better than his “art”.

  4. That was harsh amanda and Sharon!…… JK lol I totally agree! Here-Here!

    Better get your behind in gear Mr. Slade!

  5. lol @ sharon! Sorry for the rant i just love this series and its like everyone is starting to be to loosy goosey with our movies!

  6. How dare he have any life outside of Eclipse!

    Seriously, I’m sure he has everything under control. He is a professional.

  7. Wow. Scarfdog and Duck…

  8. he should call this ”week art and wiener”

  9. Woah. Twilight immaturity at its finest. Reassuring to know that it’ll always be around. Doesn’t matter that he dedicated months of his time to this project. Doesn’t matter that he probably went to great lengths to make Eclipse as good as he possibly could. What does matter is that we all want him to fail, so we can have an actual real reason to hate on him. What matters is that he dedicate the rest of his every waking moment to the franchise, whether he likes it or not. Cause if he doesn’t, we’ll go after him with (gasp!) torches and pitchforks! Please.

    This may seem harsh, but if we’re being honest here, it’s the Twilighters who are being harsh. And without even having seen the movie yet. Cut him some slack guys. He’s an artist and he’s going to have other creative outlets than just directing. God.