Taylor Lautner: Highest paid teen actor in Hollywood

tlIt is being reported that Taylor Lautner snagged an amazing 7.5 million to star in Northern Lights opposite Tom Cruise.  Nikki Finki has deduced that with this sum of money Lautner has sky rocketed to being the highest paid teenaged actor in Hollywood over Zac Efron and Miley Cyrus.  Fans of Twilight might think he’s worth the price tag, but as Cinema Blend points out, Lautner hasn’t carried a film on his own yet which makes the paycheck that much more impressive.

Given that Lautner hasn’t carried a single movie without the word Twilight in the title, that’s a pretty significant gamble. Robert Pattinson’s projects beyond Twilight haven’t really gone anywhere, though granted, he hasn’t been groomed as a new star by a studio in the same way. But can the Twilight effect carry on without Bella lurking somewhere in the frame?”


  1. first!!=]

  2. i wonder how much rob and kristen make….=]

  3. It’s been clear since the beginning that Taylor is the one with the most defined career aspirations. You could even see that way back in Shark Boy/Lava Girl days and his martial arts accomplishments. Kristen, Rob and the rest of the cast are no less ready to work and work hard, but Taylor is the most aggressive. Kristin is all about the work – not being a star and Rob seems to be following that path.

  4. Rob has not had a film released since filming Twilight, at least nothing that was filmed after Twilight. Let’s see what Remember Me does in March!!!!!

    • Actually he did it was called Little Ashes and it was wonderful. I am an artist and a big fan of Salvador Dali.

      • Little Ashes was filmed prior to Twilight. Point is though, Taylor is after a whole different level of fame and good for him. I don’t think Rob even has a publicist nor does he want one.

    • Ok first off people Rob is not a Teenager so he wont be on that list.

  5. Taylor handles himself beautifully with the media and his acting will just get better and better, good for him (or his agent). As for Rob, I believe he is an equally good actor who hasn’t had much time
    to do many movies while they are all still squeezing in small stuff between Twi-saga. They all have wonderful careers ahead of them.

    • Taylor is very well trained to the point of being boring to watch. He seems to be going for the easy/cheesy film roles. I much prefer Robs & Kristens path of doing more artistic/gritty roles.

      • I totally agree with Taylor being well trained and boring. I so much more appreciate Rob’s candidness and freshness in interviews. I also agree with other comments made about Rob not being out to be a star. He is all about the script and not about the next big blockbuster. I think he would be just as happy to keep making independent films. They would get seen just on his name.

  6. sillygirl says:

    Taylor is great and makes the perfect Jacob, and he should be highly paid. but I gotta say his WHITE WHITE teeth freak me out a bit (a lot!)…Drink some coffee or something! 🙂

    • abigael_d says:

      everytime i watch this Twilight Lexicon interview with Taylor, for the whole video, I stare at his super white teeth… o_O i love his teeth hahaha 😛

      and that’s so amazing for Taylor. he works very hard, and i’m happy for him for that…

  7. That’s a lot of pressure for such a young actor to reap in the dollars for being the face of a movie, although I’d imagine that Tom Cruise’s will help tremendously. Taylor is definitely more career/fame ambitious than the likes of Robert and Kristen though.

  8. Zac Efron isn’t a teenager either, btw…

  9. Miley Cyrus is probably throwing a fit right about now…

  10. I’m so happy for Taylor. He deserves it. I think he really wants to do well since his family made the move to LA (from Michigan) for him since he showed interest in acting.
    I’m also so glad to hear Miley got beat!!! I’m sick of her and her hatred for Twilight!!!

  11. Happy for Taylor. Wish him all the best. I don’t think he’s boring; just more aggressive and outgoing. Nothing wrong with that, if that’s your style. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea. I also agree with others here. I don’t think Rob is neccesarily looking for the same kind of success/accolades as Taylor. Two different people. Two different styles and ways of looking at the world. I wish both-or should I say all 3(lest I forget Kristen)-continued success and happiness.

  12. Tom Cruise is not in this movie, lol ! Taylor is way more into the fame game than the likes of Rob or Kris who just want to act roles that interest them. Taylor’s always said he wanted to do action movies and in general it’s a shorter lived career since you’re type cast for like… ever… lol… so I can see why he’s going after the bucks. That said, I think Kristen was paid more for NM & Eclipse and she’s a teen ! lol !

  13. I hope it’s true and am very happy for Taylor. I’m sure he’ll have no problem “carrying” any film. He’s got a lot of charisma and is so well spoken. I think he’s really poised for a 17 year old!!! I think he’ll make a great action star and that totally fits with his martial arts background 🙂 I think this is just the beginning for him and he’ll have a long and successful career in blockbusters. I think of him as an up and coming Matt Damon. I see Rob and Kristen doing more “indie”, “artsy” lower budget flicks. Not that that’s bad – just more their style. I am always impressed with Taylor when the 3 of them do appearances together. I think he really stands out whereas Rob and Kristen always look shy, awkward, and fidgety. Go Taylor! 🙂

    • And Matt Damon tries to do smaller roles to mix it up every once in awhile. I don’t think being an action star was ever a priority for him, it just happened. I don’t think Tay is boring like others have said but I do hope he doesn’t give up smaller roles or indie films completely, they might help the longevity of his career or his acting chops.

      Good for him and I agree with the person who said she was glad he “beat” Miley Cyrus in this. Good for him. 🙂

  14. Yonetta says:

    so in my oppinion he is the only one with acting talent. K has the same face when she is “happy”, when she is “sad”, she is actually one of the worst actresses i have ever seen in my life. And Rob looks too much in pain, i read the books, i know how it should be like, and he was not tortused all the time…
    Anyway, Taylor really was the only one acting, and he did a great job at it. And to add a plus, i knew that he would become this famous actor. Cause he has the ambition and the talent.
    So no surpize here…

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