Shallow Day Sings Of Twilight Woes

You’ve heard of “football widows”, well add the band Shallow Day to the “Twilight Widowers Club”. Poor guys, football season is only a few months, but Twilight…think of it as payback for years of football. Anyway check out the band’s YouTube video of their woes, and see their main site at to Stephanie for giving us the heads up.


  1. bella1976 says:

    That was sooooooooooooooooo funny!

  2. Now that was funny. And very appropriate Alphi and Pel. Thanks

  3. Too funny! I want to show my husband to make him laugh…but then I don’t. Oh well, it will all be over in a couple years once Breaking Dawn finishes it out. He can wait til then. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. That was awesome!!! Love it!

  5. Way too funny! Wonder if the guy at the end realized that his wife probably has more than one copy of each of the books. Maybe that’s just me. Can’t take a chance of something happening to one of them.

  6. Can’t tell you how many ladies I’ve talked to who say their husbands and boyfriends just don’t understand. Funny. Really funny. Payback’s a ____!!

  7. OMG That is too funny. True, but funny. My son calls twilight “Star Wars for girls” & laughs at his silly mom.

  8. I like the line about “having crushes on teenage guys and thinks it’s allright.” Just to clear the record, Rob is not a teenager!!! LOL Otherwise, very funny.

  9. LOL!!! They sure don’t understand! They also read Playboy and Maxim, etc. for the articles!!!!

  10. That was hillarious!! I showed it to my husband and he cracked up too!

  11. the link is

  12. lmao!! i love it! one of the ‘werewolves’ actually looked like bronson pelletier, i had to do a double-take

  13. ashley ann gillum says:

    yeah making the video was so much fun. Shallow Day is an amazingly talented band and Mike Seely is a true genius!

  14. Oh My Gosh!!! I watched this video this morning and when I got home I made my husband watch it…he died laughing and then said, “That’s me and you. Will it ever end?” Of course I told him no! I’m reading all of the books again for the third time. My son keeps asking me how I can read the same books over and over again. I just smile and say because they are freaking AWESOME!!!!

    • I laughed because this is so funny and sooo true. You said about reading the books many times,I am on my fourth re-read and I never ever re-read a book. But I can’t help it, I love the characters and the story. And my sons have said the same thing “how can you keep reading the books over and over again.” because they are awesome!!! My husbands gets it and he’ll utilize my obsession and says to me Bella won’t do that to Edward. Then I really laugh. LOL

  15. edward109 says:

    OMG!!!! that is one funny and very true

  16. WOW…kinda freaks me out….like “has this band secretly been watching me?” Sooooo funny. My husband tries to act all pissy about it too, yet everytime he says he’s going to bed and I turn the movie on he stays up and watches the entire movie! HAHAHA! I tell him it’s OK be a man! own up to the fact you love this movie….Edward would! LOL. Great video guys! MADE my day!

  17. That was so funny! Reminds me or the twi-blog TwilightWidower:
    I loved reading that blog. I wonder where he went.

  18. The single can be purchased on itunes for $.99!

  19. I showed it to my husband and he loved it! He’s been singing it all day and laughing to himself.

    Fine with me because when we went to see New Moon he got a little too involved in the story and started talking back to the screen. He nearly yelled at Edward for lying to Bella and then grumbled when Bella broke Jacob’s heart – and I was the one laughing then!

  20. I didn’t liked the ending no book should be burned ๐Ÿ™

    • I so agree!! I cringed when I show that. Like “NOOO” But still totally awesome video. Good job boys.

    • Talia Vaughn says:

      If you look close they didn’t burn the book, it was just the cover. No worries. I loved the video…freaking hilarious!

  21. I’m lucky… my husband read me all the books in one week. Sweet huh?

  22. That is Awsome!!!!!!!!!

  23. I love this! it is so very true and so funny. However, I would request that you remove it from the site because it hits a little too close to home and I don’t need my husband getting any ideas.

  24. THAT….was AWESOME!!! Serves em (men who watch all the football & other sports & are totaly oblivious to anything or anyone else) right!!! I’m on the 2nd reading of my books, & my “significant other” cannot or will not understand my motivation for even reading them once!! His only comment is…”What?? No fangs?!?! They don’t kill PEOPLE?!?!? What’s the point?!?!?”….I just laugh at him & say…”You’ll never understand, so quit trying!!!”

  25. That was so funny! I just couldn’t stop laughing!

  26. Makes me appreciate the fact that I am single and have no man to bug me about my reading habits. But you know what…it’s true that guys make ladies football/baseball/(insert sport here) widows, so why can’t we have something…except of course Twilight is always on our shelves and hopefully your guy is only into one sport…oh well. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  27. “Every time she she sees Edward, she says ‘He’s so hot! Every time she sees Jacob, she says ‘He’s so hot! Every time she sees me, she says OH MY GOSH!” hahahaha

    • haha my dad always makes fun of me for my twilight obsession, but he just doesn’t get it! his “jacob rips off shirt to stop bella’s cut from bleeding” impression is hilarious though:) And he’s never even seen the movie! just sat through the trailer premieres with me unwillingly:)

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