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ChrisNMNot really sure what’s going on here. They might have released their interview material ahead of an embargo, may be having technical problems, or gone with a re-edit. The link to the interview on Buzz Sugar is now dead, but you can see a bunch of the content of the interview on Twilighters Anonymous.

There are lots of different editions of the New Moon DVD. Which bonus features are you particularly excited about?

I’m excited that my voice will finally be heard! For me, the fun thing was doing the commentary with Peter Lambert, my editor, because it kind of re-created the atmosphere in the cutting room. Peter’s a really funny guy, and we were able to delve into not only the behind-the-scenes moments, but to explain why certain things were shot or cut together in certain ways. So that, for me, was the most fun.

When you go back and watch it again, are there things you’d like to change if you could?

I would like to never have shot Rob and Kristen running through the forest and Kristen’s just turned into a vampire. Because everybody always laughs and it makes me feel terrible. [Laughs] I would have shot it a different way so it wouldn’t get that response. But otherwise, I’m very happy with things.”

On a personal note, we agree with Chris on the forest commentary. We spoofed the wide-spread, giggling, fan reaction on our Christmas video.


  1. mschicklet says:

    Agreed about the flash foward scene. It never made sense for them to be running in slow motion (vamps = fast. WTF) although I appreciated that they got her outfit and hair right.

    Also, I’m still upset about the lack of Rob and Kris commentary on the dvd 🙁

    • NikkiBear says:

      I think Weitz was making it slow because vamps are fast and Edward’s the fast one and Bella’s a newborn so she’s faster than him. It had to be in slow mo to see it but the music and the clothes just got to me. I loved the look on Edward’s face tho. He was looking like “wth i’m supposed to be the fast one” It was cute.

  2. edwardsmylion says:

    I saw New Moon 6 times and the audience laughed at that scene every time. Vampire Bella should have been dressed in something more grown up, accentuating her new physical perfection as she was in the book – not like a young school girl. The slo-mo romp definitely was a mistake! Can’t believe that sequence made it in the movie without lots of criticism from the actors and Stephenie Meyer.

  3. NikkiBear says:

    I found the scene to be hilarious. EVERYONE laughed. And my reaction was “omg how cheesy is that” and I laughed as well. If it was done better it could’ve been a good scene. Everyone I know was laughing more at Edward’s khaki pants and the vest. I just cringe every time I see that. Even my kids laughed and they are 11, 9, and 7. I HATE that part of the movie. I’m cringing just thinking about it. Alice’s vision’s are subjective so I hope they change his and her clothing and make it less cheddar.

  4. twilightfan says:

    Everyone in my theater laughed at that scene too, but the first two showings I went to were filled with very vocal (to the point of being annoying) fans. I couldn’t hear a good portion of the lines because of their screaming and squealing… they seemed to be very passionately Team Jacob, and didn’t react well to Edward parts in general, so I figured that was part of the reason for the reaction to the Edward and Bella scene. I thought it was a cute scene, it was just depicting a fun little romp through the forest. Similar to how I imagined Alice’s visions of their future to be.

  5. I as well didn’t much care for that scene. Like most have said it was cheesy. But it was still nice to get a glimpse of Bella the Vampire.

  6. I really liked the scene because when I read it in the book I was dying to know what Alice showed Aro so I liked it yes I agree the clothes were a little cheesy!

  7. Mimi Cullen says:

    At my local theater everyone laughted at the scene as well but mostly it was due to the clothing arrangements that Edward and Bella were wearing. Bella was still a beautiful vampire anyways…Cant wait for Breaking Dawn to get the green light.

  8. Oh I’m so glad that he’s seen the error of his ways! It’s okay Chris, we still love you… just don’t ever do anything that offensively cheesy again 😉

  9. I feel kind of bad for the guy now cause everyone laughed at his creation 🙁 Even though it was just that one scene, it must still hurt.

    • Michelle says:

      I guess everyone can make it up to him by Buying the DVD in a few weeks…That ought to make him feel better.

  10. Karbelle says:

    I think if we view that romp in the forest as intended to be cheddar, then it won’t be so cheesy. We can appreciate it, outfit and all. I saw the movie 7 times. The first four times everyone laughed through it. Then after reading some articles I realized that wasn’t suppose to be funny. In any case, we can continue to use our imagination as we have done so with the twilight characters. They are a beautiful pigment of our imagination. Team Vampire!

  11. Aww…poor Chris! But at least he seems to have dealt with this issue very good-naturedly…gotta applaud him for that!

    But the box office numbers don’t lie…we still LOVE New Moon and can’t wait for the DVD!

  12. Julie M. says:

    I would love to hear Rob and Kristen’s take on filming this scene. If they were on the commentary, we would! *Did I just say that outloud?*

    Nevertheless, it was fun to see Bella as a vamp in that part.

  13. i saw this pic right before newmoon came out a thought it was just bad fanart lol

  14. I loved the scene. It made me gasp that he gave us a sort of Breaking Dawn spoiler! How cool is he for letting us into Alice’s mind. He knew just what we as fans want. So Edward and Bella looked cheesy in the scene. I mean they’ve never been cheesy before in the books…never! 😉

  15. I got very excited when I saw that scene because, like Margie said, it’s kinda a Breaking Dawn spoiler, and I really loved it. I don’t care if it was a little cheesy. Love you Chris Weitz! You did an amazing job! I would love to see you direct Breaking Dawn.

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