Twilighters Mobilizing For Hatian Disaster Relief

Actors such as Chaske Spencer have tweeted about donating money is as simple as sending a text message.

The Thinking of Rob Blog is currently leading the charge. They have an excellent detailing of what is needed and how you can help. From our experience in the Harry Potter Fandom, it’s a great thing when sites can come together and raise money for a humanitarian cause. The Harry Potter fandom did this for both the Boxing Day Tsunami and Hurricane Katrina.  Tens of thousands of dollars were raised.

Please vistit that Thinking of Rob blog and help anyway you can. The images coming out of Haiti are gruesome to say the least.

What’s even more crucial is that the need is going to be there months from now.   We are going to be putting together a Twilight themed basket to auction off for this cause, proceeds to the Red Cross. Details will follow next week.

EDITED: One of our regular readers works with Doctors Without Borders. This organization is already onsite and providing aid.


  1. I’m so glad to see the Twilight fandom getting together to help. We have friends in Haiti who are missionaries and my husband has spent a lot of time over there. They are really great people with a huge need, most people can’t truly fathom the poverty and total lack of any real infrastructure. They need a lot of help right about now, and so soon after last summer’s hurricane disaster, they are suffering greatly.

  2. Pastor Paul says:

    This is a very worthwhile endeavor that this group is supporting. Red Cross, Doctors without Borders, United Methodist Committee on Relief UMCOR, are all worthwhile charities. Support as you are able all amounts are welcome.

  3. I live on Dominican Republic. I’m very proud of the quick response of TL and its fandom. The haitian people need help more than never.
    Thank you on their behalf, I know they are very grateful.

    • Hey all of you in Lexicon world! We can make a difference. I’m about to jump over to Thinking of Rob and see what they have going on. There is also a link on my blog @ It is for samaritans purse! They are mobilized and ready to go. Also the red cross. I want to get a counter going to see how much twilighters can make a difference. Thanks!



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