Target Previews New Moon DVD Footage

The Target website has a video preview up of some of what is on their version of the New Moon DVD. If you go to the Target website and click the icon on the main graphic, you can get to the content. Ty to Mschicklet for the heads up.


  1. twilightgirl68 says:

    Still buying mine at Wal-Mart , they will have the best version with a 8 min.sneak peek into Eclipse !!

  2. I’m still getting mine from Walmart too…they have the best deal.

  3. I’m getting both the Target and the Wal-Mart versions.

  4. glad i pre order from target (:

  5. target also has a deleted scene “bobs bikes” on there!!!!

  6. dude! Are all the dvds gonna have the same deleted scenes? Thats crazy!! Hey lex which do you recomend?

  7. They better sell this in Canada or I will be pissed.

  8. I’m still getting both Wal mart and Target.

    I’m gonna get Wal-marts at Midnight
    And wake up ass up and get the Target one at 8 a.m.

    And then I’ll have to go to work that day still.

  9. I don’t understand the people who are just buying the one at Walmart for the 8 minute eclipse footage. It will be online for all to see as soon as someone posts it which will undoubtedly be the same day.

  10. I think the wise thing to do is to wait and see what everyone has on their DVDs after the 20th. Eventually the complete contents of the DVDs will be publish online by those who went ahead and pre-order/purchased the DVDs from the various outlets. I know a lot of cannot wait to get our hands on the our very own copy of New Moon, but with some many different packages it is hard to decide with is the best deal. And who know, they may all be the same content on all the DVD and the retailers are just repackageing them to make more money. Who knows. But remember: Those who are patient will be rewarded.

  11. Jordansmiles says:

    I dont think you can reserve any more copies of the movie at target, right now. when you try to preorder it says that they are “temporarily out”. Hopefully they restock soon!!

  12. Will the Wal-Mart one be available in Canada? If not, I’m getting the Borders’ exclusive DVD.

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