Breaking Dawn One or Two?

breaking_dawncoverSo after Alphie’s 6-hour flight with a three hour layover in Minnesota, and after Pel’s 7 hour delayed flight (have you heard about the snow) they land in San Fransisco at midnight local time to hear according to Nikki Finke there’s going to be two Breaking Dawn movies. Why does the good stuff always happen when we are on planes and jet lagged????

So here’s the story as we know it:

Nikki Finke is usually correct in her info, not just Twilight information, but every type of Hollywood information. However Nikki isn’t infallible even when it comes to Twilight. The only time that we can remember that she was wrong in Twilight information was when she originally reported that Juan Antonia Bayona would be directing Eclipse. Here’s what Nikki had to say on the Breaking Dawn movie:

“I have this from several sources, and it’s definitive. Filming on the back-to-back movies would begin in mid-October, and Summit Entertainment is looking at “high end” directors. Breaking Dawn is the longest in Stephenie Meyer’s 4-book series lengthwise and it’s the most graphic — presenting birth, attempted murder, death, and of course vampire bites. Published on August 2, 2008, it has a happy ending for most of the characters.”

Summit Entertainment when asked for confirmation issued the following statement:

“No decision has been made and as we have said all along we are continuing to work with Stephenie Meyer to bring BD to the big screen.”

So now you have all the information that we do. What do you think 1 or 2?


  1. There should be 2 films. That way they can fit all the good stuff in

  2. AliceKikiCullen says:

    2! You just cannot get everything done w/out rushing in 2 1/2 hrs. I would have no prob if it was split into 2 as long as they don’t do what they did with Harry Potter and have such a big gap between the 2 parts or even better do what they did with Lord of the rings and have a intermission!!! Lol. So will sit through 4 hrs of the cullens and the wolves! 🙂

  3. I would watch a really long single movie because I love the series but in my opinion there needs to be two movies. The last book was nothing but action from begining to end and I want to see romance, action and new characters paid attention to in the way that they should be.

  4. Definitely 2!! That’s the only way to go! It’ll definitely be interesting to see who they pick as “high-end directors.” Maybe Spielberg? haha yeah right… *still crosses fingers*

  5. I think 2. I am also A Harry Potter fan and believe that in both series 2 movies is the only way to even attempt to portray all that happens in the final book.

  6. ooohh…Tim Burton is a good idea

  7. I think they have to with two movies. That way more details from the books can go in them.

  8. 2 would be greatness! I wonder what “high end”WANs to them, and who they are considering. Can’t wait to hear who they pick!

  9. I’m hoping it’s two. Not only because there’s way too much going on in BD for one movie, but also the fact that we as TwiHards will be able to enjoy this series actively for that much longer. It will give us a little more time before we’re forced to ask the question, “Okay, what now?”

  10. 2 cos its too long for one to do it properly.

  11. definitely two movies! and i think they need to split it so the second BD movie starts when Bella wakes up a vampire! how perfect would that be!! :]

    either way one or two movies i will support our favorite golden eyed vampires. :]

  12. No question! Two!!!

  13. Up until I heard this news yesterday, I was all for one movie. However, the more that I think about it, 2 would be great…..IF done right. I’m with everyone else as the WHERE the split should be (after birth/before waking up)

    I think there is so much opportunity to show more that we didn’t get to see in the books, such as Irina going to the Volturi with her “news”. The wolves making plans when Jacob, Seth, Leah broke apart, etc….

    There is a lot they could do….I just hope they get it right.

  14. First off, I live in Minnesota so the intro to this segment made me laugh really hard! In the winter months, flying into, out of, through MinneSNOWta is never going to run smoothly without delays. Second, YES there definitely need to be 2 movies. Here are the reasons: as Danielle said, it gives Twilighters more time to look forward to new aspects of the Twilight Saga while new aspects still exist. Second, from a Hollywood perspective, this will guarantee another like $800 million in sales from tickets in EACH part ($800 million for part one and $800 million for part two). So I feel like that side of it should be a no-brainer.

    I reeeally hope they decide to make it a two-part movie!

  15. 2 movies, of course.
    That means more Twilight 😉

  16. Sandee West says:

    I would love to see 2 movies to make the whole experience “last longer”! But I wonder where the story would break into two parts. Somewhere between the birth of Renesmee and the Voturi visit? I have a hard time “dividing” the story in my head!

    • I think they should split it where the second book ends when Jacob imprints on Renesmee and the third book when Bella wakes up.

  17. its comfirmed! its gonna be two movieess!!! heres the link if yu dunn believe me

    • OMG did everybody miss the part where it said in this link above….
      “An railer for Eclipse will be shown during the Percy Jackson movie”

      EEEKKK. I want to see that anyway so now I want to see it this weekend!!!!

      • Two movies, but do BOTH justice, please!!

        Also, apparently, word is that the Eclipse trailer is not attached to the Percy Jackson movie this weekend. 🙁

  18. MrsLautner09 says:

    I’d like two movies just so we can get the full experience…but I don’t want to wait a long time for the second one!

  19. I think it will take 2 movies to do justice to the story, but we don’t need a huge gap between release dates.

  20. I would have to agree with everyone that it should be 2 movies. It is too scary to think what they would cut out if they made it one movie. Even if it is a long movie you would loose too much.


  22. One movie…*bracing for hateful responses* Summit/Melissa Rosenberg have cut everything that isn’t absolutely essential for the movies. And if you really think about it, a lot of BD is stuff that’s great for fans but not really necessary.

    What is “essential” to the story? The vows and Jacob’s return, only two or three moments from the honeymoon, Jacob’s revolt and a little glimpse of Bella’s illness, and the birth/transformation. After that you can skip to Irina/Alice’s vision/leaving, vampires showing up, Bella saving Renesmee, the fight, then Edward hearing Bella.

    Some of that can be shown with only 5 minute scenes or a montage, and none of it takes linger than 20 minutes. This can easily fit into one movie.

    • Mostly Silent Fan says:

      I agree 100%. Screenplays and novels are very different and Bella’s pregnancy could be handled in a few quick shots – we know it’s painful, awful – and a screenplay is from a 3rd person perspective, so all the Jacob stuff is out. Showing his reaction to situations could be a few seconds and tell a whole chapter. Sorry – I know everyone wants 2 movies, but a well-written screenplay could result in one good, quality movie.

      • It’s nice to see some sanity for a change.

      • Two very insightful responses. I agree.

      • The problem is right there in your last sentence.

        “A Well=written screenplay.”

        Tell me…where are we going to get one of those???

        Not from Melissa Rosenberg, that’s for sure.

        • exactly

        • Mostly Silent Fan says:

          Yes, I chose those words wisely. Not to be negative, but I’ve read both the Twilight & New Moon screenplays and now I no longer blame Catherine Hardwicke for all of the first movie’s problems. There was such a great opportunity to capture the love and attraction between Bella & Edward, but between a lackluster script, misdirection, and painful editing, it failed. Chris Weitz brought back my faith in the entire production – I think he got it! Too bad he has no interest in Breaking Dawn!

          • Has everyone forgotten that Chris Weitz is also a brilliant screenplay writer? I have a feeling he’ll bring justice to BD.

    • I absolutely agree. Make one meaningfull focused movie that will close the twilight series like a firework (not like NM where the dynamcis within the wolfpack where neglected for endless shots of mopping and depression). And do not drag it out into two epic wet noddles.

    • Agreed, we only need one movie. While Jakes part was fun to read, I can’t see them putting that in the movie. I think it would get boring. If they keep all the good parts from the book, we could have a really awesome movie. Unfortunatly we don’t have the best screenwriter working for us. She does great on Dexter, but ever since she said she likes to make things her own, I haven’t liked her. This isn’t her story and when she writes it like it is it sucks!

    • But its the fans who go see these movies, the movies should accomodate the fans since its ‘fan’ money supporting it at the box office. Fans want the details, so far no delivery from Melissa or Summit…I want those wonderful conversations, I want the details, I don’t care if its one movie or two, I want a good script. Put some money into a script writer.

  23. I think it would be awesome if they stopped the first movie right where she wakes up with vampire eyes… end scene. dun dun duunnnnnn 🙂 that way we get the wedding, isle esme and her pregnancy/delivery all in the first one… her vampire life and all about renesme and the volturi all in the second movie 🙂

  24. I’m all for two movies if it done right too. I don’t want it to be two movies if the movies are just going to drag on. I’m just so-so when it comes to Breaking Dawn, and i do think there is some stuff that could probably be cut, but there are just some things that are vital to that storyline. I’m not as much interested in if there should be one or two movies. I’m more interested in how they will end up doing Renesmee and how the birth and her vampire transformation will look. I think that’s the perfect place to cut it for two movies too.

  25. make it 2! cuz otherwise i don’t see how they r gonna cover the whole story without leaving out a thing! 🙂

  26. 2, please, 2

  27. BellaSeraph says:

    I totally agree that the first movie should end when Bella wakes up with vampire eyes. And regarding this post, attempted murder=the confrontation with the Volturi?

  28. stupid, the book was terrible. should’ve taken time to write it and not rushed through it. I prob won’t even see it

  29. Completely controversial…. THREE movies. That way we get the THREE books in Breaking Dawn, we get a movie from someone other than Bella’s perspective and that could set us up for [if ever] Stephenie completes Midnight Sun, so that we’re not all still in the “Bella’s POV is the ruling force” mindset. Okay I know they’ve supposedly decided on two but just thought I’d throw that in. Fan of the idea anyone????

  30. Hmmm, personally I hated bd so am not going to say anything on the matter, the thing that weirds me the most is that I highly doubt kristen rob and Taylor will sign on. They’re all doing huge huge parts and getting mega bucks roles, I can’t see them doing this….

    • No – There would be no negotiating the 1 or 2 movie issue if there were any question about the 3 main characters’ availability/commitment. If they decide on 2 – we WILL get Rob, Kristen, and Taylor.

    • Umm… hate to burst your bubble, but they’ve already signed on for whatever BD turns out to be. Plus, they’ve all said in interviews that they’d love to do 2 movies if it comes to that. And even if they hadn’t, do you really think they’d say no to the franchise, and fans, who launched their careers? Seriously…

  31. Come on 2 movies!!! Can’t wait for whatever comes out. I’ll also be sad when it’s over. Breaking Dawn is my favorite book, so I hope they do it justice 🙂

  32. I wish they’d make one movie. And I wish they’d leave out all the lame things from the book, which in my opinion is way too long and with plenty of unnecessary/annoying/boring stuff. Sorry but I don’t think BD is anywhere near Twilight, except maybe for the first hundred pages.

  33. Meyer already said about a month ago she has already told directors/production company that it would only make sense to do Breaking Dawn in two films. That’s how she wants it, and there was never any “drama” about it.

  34. Two movies for sure. Here’s my question, though. If they did happen to do just 1 movie, which storyline or character would they have to cut out in order to accommodate the time slot? Yeah, not much I’d be willing to part with, either. And I just want to put out there that while I LOVE the series the way it is written, can we PLEASE have at least SOME fighting at the end, the way they added a few fight sequences into New Moon… PLEASE?!?

  35. OKAY! So I am thrilled to hear the news that Breaking Dawn is going to be made into two movies but I have to agree with some of the comments left on Deadline Hollywood. Summit is milking the cash cow for all its worth…That is of course unless they dump M.R. She needs to go. So maybe Twilight (the 1st movie) was just thought of as a side project from her precious Dexter and she wrote it from her laptop while on the toilet waiting for the water to fill in the bathtub. Hugely embraced by the fans, despite the crappy script which totally blew off the greatest, most important scenes from the book. I don’t think Summit had any clue what beautiful material they had to work with! Stephenie Meyer, you are AWESOME! The problem is though, after Twilight, Summit didn’t learn their lesson and went back to M.R. for the screenplay for New Moon. Perhaps they had presented a coupon for a cheap script? Half price, half the book, half the important stuff that made the story cohesive? Understandable to my husband who did not read the books? Thank God for Chris Weitz who demanded that some of the scenes get put back into the script! And then, after the most important scene is left out of New Moon, Summit goes back for a third helping with Eclipse? PLEASE stop this madness!!! Yes, the average Twihard fan will go no matter who writes the script BUT for those of us who truly love and adore the story and crave to see it come to life on the big screen, get rid of the slasher! Also, while on my rant, how in the heck is Summit going to get this movie made under the rating of PG-13? Chewed up headboards? Feathers in the hair? Body splitting into two and blood everywhere? Ummmm, oh wait…nevermind, they are keeping M.R., therefore, we probably won’t have to worry about seeing that important stuff. Fluffy fairytale, a few hiccups and a baby is born. Oh joy. While I am thrilled to see 2 more movies, I honestly want to see more detail, more important conversations, and more of what makes Stephenie Meyer’s books the beautiful love story that it truly has come to be known for.

    • THANK YOU, RETE!!! If I didn’t know better, I’d have thought someone had picked my brain without my knowledge and written that comment from that info. M.R. is the reason Hollywood doesn’t take all of this seriously. Grrr (that would be the ferocious snarl bubbling up from my chest)

    • i very much agree in your rant. although i really want this movie to have EVERYTHING in it, i would like it to sustain its PG-13 quota. if it were rated R, i would be sooo screwed. (aka, mother would bite my head off)

    • Well said, Rete B.

    • AGREE AGREE AGREE!!! The best director can only go so far without a WOW script, and Melissa is not capable.

  36. Instead of High end Directors they should look for a High end Screen Writter 🙂

  37. Stupid Shiny Volvo Driver says:

    Yes, 2 movies would be wonderful! Thanks Pel and Alphie for suffering lay-overs and jet-lag to get us the breaking news!! Hugs Ladies!

  38. Please God, only one movie. Personally, I thought the book was WAY too long (and terrible, but that’s another story). But this is Hollywood, so I’m almost positive it will be two movies. Gotta get that money, you know.

  39. Two movies please!!! Breaking Dawn was to me, too good of a book to cram into one 2 hour movie….the first part should play out up until she gives birth – and when she gives birth and “dies” and Edward plunges the syringe into her heart, that should be the ending of the first movie – a cliffhanger, ya know? The second part should pick up from there……I don’t want my Twilight dream to end, so I’m all for 2 movies!!!!!!

  40. just one long movie!!! please!! pleaseeeeee

  41. I am so glad to hear that they are turning this into two movies. Way, way too much material for just one movie. It’s unlikely at this juncture that they’ll be unloading M.R., so if we’re lucky they’ll pick a director that wants to stick to being faithful to the books.
    I have to disagree though, about Tim Burton. Most of his movies veer towards strange visuals and an oddity that I think would be out of place in BD. It definitely needs to be a director, though, that has a background in visual effects since it will be daunting to try and bring Renesmee to life.

    • I agree about the whole not having Tim Burton as director comment. First of all, how could Johnny Depp possibly fit into a Twilight movie? Secondly, his choice in music…Danny Elfman, wouldn’t really fit either…lol As much as I enjoy Burton’s work, I don’t think he would be a good fit. I’m not sure many will agree with me but out of the first two director’s work, I really like Wietz’s work for New Moon. He really threw a great deal of energy into the movie. Also, the actors had so many positive things to say about his efforts.

    • I could go for one or two. The unpatient side of me says one so I can see the whole saga concluded. However, the selfish side of me says two so that I can have even more to watch and own… PLEASE NO Tim Burton. His movies are always so dark and strange, just doesn’t seem to fit at all in the Twilight world that’s been created. I LOVE his movies, don’t get me wrong, but I just don’t like the idea of Burton/Meyers collaboration. That would not be a good match…

  42. TWO! The more Twilight we get, the better! I would watch a dozen more!!

  43. Sarah Lin. says:

    Two would offer more of the story and make more money. I would go with Peter Jackson or James Cameron.

  44. 1 movie. If would be dragged out wayyyy too much if there were to be two.

  45. okay, the thing is, as a fan, yes, I want 2 parts of breaking dawn.

    but if you’ll think of the millions of movie goers who just checkout movies regardless of whether there’s abook about it or not, the 2nd part of breaking dawn doesn’t seem exciting compared to the first part unless they edit it a lot

  46. i’m a fan of this series, and even if i’m pretty outnumbered here, i’d say only one movie….

    breaking dawn is not really the most action-packed book plus, not all the scenes in it would be good onscreen…and yes i agree with Avery, it’ll be dragged way too much. It’ll also be much harder to split unlike HP7, unless they want bella to be a vampire in one movie and not in the other, which will definitely change the tone of the whole movie series. I mean 4 movies, she’s human then suddenly vampire….in my opinion, it’s gonna be too weird…

  47. I’m happy with either a three hour, well written movie, or two movies. I am more concerned with how they will end it.

    Personally I was really disappointed with the ending. We are left with a heap of questions and no possibility of getting any answers to them. And I really hated the fact that Bella never made it back in to the real world. She spent most of BD hanging around the house. How exciting is that going to be? How about skipping a couple of years forward and having her go off to college? At least then we could be satisfied that she was going to do more with eternity than sitting around a stone cottage letting her husband read her thoughts!

  48. Yes there should be 2 parts this book is much more detail and so much to tell I just can’t wait to see it on the big screen.

  49. Definitely two movies!! They really need to keep up with the book. Too many details not to be missed.
    How about adding some dang bloopers!! You know they all can’t be so serious about their characters.


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