Breaking Dawn One or Two?

breaking_dawncoverSo after Alphie’s 6-hour flight with a three hour layover in Minnesota, and after Pel’s 7 hour delayed flight (have you heard about the snow) they land in San Fransisco at midnight local time to hear according to Nikki Finke there’s going to be two Breaking Dawn movies. Why does the good stuff always happen when we are on planes and jet lagged????

So here’s the story as we know it:

Nikki Finke is usually correct in her info, not just Twilight information, but every type of Hollywood information. However Nikki isn’t infallible even when it comes to Twilight. The only time that we can remember that she was wrong in Twilight information was when she originally reported that Juan Antonia Bayona would be directing Eclipse. Here’s what Nikki had to say on the Breaking Dawn movie:

“I have this from several sources, and it’s definitive. Filming on the back-to-back movies would begin in mid-October, and Summit Entertainment is looking at “high end” directors. Breaking Dawn is the longest in Stephenie Meyer’s 4-book series lengthwise and it’s the most graphic — presenting birth, attempted murder, death, and of course vampire bites. Published on August 2, 2008, it has a happy ending for most of the characters.”

Summit Entertainment when asked for confirmation issued the following statement:

“No decision has been made and as we have said all along we are continuing to work with Stephenie Meyer to bring BD to the big screen.”

So now you have all the information that we do. What do you think 1 or 2?


  1. I say 2 movies. Summit will make their $$$ and the fans will have 3 more movies (including Eclipse) to look forward to.

  2. Anni Larsen says:

    Two movies.
    If they make only one movie, some of the good stuff has to be compressed – and that is NOT good. Plus two movies are longer than one and why not enjoy the vampire love for longer?

  3. i think there should just be one really long movies with lots of details and my opinion on the directors is that they should have catherine and chris the director of the 1st and second get togethet and create BD ..if they did i think it would be highly interesting considereing they both have great ideas

  4. Hate to be the bearer of bad news but according to E! Melissa Rosenberg has already started working on the scripts and is getting closer to completing them. She has been working on them all along. It is the only way they can keep on schedule to start filming in the fall.

  5. They should definitely NOT make this into a movie
    Pedophiles will just use the excuse that they “imprinted” on little children to justify their behavior.
    Plus it was the worst book ever written.
    She should have stopped with Twilight.

  6. Potterfish says:

    One movie would be plenty. The beginning of breaking dawn was alright, but the end was just epic nothingness. I think they’d be able to fit in everything they needed to in just 2 hours.

  7. I am Hoping for 2!

  8. 1 Movie. With a well written screen play and good director you could make it into a 2 and a half hour movie. Why have two short movies? There is lots of irrelevant stuff that wouldn’t work well on screen. One movie would close off the saga nicely. plus you would have to wait longer for the second half of the movie 😉

  9. Peter Jackson, Peter Jackson, Peter Jackson, Peter Jackson, oh Please, Peter Jackson…. guess you know who my vote is for! lol

  10. 1 definitely. what excitement will there be in the first one? bella’s pregnant and jake leaves the pack. that’s it! i’m a big twilight fan but the ending to the series really disappointed me, and dragging it through two movies is a really bad decision. especially after this huge battle in eclipse. it just won’t be a satisfying and glorious ending.

  11. I could honestly go for one long movie or 2 movies. As long as it (or they) is/ are well done, I’m OK with it. As for the directors, I’d say a heart felt NO! to Tim Burton. I think he’d be horrible for this series (sorry!).

    I wish they could bet rid of M.R. for the writing, too. Her adaptations have left so much to be desired.

    I’m just looking forward to Eclipse, and what will hopefully come next!

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