Taylor Lautner’s Superbowl Weekend

Taylor-and-Rob-LoweTaylor Lautner is having one action packed weekend. First he was in Direct TV’s Celebrity Beach Bowl with Twilight co-star Kellan Lutz and countless other celebrities. Then he’s hanging around to see the Superbowl because the Colts are in the game. Being a Michigan native, Taylor is rooting for the Colts, and of all people he seems to have bonded with Rob Lowe over the Colts love!

According to E! Rob Lowe stated:

“Taylor’s another Colts fan and he’s such a great guy,” Rob said when I caught up with him at the Audi penthouse party at the W. “He and I are here for the Super Bowl as well, and I brought my boys with me, so we just have a boys club, who’s been traveling around on this amazing Colts run.”

But Rob says he left his wife home, who’s a huge Twi-hard…

“My wife is the Twilight freak in the house and she loves it,” he said. “She’s really funny. I keep giving her reports on where we’re going, what we’re doing.”

See the full story on E! where Rob Lowe is the latest celebrity to state what a down-to-earth guy Taylor is.


  1. GO COLTS! I love football so Taylor AND football is literally my dream come true. So you can imagine my excitement over the beach bowl yesterday. pure awesomeness. Except for the fct that they weren’t throwing Taylor anything

  2. lol i’m from Michigan i everyone was going for the saints-not one for colts. that’s a wee bit incorrect

  3. WHO DAT!

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