NECA Previews New Moon and Eclipse Line For MTV

MTV’s Hollywood Crush has a preview of the NCEA line of action figures, tees, totes, jewelry, etc.

We’ve seen all the action figures and so far we think the Jasper one looks the most like Jackson Rathbone with the Jacob one being a close second. What do you think, which figure do you like, and which character do you most want to see in action figure form?


  1. Jasper and Jacob do look a lot like Jackson and Taylor. I think they should make an Emmett one. I’d buy one of those the second they came out!

  2. I like the jasper one….but i would love if they made another wolf say…embry =)

  3. shannonh08 says:

    I have a Jasper action figure….looks crazy alot like Jackson! I LOVE IT!!!!!

  4. KittySmurf says:

    Middle of May?!?!?! I have to wait until then to get Eclipse stuff, I’m sure New Moon stuff was out earlier – or maybe I’ve waited so long it feels like it.

  5. i was calculating last night the time New Moon stuff came out and i figured Eclipse merch. Would be in May! Loooong ways off but at least we get to watch New Moon over, and over again! Yeeh! πŸ™‚

  6. I really want a Jasper action figure πŸ™ i already have Bella and Edward, and they look nothing like Kristen and Rob. I think they should make an Alice one! πŸ™‚ I can’t wait until June 30th! πŸ˜‰

    • Mimi Cullen says:

      I just purchased an action figure of Jasper and Alice at the FYE store in our local mall. I wish now that NECCA would make all of the characters for my collection. That would be awesome.

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