Forks Police Chief Loses Job

Forks Chief of Police for the last decade, Mike Powell has lost his job according to the Forks Forum. Newly elected mayor, Bryon Monohon, dismissed Powell.  Monohon, who just took office on January 1, 2010  issued the official statement, “I have determined that there is a need for new leadership in the Forks Police Department. As a result, and pursuant to FMC 2.30.010, I have dismissed Mike Powell from the position of Chief of Police for the City of Forks…In the days ahead I will be further assessing the direction and structure of the Forks Police Department.  In addition, I will be developing my expectations for the new chief of police in relationship to the operations of the Forks Police Department.”

Many Twilight fans have encountered Powell over the years and his afflable nature regarding the Twilight Saga and Charlie comparisons. He routinely would pose for picture and “arrest’ fans when asked time permitting. We met Mike last Summer while attending the Summer School in Forks Symposium and captured this video of him talking about how Twilight has impacted his life.


  1. That’s sad for him. I hope he finds another good job. too bad that they had to dismiss a really friendly guy. 🙁 good luck to him.

  2. Sounds like a jealous boss. I hope we as Twilight fans can support Powell until we get a real explanation for his dismissal.


    • Lomesir22 says:

      We have NO idea why he was dismissed, and it’s cruel to call someone whom you’ve never met “jealous”.

  3. sounds like a guy who is jealous that the chief is a twilight fan favorite in Forks.

    There aren’t a lot of jobs anywhere, especially what i think there would be in such small/tiny Forks, seems like an unreasonable lost of a job with no evidence.

    if he has been the cheif for 10 years, he must be doing something right….

    • Lomesir22 says:

      You don’t know anything about the circumstances, so don’t say there’s no evidence, and don’t call a man you’ve never met or know anything about “jealous”.

    • Lomesir22 says:

      I don’t like to hear about people losing their jobs, but this kind of thing happens all the time, especially when there’s a change of leadership. If Mr. Powell was let go under good circumstances (and that’s not always the case), I trust that the law enforcement community of the region will find a place for him.

    • Lomesir22 says:

      Also, it’s petty and immature to say that the new major is “jealous” of Powell. Any mayor with half a brain could see that Powell is a large part of one of Forks’ biggest sources of revenue: Twilight Mania. With that in mind, combined with the speed of his dismissal, I’m led to suspect that there was probably a problem/controversy inside the police force, and the mayor didn’t like how Powell was handling it.

  4. Animalover95 says:

    I hope he and his family are doing okay. Hopefully he’ll have another job in no time! I just hope he wasn’t fired because of the time he was devoting to the fans because if it was “our” (I for one, have never been to Forks, so “our” as in “we, the fans”) I’d feel really bad. Anyway, he seems really nice and genuine so I feel sorry fo him, that he got fired and all. I would like a better explination as to why this happened but we don’t know for sure, or at all really, that it was because his new boss was jealous and I really think that his boss probaly was hesitant to fire him because of people’s possible reactions. Anyway, the goverment and Police really never tell us anything so why, are we now all of a sudden, epecting answers. Case point, this article:,0,1119086.story I know this didn’t take place in Forks but I’m ‘just saying…’

  5. hire Charlie!

  6. Our best wishes to Chief Powell and his family. Good luck to whoever is called upon to relpace him.

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