Jackson Rathbone Action Figures and More

Jackson Rathbone will have another action figure of him made for his appearance as Sokka in The Last Airbender. Jackson is the first Twilight cast member to have an action figure created in two separate fandoms. MTV’s Hollywood Crush has the full details on the Airbender figurines. Which do you like better?



Following the brief snippet we saw at the Superbowl, there’s now a full trailer available. Airbender opens right after Eclipse. Given that Eclipse should have some major Jasper moments, July is going to be a great month for Jackson!


  1. Oh my god!! I can’t wait to see this movie. I love the trailer.

  2. very excited for this movie! very very very excited!

  3. wow! this looks cool!

  4. man i love this this series. For a kids cartoon it has to be one of the best this decade. I can’t wait for this movie to come out. I’m actually more anxious to see this than eclipse! haha

  5. Sokka. He’s ten times cooler than Jasper. Hopefully he’ll retain his funny, and won’t look constipated the whole movie like Jacksper did.

    *bounces up and down in anticipation*

  6. Twilight9009 says

    I can’t choose between them. I love both characters and am very excited for both movies. But of course I am more excited for Eclipse!!!

  7. This movie looks awesome! I am definitely going to see it; I mean I just love supporting our Twilight actors. Also, Jackson looks so handsome with his hair pulled back like that.

  8. Jackson doesn’t look quite like Sokka in my opinion… the character in the tv show looks quite young. By the way I’ve also blogged about this on my post on Jackson Rathbone action figure – The Last Airbender.

  9. Cannot wait to see BOTH movies! Get a nice double dose of Jackson!!!!!

  10. My only question is where is our Eclipse trailer? Air Benders comes out a few days after Eclipse, what is the delay?

  11. He’s now a J. Action figure!!!

  12. Yay for the REAL “Avatar”!!! This movie is going to be amazing!

  13. 08ertwilighter says

    not gonna lie. 90+% of the time i can’t stand avatar. but i’m actually looking forward to the movie! my brother zach agreed to watch all the twilight movies with me if i’d go see avatar with him… he’s still got a long ways to go…

  14. Why does Jasper look so angry? It’s kind-of creeping me out.

    • It looks like they ‘made’ him from the party scene.

      The other figure looks nothing like him, in these pics at least!

  15. this looks awsome!!!!!!!!!! im a huge fan of the cartoon so i am super excited!!!

  16. omg is that really him?? he looks so different! looks like a good movie. will see it. 🙂

  17. Hadn’t seen the trailer yet – sooo excited!!
    I absolutely love the animated series, so I hope they won’t ruin it, but at least this trailer didn’t disappoint.
    I have to wait for the 22nd of July to see Avatar in the Netherlands, but at least it will be less overshadowed by Eclipse (which opens June 30 here) xD

  18. both toys are creepy