Eclipse Music Poll based on Stephenie Meyer’s Playlist!!

It has been a long time since we’ve talked music and done a poll.  So here is the first music poll for Eclipse.  We decided to take a look at what Stephenie used to inspire her writing.  I must admit this is one of my favorite playlists that she created.  I can see the progression of the book through the song choices and I just love it!  So as always there is a poll for everyone to tell us which song they think most represents Eclipse off of Stephenie’s playlist (click the songs titles to refresh your memory).  And just for good conversation, which song do think best represents the ending?? Stephenie has 5 listed because she couldn’t decide can you? Let us know in the comments.

Now for my picks, and this was not easy!!  These are in no particular order.

The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot-Brand New, is by far one of my favorites.  I am pretty sure it is a Jacob song and I do have a soft spot for him.  It just represents the feel of him giving it all up, the pack, Bella.

And if it makes you less sad
I’ll take your pictures all down
Every picture you paint
I will paint myself out

Mr. Brightside-The Killers, ahh jealousy! This song could be for either Jacob or Edward although my vote is it is an Edward song.  There are so many moments of doubt that this song covers and it was interesting to waht that play out in the book.  I am hoping for the same in the Movie!

Jealousy turning saints into the sea
swimming through sick lullabies
Choking on your alibi
But it’s just the price I pay
Destiny is calling me

Hysteria-Muse.  I really just love this song and it reminds me of craziness that each of the characters goes through.

And I want you now
I want you now
I’ll feel my heart implode
And I’m breaking out
Escaping now
Feeling my faith erode


Mexican Standoff- Elbow

Hamburg Song- Keane


The Small Print- Muse

Stab My Back-All American Rejects

Overweight-Blue October (this is NOT the edited version, I couldn’t find it but if you can send it to me!)

Mr. Brightside- The Killers


Love Me Like You- The Magic Numbers

Vindicated- Dashboard Confessional

Hysteria- Muse

Uninvited- Alanis Morissette

Yes Please-Muse

Infra Red- Placebo

The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot- Brand New



It’s a Disaster- OK GO

The next five songs represent the end which one do you think works best??

This is How I Disappear- My Chemical Romance

Sleep- My Chemical Romance

Falling Away with You – Muse

Accident & Emergency- Patrick Wolf

The Well and the Lighthouse- Arcade Fire


  1. shannonh08 says

    anything from MUSE!!!!!!

  2. “the lions and the lambs ain’t sleeping yet”…I mean, could any other song represent this movie better than ‘The well and the lighthouse’? My favorite!

    And although I think it’s a Jacob song, I love Mexican Standoff:
    “What did she see in this man
    I’m not superstitious but if I can get
    This ball in the basket, then he’ll wake up dead

    Your sweet reassurances don’t’ change the fact
    That he’s better looking than me
    Yet he’d look ideal ‘neath the wheels of a car
    Oh Mexican standoff I wish I was hard”

    I imagine Jacob’s anger! Oo

  3. I really love mr. brightside but it doesnt go with the movie at all….movie needs slow music

  4. I love Hysteria too, it was my favorite Muse song before I even knew about Twilight and Stephenie’s playlists!

  5. I voted for Hysteria because it’s my favorite song and I can’t picture the movie without it, but the Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot is seriously the story line of Eclipse. I’m sure I’m not the only one who caught it, but Stephenie even quoted the lyrics in the book. I’m a lazy college student who’s not about to get out of my chair to find the page, but it’s before the Jacob/Bella kiss, I think. Bella is begging Jacob to stay and she says “I’ll move out of the state.” Which is totally from the second verse of the song.
    Do with that what you will 🙂

  6. omg I love brand new!
    that song is awesome and it’s perfect for jacob = )

  7. Eclipse soundtrack needs Stranger in a Strange Land by 30 Seconds to Mars.


  9. whyyy isn’t all over you by the spill canvas on here?! is it because it’s more so jacob’s perspective? That song is word for word jacob!

    • Twilight_News says

      This poll is strictly based on Stephenie’s playlists for the books. We will do a playlist on what everyone thinks later.


  10. I think one of Imogen Heap’s new songs, “Half Life” is completely a Jacob song, especially at the end of Eclipse.
    “the stickler is you played not one beat wrong, you never promised me anything, even sat me down, warned me just how they fall, i knew the odds were i’d never win, yet here i am.”

    “well there may well be others but i still like to pretend that i’m the one you really want to grow old with”

    “i’m clenching my ticket to the only way out as you disappear in a puff of smoke.”

    what do you guys think?
    youtube link to listen 😀

    enjoy 😀

    I’m so disappointed. So very sad.

  12. I voted for the brand new one because i listened to that album a lot while reading the series, and oh it just fits eclipse so well!

    i see this soundtrack being like new moon with the slow, angsty songs, but also with a lot of agressive songs. you can definitely tell how much she listened to muse!

  13. Hysteria would be an excellent song if you want to show the world just how unbelievably creepy the characters in the story are.
    I mean its about a guy becoming so obsessed with a prostitute that he stalks her and … films her and such.
    And about indulgence and greed, which i guess would work, but it would make any die-hard muse fan and twilight-hater just have one more reason to hate the series

  14. Leeann, half life would be good for eclipse, aside from that it’s absolutely beautiful, thanks for sharing it 😀

  15. It’s funny. I really love every song in this playlist (as I always love anything Stephenie recommends) but when I first read Eclipse I felt like this playlist was the least close to the book as compared to the others. I mean, every single song in New Moon made sense in the order she put them in. But I didn’t feel the same way with Eclipse. Am I the only one that felt that way? Was I just lost?

  16. Breakeven by the script. Since bella is trying to choose between Jacob and Edward she is breaking even to a degree. I think the song would fit good.

  17. Can I just vote for Muse for everything? They have a song for any and all things that can possibly happen in life! I love Muse!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Brand New all the way. they are most definitely my favorite band, and “Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot” is very fitting.

    not just because Dashboard is one of my favorites too (i actually discovered Brand New at one of their shows when i was like 14), but “Vindicated” makes me think if when Jacob tricks Bella into kissing him in the mountains before the fight.

    I am Vindicated
    I am selfish
    I am wrong
    I am right
    I swear I’m right
    I swear I knew it all along

    And I am flawed
    But I am cleaning up so well
    I am seeing in me now the things you swore you saw yourself

    he’s vindicated because he knows she loves him, but he was wrong to trick her. but also right because she does love him.

    i think its perfect!
    kudos to SM for having such great taste in music!

    • I voted for Vindicated also, but it won’t end up on the soundtrack, sadly, because it was for the Spiderman 2 soundtrack… 🙁

      • I voted Vindicated but I think that song is more Edward. Given that he sees himself as a monster and Bella sees him as an angel. I think it talks about him realizing and accepting that he was good.

  19. Voted for Mr. Brightside, but I’m going to have to disagree– it’s definitely a Jacob song!

  20. My favorite song is “Falling Away With You”, but it’s more of a Jacob-song. Vindicated is really good for Bella, I think.
    t’s a hard book, because it’s so many different emotions, it’s really hard to pick one.

  21. I’m a huge “The Killers” fan, but I think “Goodnight, Travel Well”, is a better song, especially if it was played while Jacob is running away at the end. The song itself, speaks of pain and loss, of which both really illustrate Jake’s mood, as it has pushed him to never want to be human again.

  22. Mexican Standoff is SUCH a great song … and so unlike many of the others on SM’s playlist musically. I just love it – and love the way the lyrics capture the way that Jacob feels about Edward. I’ve always thought of it as a Jacob song. But that’s what’s so great – you could easily argue that it’s how Edward feels about Jacob … making the whole “Mexican standoff” image even stronger.
    The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot is equally great – but I chose Standoff because of its uniqueness.

  23. It’s not listed but check out Making Me Nervous by Brad Sucks. Could be good for Eclipse or Breaking Dawn.. Very good.

  24. The boy who blocked his own shot because i freaking love Brand New Jesse lacey is a lyrical genius!! p.s. i actually think its an Edward song from the new moon playlist used to demonstrate the bit when he leaves it totaly fits that but i guess it could work as a Jacob song!! however i am totally team Edward lol


  26. I always thought The Strokes song, Whatever Happened? was perfect for jacob at the end of eclipse.

    I want to be forgotten,
    and I don’t want to be reminded.
    You say “please don’t make this harder.”
    No, I won’t yet.

    I wanna be beside her.
    She wanna be admired.
    You say “please don’t make this harder.”
    No, I won’t yet.

    See the rest of the lyrics here.

  27. SimplyJennifer says

    I voted The Boy Who Blocked his own Shot because the son is perfect in the book and the first time I heard it I felt the pain it tries to convey. Any song by Blue October is amazing and would work in the movie and books. Of course Muse is amazing so they should have a song on the soundtrack for Eclipse because they have been on the soundtracks for the last two movies. Overall this is my favorite playlist Stephenie has made for her books.

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