Borders Announces Midnight Relase DVD Parties

Borders New Moon Party

So go and talk to your local Borders and see if they are one of the participating locations. However, given our past experience with these things, give it until the weekend and “the memo” getting to all employees.


  1. Stitch-n-Snitch says

    OOOOH! I hope my local Borders is participating!

  2. Hey All! If you live in Manhattan, KS there isn’t a Borders so you can come join the Hastings Midnight Release Party.

  3. This is exactly what I was waiting for: a Borders exclusive New Moon DVD. Last year, I bought the Twilight exclusive edition from Borders, and I’ll probably buy my New Moon DVD from there this year too. I’m still waiting for more details.

  4. Amy Darlene says

    I Can’t wait. Last year’s party was fantastic!

  5. For the Twilight DVD release, our Borders was supposed to have this huge party… however, Rachelle LeFevre ended up coming to a Walmart across town, and the Borders thing ended up being nothing at all. This time we are waiting until the announcements about actors coming out for signings are up… I’m still pre-ordering a Borders special edition though, I LOVE my Twilight special edition from them =)

  6. UK no longer has borders 🙁

  7. As a Borders employee, and the one who has worked a few events– do give your local store time to find out. I hear about these things on the Lex sometimes weeks before the memo makes it to the individual stores. But, please do attend an event at your local Borders. I know we stepped up our Twilight game this year, and that the industry owes a lot to Twilight fans. 🙂 Hope to see you guys on March 19th!

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