Ashley Greene: Skateland Clip

Ashley Greene co-stars in Skateland with Shiloh Fernandez ( who was actually one of the four finalists for the part of Edward Cullen, according to Catherine Hardwicke.) The film had it’s debut at Sundance. Although many are saying that the script is a bit predicable, the performers, themselves, are getting good reviews such as the one below from The Hollywood Reporter.

“The Sundance Film Festival this year is pitching itself as the place where filmmakers can renew the rebellion against the expected and proudly give birth to brave new ideas. So what’s “Skateland” doing in the Dramatic Competition? For an indie film, it’s very well made, even rather slick, in fact. But what a thoroughly conventional movie it is. “Skateland” is every coming-of-age-after-high-school movie you’ve ever seen with a formulaic plot and well-worn characters.

It probably got shortlisted because several scenes exhibit strong writing and the performances in the main roles are aces. So if nothing else, director Anthony Burns has a solid calling card to show the film industry.”


  1. Ashley really reminds me of Nora off Step up. She’s really pretty too 🙂

  2. vampbball says:

    Oh thank goodness KS was there at the auditions. For people who think RP is too wooden, we could have had this guy!

  3. vampbball says:

    To the Lex Admin: are the identities of the four EC finalists public information? Do you have a link where CH gives their names?

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