Peter Facinelli Nurse Jackie Video Diaries Part 1


  1. I see him this week in Nashville. I’m sooooooo exciteed he’s the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. haha, oh pfac, so funny. man id love to have him around for work/school. maybe then id actually WANT to go haha.

  3. Man, Peter Facinelli is sooo good looking. I can’t decide on whether he looks better with brown hair or blonde(which he has in Twilight). I wish I could meet him, and the whole Twilight cast in person, I would truly be grateful.

  4. I’ve officially decided that Peter’s family is the luckiest to have him in their lives. But, then again, I don’ know his family; maybe it’s the other way around?

  5. omg he is so funny! i love him! 🙂

  6. Peter never ceases to amaze me with his fantastic hummer… he puts a smile on my face even when im having a super crappy day!… his Tweets make my day and now the video is a bonus!

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