Twilight Graphic Novel Information From Little Brown

There is additional information on the graphic novel that was first reported today by EW. Below is the official press release from Little Brown.

Twilight Graphic Novel

Yen Press, the graphic novel imprint of Hachette Book Group, announced that it will publish the highly-anticipated first volume in the graphic novel adaptation of  Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight on March 16, 2010.  Twilight: The Graphic Novel, Volume 1 will be released in hardcover for $19.99 ($22.99 CAN) with a first printing of 350,000 copies.  As is typical in graphic novel publishing, due to the length of the prose novel, the book will be divided into two volumes and the release date for the second volume is forthcoming.

Twilight: The Graphic Novel contains selected text from Meyer’s original novel with illustrations by Korean artist Young Kim.  A rare fusion of Asian and Western comic techniques is reflected in this black-and-white graphic novel with color interspersed throughout.  Meyer consulted throughout the artistic process and had input on every panel.

“I’ve enjoyed working on this new interpretation of Twilight,” said Meyer.  “Young has done an incredible job transforming the words that I have written into beautiful images.  The characters and settings are very close to what I was imagining while writing the series.”

Kurt Hassler, Yen Press Publishing Director, said, “Few American publishing properties are better suited to introduce a vast readership to the medium of graphic novel than the phenomenon that is Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight.  Yen Press will certainly continue to expand this audience with the help of Bella and Edward.”

In four years, Stephenie Meyer has become a worldwide publishing phenomenon.  The Twilight Saga’s translation rights have been sold in nearly 50 countries and 85 million copies have been sold worldwide.

Yen Press is an imprint of Hachette Book Group dedicated to publishing graphic novels for adults and young readers.  Yen Press’ focus is primarily on licensed manga, but also publishes across the wide spectrum of the graphic novel market, including, but not limited to: original manga publications, original American comics/graphic novels, webcomics, licensed adaptations, and children’s graphic novels.”


  1. If the art throughout the book is as high-quality as the cover, I’ll definitely buy it.

  2. totally happening.

  3. It looks interesting and of high quality so I’m going to buy it and I can’t wait !

  4. Amy Darlene says:

    oh man I can’t wait! this is only the beginning

  5. i.had.a.dream.last.night says:

    Yen Press publishes the Maximum Ride graphic novels, and they’re pretty good, so let’s hope the same for Twilight. ^^

  6. The art is beautiful. SM said that she worked closely with the artist to get the characters to look as close as possible to what was in Meyer’s head. It’s neat to be able to ‘peek’ in her head. 🙂 The cover scene looks like the meadow.

  7. Can’t wait for this to be released. It sounds Amazing.

  8. Beautiful!

  9. Omg cant believe it!! it’s so beautiful!!

  10. Omg cant believe it!! it’s so beautiful!

  11. its beautiful!!! i totally want it altho i live in the u.k. and noweheres got it up4preorder yet rubbish!!

  12. Why do I have the feeling Edward is going to be on 2nd cover, and then if you place them next to each other it will illustrate the meadow scene? x]

  13. I am really excited about this!! Can’t wait!!! It sucks, Vicki, that nothing is up yet for preorder in the UK, but you guys have some cool twilight merchandise that we don’t. And Tora, you’re probably right! I didn’t think about it that way. Did I say I was excited!! 🙂 🙂

  14. Wow. It looks really beautiful… but I’m not that much of a graphic-novel reader.

  15. Anything having to do with the series, I’m on it. I’d love to see a new twist on such a beloved story.

  16. I was SO EXCITED when i hears twilight was being made into a graphic novel but this looks AMAZING! the art is incredible just by looking at the cover! March cant come any quicker!!

  17. Must have for my book collection (that includes more than just Twilight…) I’m off to borders!

  18. Of course I will buy it for my own collection as well as for my high school library!

  19. i hope they have one for new moon eclipse and breaking dawn! i cant wait

  20. i have never been a manga fan the only manga that i have read is the maximum ride manga but now that Twilight is goin manga im definitely becoming a manga fan!

  21. Angela ^_^ says:

    “A rare fusion of Asian and Western comic techniques” it’s not that rare, pretty cover though

  22. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! I cant wait!!!!!!!! March is going to be AAAAMMMMMMMMAAAAAAZZZZZINGGGGGGGGG!!!!


    1st—Jacob Barbie
    9th—Scandal Private novel
    16th–EEEEE TWilight graphic novel
    20th–New Moon on DVD

    p.s. the cover makes me want to sCReEEEEEEEEEEEmmmmm!!! so what if i already did…..

  23. WOW. I never buy graphic novels but I’ll probably get this set!!

  24. p.s.s. i think Bella (on the cover) looks a lot like Bella Barbie….

  25. I LOVE YEN PRESS! hell yeah im getting this! OH! tht add was jst on tv with taylor and taylor in it, he was hott(;

  26. yeah she looks nothing like kristen

  27. vampbball says:

    You know, this might make up for some of the failings of the movie. We finally get to see a polite, deferential Edward. I can’t wait!

  28. ps what is that on her wrist

    • I think that is her cuff from her shirt. In the book her and Edward match wearing tan sweaters over white collared shirts.

  29. Bella already looks like a vampire. she looks too pretty also. it’s beautiful artwork, but it doesn’t feel like twilight. Still,,, I’ll buy it

  30. I see a bit of Stephenie Meyer in her. Lindaaaa Cover!!!

  31. I’m a school librarian, so it’s definitely going on my shelves. This will encourage reluctant readers who are intimidated by the thickness of the original books, to actually read the series. This graphic adaptation will attract a whole new group of young readers to the Twilight phenomenon.

  32. im gona make my brother buy mine becuz he messedup my eclipse book!! n i also wonder where it ends? n where the other starts??? probly half way…. ahhh then that means itll stop at the meadow.

  33. The cover is really beautiful. Young Kim must be a true artist.

  34. I saw the preview of thi in “EW” today. I couldn’t read it without visibly cringing. I tried to read it three times with no luck. I hate the thought of “Twilight” being turned into a cartoon. But, it will make money and making money is all there is.

    *Sing* Money, Money, Money…Money makes the world go round…

    • Angela ^_^ says:

      i hear ya *sigh* giant money making marketing campaign. honestly the more i think about the graphic novel the more i feel queasy about it

  35. Christine Fox says:

    March can’t get here fast enough!!! I’m dying to get my hands on this book. Has anyone heard if the rest of the Twilight series are going to be made into a graphic novel as well? I hope they are.

  36. Yuck! The term “graphic novel” must be to give a new air, to reinvent the former “comic book” term that doesn’t exactly motivate one to read a story if one can already handle with ease a grown-up work of literature. This makes those who love comic books and wish everything were written in that form, due to laziness and poor reading skills feel better about themselves. And why does anime art styles have the corner on the ‘graphic novel’ genre? Not like what I pictured as I read. I’m sure no one that read the books pictured it in anime art panels. Now children will who are introduced to it in this way, when they read the actual book. Huge disservice!! Like I said, “YUCK!”

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