No More Max Steel for Taylor Lautner

The amount of work Taylor Lautner has been reeling in has been very impressive.  It’s not too surprising that two of his hottest projects came into conflict with each other.  According to New York Vulture, Taylor has had to scrape his plans to play Max Steel and is now just focusing on the Stretch Armstrong project.  The whole things boils down to Hasbro vrs Mattel.  In the end, Hasbro has the better track record and thus sealed the deal with Taylor.

From the article: Explained one insider familiar with Lautner’s decision: “When you sign up to make a movie with Hasbro, you know it will be in theaters a year later.”


  1. well thank god it was one of the comic-book ones that went rather than the action ones!

    • Max Steel was never a comic book. It was an animated series.

      But to get to my opinion, I was way more excited for Max Steel than I am for Stretch Armstrong. Like Valentine’s Day, I may see if I feel it’s good enough to watch, not just for Taylor. (Side note: I didn’t see Valentine’s Day.)

      • twilighter says:

        I was very much looking forward to Max Steel. Taylor would have pulled him off very well. Great premise for a movie.

  2. howling snow says:

    I wonder will they make a Stretch Taylor Armstrong? 😀

  3. Both of those roles are stupid. I can’t believe he’s picking movies like this after Twilight. I’m not going to go see them.

  4. Noah Brighten says:

    I’ll be honest, I had more optimism about Max Steel than I did Stretch Armstrong… Besides wasn’t Stretch BLONDE! :p

  5. NO offense to Taylor, I think he is great, but, how is it that he can be so picky after only playing ONE MAJOR ROLE in his entire career? What if he bombs from here on out?

  6. taylor, taylor, taylor…you need acting lessons and less time in the gym.

  7. i agree with kanga even though im a HUGE taylor fan.

    both those movies will be gay he shouldnt waste his time on crappy movies. with his talent

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