Twilight Inspired Tobacco Free Commercial.

This is a bit different, it’s not so much a spoof/parody as it is a public service message. However in fairness to Summit Entertainment, unless we missed something, there was no tobacco placement in any of the Twilight Saga films.

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  1. I guess because all of the Twilight cast members (or most of them) smoke, they used it? I don’t think it was an attack against Twilight or Summit Entertainment.

  2. Yeah except for Kstew and Rpatz sporting cigs between their fingers during breaks lol.

  3. Twilight9009 says:

    I think the purpose of this was just to get a lot of peoples attention. I don’t think there are any tobacco products in Twilight either.

  4. Yeah it’s probably just a way to reach the younger people but Verizon did it better.

    • yes! i did a double take when i saw that Verizon commercial. i would not stop laughing for 20 min! freaking hilarious!

    • LOL. I just saw that commercial for the first time last night! I started laughing hysterically. XD That commercial was just made of awesome hahahahahaha.

  5. I don’t think that Summit has used any tobacco products in the movies either. However, what better way to get the message across then by using one of the most popular movies of today? Smart move on their part if you ask me.

    • Well, in Remember Me Rob’s character is smoking in the building and puts it out in the bowl that “completes the room.” That’s a Summit movie, right? I honestly thought that this was a pointless commercial and had there not been a voice over, I wouldn’t have understood what the ad was even for/against.

  6. I liked it. They just used a popular movie to get people’s attention; if I had seen this on TV, I would’ve paid attention.

  7. twilightgirl68 says:


  8. French hornists love twilight says:

    Hard to take a public announcement seriously when almost the entire cast smokes…

  9. People smoke… movies are made to look like reality. It’s not realistic to have every character in movies be non-smokers. It would be lovely if the world was like that, but it’s not. As a smoker myself, I truely wish the damn things were never invented. I’m actually (for the third time) trying to quit, but seeing ads is not what made me a smoker nor what is keeping me one. I do have a mind of my own and am not ruled by media, as much as they would like to believe that I am. Unfortunatly they do make it look sexy and appealing, which couldn’t be further from the truth.

  10. This PSA has nothing to do with characters smoking in movies or actors who smoke. It’s simply to out Big Tobacco excutives for the the lying, scumbags that they are.

    What this PSA is saying is that Big Tobacco pays movie producers to slip their brand of tobacco into movies, even though they deny it. Just like they denied using cartoons to target younger smokers (ex. Camel) along with all the other stuff they lie about.

    As far as using vampires…they were just jumping on the Twilight bandwagon as a lot of other media already has. I personally HATE the commercial. ugh!

  11. Strikingly well executed read…

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