Kristin Chenoweth’s New Moon Audition

Earlier this month Kristin did a trailer spoof, now she back with an audition spoof. It’s all promo stunts for the Critics Choice Awards airing this Friday night on VH1.


  1. Absolutely LOVE KCheno!!! Love, love, LOVE!!!

  2. I like a good parody as much as the next guy, but would it be too much to wish for that it was actually funny?

  3. Well that was…disturbing… O.o lol

  4. That really wasnt funny, or good, what was the point???

  5. Not as funny as the wolf scene spoof… >.>

  6. Utterly horrible, not funny, and plagiarized from SNL. Dan Akroyd did the same thing while portraying Julia Child. I thought Kristin Chenoweth had more class than this.

  7. Can’t see it because I live in canada I think. If you find a youtube video of this please can you post it.
    Thanks 😀

  8. i think i am the only one who seriously dislikes Kchen :-0 she irks me the wrong way and shes annoying jeez!

  9. i didnt laugh. i just cringed. and i love Kristen so that was kinda hard to watch….

  10. That was…ummmm….interesting (read: bizarre). I love Kristin Chenoweth but that was terrible…

  11. hahahhaha, lol

  12. what the heck was that?

  13. Taylor Lautner's girlfreind says:

    That was hilarious! u can totally tell that the finger she chopped off was fake

  14. she was making fun of k. stewart and her blah acting

  15. i get that she was making fun of kstew (who i am not a huge fan of so it’s not like i am offended that she made fun of her) but still this was just not funny.


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