Taylor Lautner in Abduction: The Ink Isn’t Quite Dry Yet

Taylor_Lautner_leanDeadline Hollywood’s Nikki Finke has some news on Taylor Lautner’s latest projects (which at this rate you need a score card to keep up with!):

Last week Nikki broke the news about Abduction, she wrote:

“Lautner plays a teen who has long felt disconnected from his parents, and figures out why. That unleashes a chain of violent events and enters Bourne territory. Considering he just got on the Hollywood radar because of the Twilight Saga (imagine, he was almost recast before New Moon) and just days ago blew out the candles on his 18th birthday cake, Lautner with his 8-pack abs is the newest and youngest action star in a dizzying volume of movie deals made over recent weeks. He’s already the lead in two major studio superhero franchises — Universal’s Stretch Armstrong and Paramount’s Max Steel..”

Today Nikki has some more details on how it’s not quite a done deal yet:

“On the Lautner front, a deal for Shawn Christensen’s spec script should have been wrapped up by now, but it’s not. I’m told that’s because the Lautner camp has been steadfast on getting the $7.5 million quote established by Skydance for Northern Lights. Studios are understandably hesitant. It’s a lot of money for an 18-year old who hasn’t yet proven he can carry a film by himself, yet is on a salary trajectory rarely seen especially for someone so young. ..”

So what do you think? Despite his current age of just 18 does Taylor have what it takes to carry an action movie? In all likelihood he’ll be 19 or 20 by the time his multiple projects are filmed and then air.