Rolling Stone: Which Movies Deserve the Love and the Hate?

Rolling Stone states:

“Hollywood had its biggest year ever with $10.6 billion — I said billion! — in the till for 2009. And we weren’t just paying more for the price of a ticket. Admissions were up by four percent. But if we are defined as a culture by the movies that win the popular vote, you may be pulled up short by this list of the Top 10 winners of 2009…Tell me which one of these Top 10 grossers you’d put in your personal time capsule and which one you’d like to see burn like the Nazi high command at the end of Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds?”

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  1. Avatar WILL overtake Transformers 2. Just wait and see.

  2. What a year. I read some of the comments on the page and I have to admit America has gotten stupid. I posted one of my own and though I made a point (in my opinion) no one will care. Ignorance in America is just too strong.

  3. Well of course I am going to be a little once side, I mean come on I am posting on the Lexicon 🙂

  4. alwaysedward says:

    Actually, I referred to your comment Jeremy before I read the Lexicon’s comments – I agreed with you, it’s not the vampires, its the love!!

  5. Honestly, I refuse to see Avatar for more reasons than I have time to state. The biggest one is that just looking at the graphics give me a headache. The world in general may think that they are fantastic but they bother me. That’s the only movie on the list that I thought didn’t belong there, but it’s just my opinion and I don’t want to get shot.

    • I refuse to watch Avatar too. I mean, James Cameron had a $500 million budget for it and it took like 10 years to make so, any director given that kind of budget and time frame could come up with something. But really, I HATE Alien/sci-fi type movies!!! Plus I heard the plot is BLAH and it’s all in the effects. Of course the effect should be good with that kind of budget and time.
      I just don’t want to add my well-earned $$ to a movie that all the 50 yr. old male critics cream about about because they clearly have a narrow opinion when it comes to rating a teen love story movie that they can’t relate. They shouldn’t be movie critics IMO if they’re that closed minded!!! It’s like being a food critic but hate meat!! Seriously!! Say NO to AVATAR!! Show your loyalties to the Twilight Saga, twilighters and let our voice be heard… at least in magazine/tv/internet polls!!!!

      • I think you may be misinformed about Avatar. He wrote the first draft of the script ten years ago but he didn’t start working on it until a few years ago. He stated that he wrote the first script in 1995 then when he realized the technology wasn’t good enough he put it in a drawer and sort of forgot about it until a few years ago.
        Don’t get me wrong I really enjoy twilight but New Moon just can’t compare with what James Cameron did or Sherlock Holmes for that matter. I’ll be loyal to the Twilight books for the rest of my life but not the movies. There’s room for lots of improvement with the movie adaptations.

        • That’s fine. I’m sure a lot of Twilighters will support New Moon! i just hated the way the critics tore it down to bits. I know there’s room for improvement. But I’m sure Avatar has room for improvement as well. Nothing is perfect!

          • Very true. I think The Twilight Sage needs lots of improvement and Avatar could have done some things better. But when it came to the special effects there is nothing better out there than Avatar. I love Twilight books, don’t get me wrong, it is just hard to please me with a movie based off a book especially when the book is so new and fresh in my mind. And as hard as it was for me to see and not get mad at the critics for the way they bashed New Moon and Twilight for that matter I kind of have to agree with them. I think the only reason the Twilight Sage film franchise has done so well is because of the fan base that the books have.

          • I’d love to see how great Twilight and New Moon would’ve been if it was under Paramount with a huge budget and Peter Jackson as a director. Of course Melissa Rosenberg should’ve never been hired to start. Anyway, from a small unknown studio (Summit) and small budget, they really cannot do any better than they did. The screenwriting was a joke for one. MS should’ve just taken it word for word from Stephenie’s writing.
            I don’t think a female driven film will ever surpass the male driven ones. Those movies alway get all the attention, hype, $$$ and big studios for some reason.
            I wish things could’ve been different from the start. I like all the actors, I think given the written material, they really couldn’t have done any better.

          • Agreed. I think that all of the actors are doing a great job with the material they were given. If the scripts were better than I think the movies would have been much better. But I don’t think that Twilight would ever get as big as the other blockbusters just because it is a vampire love story. I love the books and if the script was better maybe the movies would have been better. In the movies it is like the script totally takes away from the movie and makes it so that the actors can’t perform to their best. If given a crummy script even the best actors will sometimes fail. So I will give you that. But I don’t think a big production company would have changed anything. If anything, I think it would have taken even more out the script since big productions tend to change the story a lot. Look at Harry Potter all the movies other than the first two have been drastically different than the books and Warner Brothers is a huge production company. All that could change anything would be a better screenplay writer that doesn’t change key scenes and add her own in there.

  6. Animalover95 says:

    I watched “New Moon” and “Half blood Prince” and loved them both. I haven’t seen the second “Transformers” but the first one was good and I could see guys and boys geting enjoyment out of it. I want to see “Avatar” because the plot seems kind of neat and because I heard the movie puts a lot of importance on taking care of our planet, I haven’t seen it yet though but maybe I can talk one of my friends into going with me to the movie.

  7. Avatar was much, much better than New Moon. New Moon wasn’t completely terrible, but still, along with Twilight I’d like to forget it.

    • Agreed. Hence why I don’t own Twilight and will not own New Moon or any of the others.

      • It is interesting to see people dumping on Avatar the same way people complain about people dumping on New Moon… hummm….
        Love the books – strongly disliked Twilight the movie, New Moon the movie was a huge improvement but it had no where to go but up IMHO 😉
        Avatar was excellent. Saw it a second time because when I was supposed to go take a few girls that had not seen it yet – the theater that was showing NM at the time we needed was right next to the football stadium at the time of an NFL game so we went to Avatar. I say, give the movie a chance like I tell people to give the Twilight saga a chance before you diss and dismiss it. 🙂
        Transformers II – story line was really weak but I was entertained and forgot my real life for two hours so it did it’s job.
        Harry Potter – seriously lacking in content but was still good.
        UP- excellent movie.

        • OHH H and forgot about Star Trek… excellent EXCELLENT movie! LOVED how they rewrote the storyline so they can start over and do whatever they want – clever.

  8. I for one did NOT contribute to Avatar’s success. I don’t care about how good the CGI is, if someone’s trying to cram a “message” down my throat I’m immediately turned off!! I go to the movies to escape reality.

    Even the previews for Avatar turned me off! My daughter, a huge Harry Potter fan, did not care for the new film. She said too much important stuff was left out.

    New Moon was probably the most anticipated film of the year…at least for ME! I enjoyed it, but can’t honestly say it was the best movie I’ve ever seen in my life!

    And Star Trek??? OMG!!!!!!! I’m so in love with the new Spock and Kirk!!!

    Sorry Twilight…I do LOVE my sparkly vampires, but Star Trek is the best movie this year in my book.

    • I agree a lot with you Donna. Star Trek was amazing! Also Harry Potter 6 left too many important elements in the book out of the movie, and they wasted time on the elements and themes that weren’t, really a disappointment.

      I was actually shocked this past weekend when my brother actually picked New Moon over Avatar (out of curiosity)for us to go see this past weekend. He really liked it and gave it a b+, and this is a 18 year male.

  9. Avatar is going in my time capsule and will be watched by me for the rest of my life. It was the best movie of all time. What James Cameron did with the technology for that movie is going to change movie making just wait and see. Harry Potter six wasn’t my favorite. Too much stuff was left out and they focused on the wrong aspect. I loved Star Trek but it comes in second behind Avatar. I’m a huge Twilight fans and saw New Moon multiple times. But I don’t think it was a good enough movie to be put on the list of best movies of 2009. Up in the Air deserves to be on that list instead. Sorry twihards and trekies but Avatar is the best movie of the year hands down.

  10. Kristen Stewart is the perfect Bella .. All around the casting was perfect, everyone had so much so much angst that they fit the story perfectly

  11. for me Star Trek was the best, followed by Potter and Avatar. Transformers and New Moon..not so good. I do like the first 2 Twilight books, but not the movies. they make me giggle =\

  12. let’s see… Avatar was definitely the best movie of the year, i mean it absolutely amazed me, it was the most epic, beautiful, spectacular film i have ever seen and it is deserving all the praise and money it is earning. James Cameron is kind of a genius. Avatar is a movie experience not to be missed. That said. Harry Potter was okey dokey, i liked it but i def had mixed feelings… it wasn’t amazing but it was decent entertainment and quite funny! Transformers… i really liked it… i thought it was funny and epic. but really it was more about loud explosions than a story, and so, after seeing Avatar, which isn’t just another war movie but had a beautiful love sotry and a deep message, i kind of saw all its flaws. Now… New Moon. i like it. i saw it twice and i liked it. I mean yes, the acting= SUPER CHEESY! the writing was lame at times, and i did get the feeling like they couldn’t decide whether to make it a comedy or a drama. it was all over the place. but really my biggest peeve with it was “things will get REALLY UGLY!”…. i mean REALLY? wtf? but other than the acting and writing it was decent… and robert pattinson kind of redeemed himself after his nauseating performance in twilight. but honestly… nothing can compare to Avatar. in comparison everything was eh.

  13. I hate how guys think the only reason New Moon is popular is because of the hot actors. No. Of course they think that since they judge movies themselves on the hotness of the actress and the bloodiness of the action. Ugh. Twilight was a pop-culture phenomenon way before the actors was cast. So no.

  14. Avatar definitely deserves the love due to the brilliant director, awesome special effects, and cool characters.

    Honestly, I was not impressed with New Moon. Yes, I am posting on the Lexicon because I do enjoy reading the books every once in awhile, but the movies are not that great.

  15. The list was NOT the “Best Movies of 2009”, but the highest grossing of 2009. The list completely makes sense, especially for both Harry Potter and New Moon, Star Trek, Avatar, Transformers and UP. These are the kind of movies that generally make tons of money: action movies, movies with a built-in audience, family movies (especially Pixar).

  16. I agree with “smalls” completely.
    New Moon was good, but not amazing and I’m an until the end fan of the books (not the movies).
    I watch different kind of movies, I don’t look for the same thing all the time, I mean we have to be open minded, and I have to say Avatar was the best.
    At least for me.
    It went beyond the graphics.

  17. I go with Harry Potter, only because I’ve been a fan of Harry Potter for the longest time ever. And people go crazy about Twilight because it’s the new ‘greatest’ thing in the world. I don’t mind twilight, but it can sometimes get a little annoying when everyone talks about it so much.

  18. I’m going with Donna and Talya on this one. Star Trek is probably my favorite movie of the year and I’m glad it did so well at the box office. It had everything: great acting, laughs, drama, loss, and a smart script. I really loved New Moon and have seen it multiple times, but overall Star Trek for the win. UP and The Blind Side were excellent, also.

    Harry Potter’s ending was a HUGE disappointment. I was all geared up for the fight from the book and…nothing. You’d think that after 6 movies they could do right by this franchise, but I generally see each movie once and then forget about it (although Azkaban wasn’t bad). Too many other things were left in the dust, too. The HP books are astronomically better.

    And Avatar – I really want to see the visuals because it won’t be the same on DVD, but I’m just dreading the length and banal story-telling of this movie. A co-worker I highly respect in regards to her movie taste (because it is so much like mine) did see it and thought it was beautiful, but she felt the story was pedestrian so I have a feeling I will, too.

    Transformers 2 made a great deal of money because the first movie was actually VERY good and people expected more of the same (I know I did). This was probably my biggest disappointment of the year – no character, too many robots with no introductions, and WAY too much Megan Fox who can’t act her way out of a paper bag. It was noisy, crowded, incoherent and just a major mess.

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