The Special Effects of New Moon

Ed of the Earth’s Mightiest site talked to Susan MacLeod the visual effects editor Of  New Moon. In the three-part, audio interview they cover:

The Edward Apparition

The Crystal Effect (AKA vampire sparkles)

The Wolves


  1. nice…

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  3. These are really interesting and makes me appreciate the people behind the scenes that much more. I didn’t know that she was also involved in Jurassic Park too.

    Thanks for posting and sharing. =)

  4. I love this series so much! Thes animators are so talented! I am a visual artist and I am doing an assemblage of the New Moon moivie. It will appear on my facebook page when it is completed: Go to: Dorothy Matteo on facebook.

  5. eDwArD_bElLa_JaCoB says:

    omg!!!!!!!!!!!!1 i love this series soooooo much!!!

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