Eclipse Stills Go Viral

Yesterday evening two never before seen Eclipse stills were posted online and they went viral shortly thereafter. They seem to have been taken the same day as the previously released Eclipse photo that ran in People magazine a few months back(seen below). We are linking rather than posting the new images in case you are trying to stay spoiler free, but given that they are everywhere, and that major media is now doing stories on the leak, you probably won’t be able to stay spoiler free.

Eclipse People Image

It’s not quite the the leak of X-Men Wolverine proportions, but Summit is starting to show less humor about its intellectual property being used in that as of today there are not only one but  two lawsuits that specifically are related to the Twilight Saga movies.


  1. FINALLY something Eclipse! I’ve been in withdrawal! LOL.

    • My thoughts exactly ^^^ The movie comes out in June and we have gotten NOTHING! Its about time for us to get a few stills and, dare I say it, a TRAILER. Its not our fault that Summit isn’t on top of things…

      • Yeah but, people, I’m just asking, what do you win just with getting stills and pictures from the incoming movie… do you win something? Do you lose something if you don’t have images until the movie release?
        I know, who doesn’t wanna see some photos, but Summit is not forced to make public the images, if they don’t want to, they wouldn’t post’em, and that’s why the fans do this.

  2. now if only summit would hurry up with a trailer of some sort I would be ecstatic 🙂

  3. Sounds like Summit has got bitten by the sue happy bug. Not good for them. Great Picture but they not really spoilers.

  4. its a stupid picture that was in a magazine whats the big deal sure its great to finally have some eclipse proof out but whats with the law suits?

  5. wait..who is that in the really dark face closeup?

  6. I want an Edward!

  7. The dark face close up is Riley, and if I remember correctly, it was one of David’s Twitter posts…

    As for Summit’s sue craziness… Folks, as a screenwriter, we really don’t like people seeing things that haven’t been approved for viewing. The reason is, no matter how pretty the shots, they may not be used in the final film. It isn’t that Summit is afraid they are going to spoil anything, as I’m sure they realize that most of the people watching the movies, have read the books, or now enough about the books, to know what is going on.

    Studios do not like to see material released, before they are ready for it to be released. It’s partly marketing, as well as waiting for the right time to release some buzz. All too often, images that are released before they are suppose to, often come from 3 party sources and in most cases reflect a product that isn’t ready to be seen, of which could cast doubt upon the production.

    While the images released thus far have been rather small and in most cases imaterial, this is a breach of Summit’s privacy, and is thus…wrong.

    • Summit’s Product = Summit’s Property

      You would be mad if someone took pics of your kids and sold them, yes?? Same thing here.

      They are taking the time to do it right and be PERFECT for us, the fans.

      I CAN’T WAIT ether but isn’t the suspense GREAT!!!

  8. I can not believe they haven’t released anything sooner! it would have been nice if they released a little something when New Moon came out since we are such loyal fans!

  9. thats riley pre-vamped right? cause his eyes are all wrong! and we def need a trailer ASAP Eclipse comes in 5 months!!

  10. I’m just SO glad that Edward FINALLY looks like Edward!!! He looked too old in New Moon!!!

    Can’t wait for Eclipse!

    • I agree. He looked way too old in New Moon however, he looks great in these pics! I think I drooled a bit when I saw the pics of our beloved Edward. *giggles*
      I’m with you sillygirl: I want an Edward too.

  11. Woot… now release the DAMN TRAILERS!!!!

  12. *dies* <- that is all i can say!

  13. I love the new photos =) I LOVE SO MUCH =)

    I Want more Edward and Bella Together in Eclipse =)
    more romantic moments, more kiss, more hugs….

    Please Summit and David Slade show the strong and beautiful love of Bella and Edward!!!

  14. Is it just my old eyes, or does Edward’s (Rob’s) hair look less bronze and more brownish/blonde?? Please say it ain’t so!!! I love that bronze hair!!!

  15. awww Edward and Bella!!!!!! Gosh how much i loveee them!!! Awesome stills!! I think those are from the last scene where Bella asked Edward to slid her ring into place on the third finger of her left hand. <3 <3 Where it would stay conceivably for the rest of eternity <3 <3

  16. ooh..I can’t wait!!!

  17. Oooh… the excitement! I can’t wait until they give us more – like a TRAILER!! 😀

  18. Edward, for the first time looks like Cedric in this pic. It is the first time, I had that…..oh it is Cedric feeling. But the shirt and the side view really makes Edward (robert) look like the Character he played in HP (Cedric.)

    • I assume these pics are from the very last parts of the movie since it seems that she’s attacking him in the meadow.

  19. Those pix definitely made me go “awwwwww” lol. They look so adorable and comfortable. LOVE the looks Rob is giving. Sooo cute! Lol

    Anddddd I TOTALLY AGREE! Hurry up with the trailer already! Lol. I suppose we won’t see anything till March (since the Walmart dvd has a little snippet of Eclipse) or April. Which I might add IS NOT FAIR! Lol. Either way, can’t wait for Eclipse!

  20. Ohmigod…!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yowza! Those are friggin’ hot! Bring. It. On!!!

  21. I’ve seen this one, a long time ago, in fact it’s my Firefox background…

  22. dipanjan dey says

    i think summit should have released a trailer by now.

    yesteryear the new moon trailer was given out with mtv movie awards which sometime around july and the movie came out in november.that is around a 5 month difference then there should be a eclipse trailer out by now.

    is it true that eclipse will be in imax 3D?

  23. i dont get why every one is so obsesd with this 1 photo! thats right its only 1 photo so get over your huge fasination about it and get over yourself!

  24. oh and yess eclipse will be 3D…

    i didnt meen to dis twilight on my last comment.

  25. Olivia O'Dell says

    I hope there’s an “eclipse” soon! (ha ha!)


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