The New Moon DVD Rundown: Pre-Orders Start Today

So there are tons of versions this year and better options with DVD and Blu-Ray releasing the same day. Every version has a little something different when it comes to the extras: red carpet interviews, Eclipse previews, etc. (though as of right now their product descriptions leave a bit to be desired so that you can’t tell who has what. Trust us those things are on different versions and we’re currently emailing several chains stating “um, did you forget to mention something in your product listings”) So check it out and decide which version works for you (our personal advice, unless it’s refundable, wait until later in the week when full descriptions are up):



Best Buy

The Twilight Saga: New Moon (Two-Disc Special Edition)

The Twilight Saga: New Moon [Blu-ray]


Barnes and Noble (yet to go live)

Walmart (yet to go live)


  1. even Amazon doesn’t list anything about Deleted/Extended Scenes. hmmmm

    • mschicklet says:

      The scenes will be there. They just haven’t updated the product info. Pre order was JUST made available like 10 minutes ago.

  2. Why do I get the feeling either Summit was too cheap to pay the actors for commentaries or Summit is holding back deleted/extended scenes and actors commentaries for another extra super duper special DVD later on after fans bought 1? I have suspicion something fishy is up. Summit has no bound with greed IMO.

  3. Isn’t there suppossed to be a 3 disc version coming out as well?? Where can we get that?

    • Yes, there is a 3-disc special edition, but it’s only being sold at Target and they have the pre-order price at $26.99. For some reason, target is the only retailer to offer a 3-disc edition, which they also offered for Twilight.

  4. mschicklet says:

    Geez, were the Amazon people on an acid trip when they wrote this? $31 pre-order? Even Borders is cheaper and they’re usually the worst.

  5. I’m not buying the dvd because I would never watch it. The Edward and Bella scenes were cut and rushed…key dialogue was completed left out. There’s no commentary with Rob and Kristen so why does scummit think people want to buy this?

    • mschicklet says:

      I liked the movie but I agree that the lack of commentary is a huge disappointment. Either way, there is no way I’m paying $31 on Amazon.

    • OMG!! “SCUMMIT” funny.feel the same way they messed up the dialogue left out scenes and then replaced them w/crazy fav the last scene ed has to smack down poor jacob and then asks his beloved btw will u marry me????the actors all did great but was not impressed with the movie.Im going into eclipse w/no expectations.. ill wait for the dvd…

  6. Temperance says:

    Blockbuster is pre-ordering them as well. At my store, we’re giving away a little 2010 calendar with pre-orders. I’m not sure they’re available online yet, but we got an employee memo yesterday that pre-orders start today in the stores.

  7. I’m debating whether or not to buy it when it first comes out. I bought Twilight and then later foudn out there was a 3 disc special edition. I may wait to see if that will happen again.
    I however am not paying $31 for it either.
    I agree with the lack of key dialogue between Edward and Bella as well but I still thought the movie was good.

  8. HMV canada is doing the pre sale as well. I know it is a 2 disc edition but they are giving out film cells with pre orders of either Jacob or Edward. They did this with Twilight as well.

  9. Stellarrose says:

    I work at a Borders and yep, it’s available on preorder for $22.99.

  10. Borders just has the directors name… which is kind of annoying. Plus I want to see if its going to have a pretty cover like the Twilight borders edition did… otherwise i’m just getting it from target… along with a copy of twilight … cause then they match …

  11. Twilight9009 says:

    I am hoping Target comes out with a 3 disc version again. If not I will just get the two disc, thats fine with me. I am just glad I will be owning it on DVD soon!

  12. The barnes and noble one is the same as it is on amazon and it’s much pricier. B&N is 31 and amazon is 21.99 for dvd version!

  13. Target is coming out with a 3-disc version of both the DVD and Blu-ray see here:

  14. Twilight9009 says:

    Thank you nelln! I checked before I posted but they didn’t have it when I checked. Now I am really excited for the dvd! But I must admit I am not a huge fan of the 3 disc cover since I am team Edward lol

  15. I think I’m going to get mine from Target… I want to be able to have it on my ipod!!!

  16. Target’s 3-disk eddition is also coming with a film cell. That’s probably where I will get mine. That’s where I got Twilight and I loved the extra disc!

  17. yeah.. im def. going to get mine from Target.. i dont see anyone else offering a 3 disc deluxe edition for that price..

  18. FYI Prices ARE NOT final, they may fluctuate before it actually releases, as with Amazon I’m 100% sure that by time the DVD comes out it will be prices the same if not less than other retailors.

  19. Are they selling the Target version at HMV in Canada??? They did last year with Twilight. PLEASE SAY YES.

    • i remember they sold the 3 disc version at hmv last year which is why i’m waiting to see what’s going to happen. i dont’ want to preorder the dvd at hmv and then later they get a 3 disc version. i think i may actually e-mail hmv and see what’s up

  20. I bought the 3 disc of Twilight at Target last summer when it was on sale for 13.99.(I confess I hadn’t seen Twilight in the theater and was blown away when I rented it to see what all the fuss was about). Love the 3 disc version. I am tempted to wait for the sale but I have a feeling that isn’t going to happen since Eclipse is so close to release.

  21. So, definitely no commentary with Rob, Kristen and Taylor, then? I just cannot believe that.

  22. the lack of a commentary with rob & kristen is the biggest letdown to me. i was looking forward to it more than anything. i don’t understand why way back we read an interview w/ chris where he said he was planning to go into the recording studio with them for the commentary? i’d really like to know if that just never ended up happening and why..

  23. Only 2 versions available in the Uk- 1 disc and a 2 disc. Same version of each at every store and website, so no exclusive to xxxx trickery going on. They’ve been available for pre-order for some time now. Pre-ordered mine over 2 weeks ago from with a free Edward?Jacob keyring. It costs £12.99 which is about $17-18 I think.
    Extras listed are the following (deleted scenes listed but no commentary at all, which I don’t believe, There will be one.):

    # With Exclusive Double-sided Key Chain
    # The Journey Continues: a 6-part making of documentary: 1. Life after Twilight, 2. Chris Weitz takes the helm, 3. The subtle details, 4. A look at production, 5. It’s not magic, 6. Ready for the World
    # Death Cab for Cutie: “Meet me on the Equinox” Music Video
    # Anya Marina: “Satellite Heart” Music Video
    # Muse: “I belong to you” behind the scenes rehearsal footage Music Video
    # Mutemath: “Spotlight” Music Video
    # Fan Event Q&A with Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner and Chris Weitz
    # Fandimonium – a look at the die-hard fans
    # Team Jacob vs Team Edward: the ultimate love triangle
    # Deleted scenes
    # Edward goes to Italy
    # Edward Fast Forward
    # Jacob Fast Forward
    # Interview with the Volturi
    # Introducing the Wolfpack
    # Becoming Jacob
    # Edward goes to Italy
    # Jacob fast forward
    # Edward fast forward
    # The beat goes on: the music of “The Twilight Saga: New Moon”
    # Frame by Frame: storyboards to screen

  24. PS- from looking at the Target website, the extras that are on their exclusive 3 disc edition are exactly the same as those on the UK 2 disc edition which is available everywhere in the UK and for about $10 cheaper. This has to be a first. Everything always costs more here, especially music and film (partly because of our 17.5% sales tax). For once the Brits are getting a good deal!

    • Vampire-girl says:

      daisyduck I am in the UK too and its so unfair that target dont ship here, I wish we had a 3disc option as well, did manage to see some of the twilight 3rd disc as a user put some on utube, will just have to pay more when someone puts nm on ebay

  25. Does anyone else notice the cast listing on the Best Buy DVD? Click on the “Cast & Crew” tab and scroll down. The wolfpack are listed twice and the second time for each, they’ve listed their NA association. Strange.

  26. I just emailed HMV in Canada and they’re only selling the 2 disc version 🙁
    but you can get a film cell if you preorder.

  27. mschicklet says:

    Ok this is ridiculous. CAN ANYONE please tell me if the blu-ray edition comes with the 6 part “making of” AND all the deleted and extended scenes?

    • The special edition blu-ray does come with the extras and is one disc…if you get the deluxe edition from target you get two discs with even more extras….compare the descriptions on targets website between the extras on the dvd and blu-ray and you will see they are the same….the blu-ray just has a higher capacity so it can include the extras in one disc without having to have a second disc

  28. Anyone have any idea if Borders are going to do a special Collector’s edition (with rather nice packaging) like they did for Twilight?

  29. I was hoping the Target one would have the free digital download like Twilight did. Doesn’t say anything. I bought 2 Twilights on DVD the one from Borders and the one from Target.

    Hoping to do the same for New Moon!

  30. I don’t know if the Target 3 disk edition will be comparable to their Twilight 3 disk edition, but their Twilight version was great. Not only did it have extras I didn’t see anywhere else, but it also came with an iTunes download. I’m going to check that out as more details become available. I got the Twilight version at the store for less than the pre-order as well.

  31. Think I’ll wait until something with a nicer packaging comes along. Like the Borders Special Edition DVD with the black packaging. The actors’ pictures on the covers now just don’t appeal to me.

  32. I’ll get it from Target like I did last year for Twilight. I can’t wait!! I will pre-order soon.

  33. If anyone finds out if Target is selling the iTunes download, please post. It was great last year to buy the DVD and get an iTunes download. I listen to the movie all the time and wanted to add New Moon but wanted the DVD and iPod download.

    • There’s free software to upload any movie onto your ipod and the movies take up less space on the ipod then itunes downloads.

  34. The special edition blu-ray does come with the extras and is one disc…if you get the deluxe edition from target you get two discs!

  35. I’ll wait until the Lexicon finds more info about the different versions of the New Moon DVD.

  36. Borders has an exclusive!!!!!

  37. Cool!! movie


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