Singapore University – Nanyang Technological University Students Survey on Twilight & Twilight Fans

There’s no need to tell the regular readers of this blog that Twilight is a worldwide phenomena.  Well, now it’s  your chance to help some fellow Twilighters out.  Twilight Singapore (the blog that brought us all that FABULOUS footage from the Japan Twilight movie events in 2009) contacted us about university students in Singapore that need your help. Twilight Singapore  writes:

“NTU Students have contacted us for their final year assignment. They are doing a study of Twilight (Books & Movies) and its fans. They have prepared a survey for fans to complete anonymously wherever they are in the world.

The results of the survey will not be published in the media but the students have promised to share with us their findings and in turn we will share it with you guys! Here is the link to the Survey .

The university students write:

“Hello! We’re final year NTU students, and we’re conducting a study on Twilight and its fans. We really hope you can help by posting a link to it on the blog. We can also send you the results of our study when we’re done. It should be an interesting read. Below is the template I used when posting to a few other LJ comms and sites, you can just use it on your blog if you want to. Thank you so much for your help!

Esther and team “


  1. Not at all what I expected. Not the usual Twilight survey- Who’s your favorite character? Which team are you on? Do you run hot or cold? 😉

    I was surprised by how much introspection the survey required of me. Took a good look at and into myself- hadn’t done that in quite sometime…hmmm.

    At times, I felt like Bella in her dream sequence…truth, it ain’t always pretty but it does open your eyes 😉

    • I too was surprised. I was also expecting a who’s your favorite character, did you read the books before watching the movie, and why did you read twilight. That kind of survey.

      This survey really makes you look at what kind of person you are. The only real problem I had was the beer question. I had to pick randomly on that one, since I don’t drink. I’m looking forward to seeing the results.

      • I think it’s beacause ratehr than just a look at Twilight and its fans, it is an assignment – they will have to perform statistical analysis on that data, correlation etc. (eg. are twilight readers war or cold vs intelectual or interested in simpler problems)..

        By the vain of the questions it looks to me like they’re hypothesising something about the complexity of twilight (being rather simple) and readers intelligence/tendency to go for easier problems…

        I hope, as fans, our data is able to give a positive impression of our minds rather than just what the mainstream media sees (ie. the screaming brain dead fangirl).

        • I got the same idea. I think they may be surprised to find that Twilight fans aren’t just escapist women with no friends and no brains. We are smart, involved and love a great series of books!

  2. switzy4ever14 says:

    cool idea.

    something totally unrelated… does anyone realize we’re only 149 days shy of eclipse?

  3. Uh, I was allowed to submit the survey because it said that I hadn’t completed Section V (sex and age). But I had. ???

  4. Sorry, “was NOT allowed to submit the survey.”

    • The test was inadequatly prepared. If you don’t answer the beer question, then it won’t accept your survey.
      I don’t drink, so I couldn’t tick off any of those options.
      A more appropriate response would have been a 4th. D) I don’t drink. Which I think you’ll find is the case with many of the Twilight readers, regardless of age.
      Now how do I finish the survey?

      • I had the same problem too. There should be an “I don’t drink beer” option. In the end, I just picked a random one because I didn’t want all of my other answers to go to waste.

      • I believe they are looking more for are you a high spender or do you go cheap. I also picked randomly because I don’t drink, an interesting question for the Twilight fan base where many fans are young.

  5. I think judging by the questions, they are trying to determine conclusively if Twi-hards are reclusive, depressive, and lazy.

    • Yeah I totally agree. The beer question stumped me too because I don’t drink at all. I tried submitting it w/out answering that question but it wouldn’t allow me so I ended up picking Heineken, which will skew the results. All in all, I’m looking forward to seeing what the survey shows, but will take it with a grain of salt since it looks like the results will not be a bit distorted.

    • Survey Team says:

      Many research papers have long linked personality traits to parasocial behaviors, and we’re looking to see how this theory will fit into the worldwide phenomenon that is Twilight. We are fans of Twilight ourselves, and we will never seek to disrespect them. We’re really sorry if we’ve offended you.

      • Hi Survey Team, definitely no offense taken. I actually enjoyed the survey & am interested in the outcome. Twilight has been such a big part of many people’s lives (it has been for me) so I’m glad someone has decided to look past the hype & dig deeper into this worldwide phenomenon.

        In regards to your reply that you’ve added a feature that we could leave questions blank if they didn’t apply to us, should I submit another survey? I was honest about everything else, it was just the beer question that didn’t apply to me.

        Thanks again & have a great day!

    • Survey Team says:

      In response to the others about the products/brands: We’re limited to only a few product lines due to certain constraints. As such, we ask that respondents choose the brand they can “see themselves using” based on the brands’ personalities or their impressions on the brands, and not what they’ve used before.

      However, we also note that some of you may not even have any interest in that particular product line. We’ve changed the survey so that you can now submit your answers even if you leave them blank. Thank you so much for your feedback, and we’re really grateful for your help. Sorry if we’ve caused any inconvenience.

      • daisyduck says:

        Except I just filled it in and it still wouldn’t let me submit without answering those questions.

      • Hi Survey Team,

        You spelled “McDonald’s” wrong. It should be “McDonald’s”, and not “MacDonald”.

        Also, I have to agree with some of the posters. You have to provide an option for people who don’t drink beer, people who don’t use cosmetics, and people who don’t eat junk food. It will make your survey results inaccurate.

        Nice change of surveys for once, though! Hope you get a lot of good information!

  6. sillygirl says:

    I have to agree with some of the other posters on here. I’m not a big drinker so that answer was made up. Also, I don’t eat at fast food restaurants so I just made up an answer for that too. Isn’t it funny how much we just assume of each other?

  7. daisyduck says:

    I had a problem with the beer question because I don’t drink alcohol at all- don’t have a clue what beer I would drink if I did. I also don’t drive, so I chose random answers for those two questions. I have to say- it was a pretty flawed questionnaire overall. I’m a teacher and I desperately wanted to re-write the whole thing for them!

  8. Julie Anna says:

    The Survey Team said they fixed the questionnaire so we should be able to leave a blank answer, but it still wouldn’t let me leave the beer question blank. (I don’t drink either- couldn’t tell you anything about beer brands.) I’m glad they mentioned they were Twilight fans themselves because I, too, was offended by some of the questions. I’m not friendless and depressed, I just know a great love story when I read one. I’m a huge Jane Austen fan and I rank the Twilight novels up there when it comes to true love and romance.

  9. I agree with many of those who commented. I don’t drink and I had to pick randomly on that question. I think it will skew the results of their survey because many of the fans do not drink.

  10. just filled out the survey – I didn’t fill in the beer question or the make-up question and I was able to submit it. I did make a comment at the end that I don’t drink any of those beers nor could I see myself drinking them, don’t wear make-up and prefer BMW or Porsche to Mercedes (which I chose). Maybe a comment is required for the survey to be accepted with empty answer fields? Maybe not. Either way, it took it without those answered.
    The personality questions were interesting. It surely looks like they are looking for what kind of people are into Twilight and if we have some common personality traits or quirks….
    It will be interesting to see the results.

  11. Survey Team says:

    Thank you for all the responses! We’ve now closed the survey and are looking forward to analyzing the results. We will keep you updated about the results! Again, thank you all so much for the help!

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