Twilight Valentine’s Day Gifts

Every year around this time we start to get emails from boyfriends, husbands, wannabe boyfriends, etc asking us for advice on what to get their significant other that is Twilight related, but not too Edwardish or Jacobish. In other words they are onboard for the obsession thing, but want the focus on THEM for Valentine’s Day. So here are our recommendations.

First us is jewelry. You can never really go wrong with jewelry. Infinite Jewelry, the makers of the Official Bella’s bracelet and ring, that were designed in consultation with Stephenie Meyer, have a 10% off sale going.  In addition to the bracelets and rings they have added a whole line of other products from watches to pendants.

Now maybe jewelry isn’t what you are looking for. You can always go with flowers, and help out a great cause at the same time. Order roses from Peter Facinelli’s TwiHards For Charity and a portion of your purchase goes to Haiti relief.

The again maybe you want a vacation which you can do together! Trust us, your significant other wants you to be her Edward or Jacob. You can do everything together from:

A cruise

A baseball game

A weekend away